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SeekaHost Review – Is Its PBN Hosting Any Good?

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Recently I’ve been using and reviewing a lot of different hosting companies. Beyond the most well-known hosts like Namecheap (see my Namecheap review here) and Hostgator (see my Hostgator review here), there are plenty of competent and reliable hosts that provide a great service, and SeekaHost is one of them. In this article, I will go over my experience with SeekaHost, and especially their Private Blog Network (PBN) hosting which is a relatively unique service they offer. SeekaHost also offers standard shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and so on, and based on my experience with their PBN hosting service, I expect they do a great job with those as well.

Before I get into my experience with SeekaHost, here’s a short rundown of PBN hosting, in case you’re unfamiliar with it: SeekaHost’s PBN hosting service allows you to host many different domains on different IP addresses, which is used by people who own many domains that they wish to use to boost links to other sites they own, in order to boost Google rankings. The reason for wanting to have your sites hosted on different IP addresses is that it’s suspected that if all the sites linking to your site come from the same server and the same IP, Google will see that, and discount the value of those links. Having links to your site coming from sites that are all hosted on different servers and IP’s looks much more natural.

For more information on PBN’s and their effectiveness for SEO, check out our piece here:

Do PBN’s Still Work For SEO In 2020?

My SeekaHost review

I first started with SeekaHost on their PBN Hosting for 5 domains package, just to test it out. That comes at a price of $1.2 per domain per month, so around $6/month. Here’s how SeekaHost advertises their PBN hosting service:

After creating an account and paying the invoice to start (a simple process – they take PayPal), you’ll get this welcome email:

Here’s where SeekaHost already differs with other PBN hosting companies, such as Bulk Buy Hosting which I’ve also used (you can read my Bulk Buy Hosting review here). SeekaHost does not have an interface where you can automatically add new domains and have a cpanel account, and nameservers listed for them, straight away. You have to manually create a support ticket telling them the domain(s) you want to host, and then they’ll create cpanel accounts for them and tell you the IP’s that will host the domains. Here’s an example interaction: I’ve created a support ticket telling them I have a new domain I want to host, and then they got back to me in a couple of hours telling me the IP the domain can be hosted at and the cpanel login details (I’ve had to blank out the details of the domain and IP):

I’ve created several tickets requesting for SeekaHost to create cpanel accounts for my PBN domains and they always get back pretty quickly, so not being able to automatically setup cpanel accounts for new domains isn’t a dealbreaker. Once a domain is setup by SeekaHost, you can point the domain’s nameservers to the IP address they give you for the domain (I normally make the nameservers and and point to the IP address SeekaHost gives), and then the site is ready to go.

If you’re new to PBN hosting and any of the above sounds confusing to me, don’t be afraid – it’s actually very straightforward, and SeekaHost will help you out with anything you’re confused with. Once you’ve setup 1 domain with them setting up any new domains is very easy. It takes literally 20 seconds to create a new ticket asking them to create a cpanel account for any new domain(s).

Then, once domains are setup under your PBN hosting account you can get a list of them in the client area:

SeekaHost’s interface is pretty basic compared to Bulk Buy Hosting which I’ve also tried, as they don’t give any metrics for the domains you have or have a button to immediately login to each domains cpanel account, though that’s not important for me. It still works just fine and is easy to use

What I like about SeekaHost’s PBN hosting

Everything SeekaHost advertises about their PBN hosting is correct – all domains you add with them will be on different IP addresses, their support is fast, you get a cpanel account with each domain, there are no hidden costs, and the uptime is good based on my experience so far (I’ve never had my sites with SeekaHost go down yet). Therefore, if you’ve read through their website and it sounds good to you, I recommend signing up. You get exactly what you pay for.

The best part? SeekaHost’s pricing is far better than any other PBN hosting I’m aware of. Their current cost is only $1.2/month/domain if you’re only hosting 10 domains or less with them, and as low as $0.85/month/domain if you’re hosting 100 or more domains with them. That is much better than Bulk Buy Hosting which starts at $2.70/month/domain (, Easy Blog Hosting which starts at $2.76/month/domain ( or PBN.HOSTING which starts at $2.90/month/domain (

The only downsides

I have not been a customer with SeekaHost for too long, and as of now, I don’t have any complaints. I’ll of course update this post if I run into issues later.

The bottom line

Based on my experience hosting with SeekaHost so far, and especially given that their cost is less than half of other PBN hosting providers, I feel a rating of 4.5 stars is deserved (it’d be 5 stars if their interface was a little more advanced and you could set up domains automatically). I definitely strongly recommend them if you’re just getting started building up your PBN. If this review has been helpful for you and you’d like to sign up, you may do so through our referral link here. We may receive some compensation from SeekaHost if you sign up through that link, and it’s up to you if you sign up through that link or somewhere else (nothing will change from your end). It’s obviously appreciated if you sign up through the link above.

Finally, if you’ve used SeekaHost, we’d like to hear from you – please comment below if you have thoughts, feedback or comments.

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