Printful Reviews by Printful Customers [IN PROGRESS]

We are collecting user reviews for Printful, a platform to sell your own custom-designed products and the main competitor to Printify. So far we’ve been sent just a handful of comments, so if you’ve used Printful and can share your experience with it, please submit a review here. We will update this article as more comments come in.

I used Printful for a test run of custom baseball-style hats before using them for my custom merchandise shop on my website. I wanted to pilot test several of their products & see how the process went before using them exclusively for my online shop.

The pros of Printful and any print-on-demand service like it are big: convenience, drop-shipping, automated purchase & shipping process, not having to carry inventory, etc. Those are all the reasons I was dead-set on using Printful (or a service like it) when I launched my brand merchandise.

But all those pros couldn't outweigh the big: lack of quality control.

I ordered 4 different style caps with identical embroidered logos and all 4 items came in looking extremely different. There was pretty extreme variation in the logo embroidery because the hats I picked came from different locations within the Printful company, so the embroidery was done by different people/machines. Two of the logos were done beautifully, though they had different sewing patterns. But the other two logos were sparsely threaded and I would have been disappointed if I had received a hat with a sub-par logo as a consumer.

I just couldn't bring myself to sell those items to my online community knowing that I'd have no oversight or control over the final product.

I ended up using an embroidery company local to me so I could ensure quality control. But I had to forfeit the convenience and automated drop-shipping services offered by Printful in the process.

--Christina Cay, C'MON MAMA


Outside of my day job, I produce music and have used printful for our band merchandise. I love printful because I don’t need to worry about inventory and they make creating products super easy and fun. You can actually check out our store here as an example:

We wouldn’t be able to offer any of these products (or keep them stored) if it wasn’t for printful. The only downside are costs. Products can already be sort of expensive…and printful takes a chunk out from your profits as well. I’ve not tried other competition simply because I’ve only heard about printful.

--Isaiah Ram, Wind and Color


Here are some reasons I love using Printful:

1. Their customer service is exceptional. I've had a few issues in the past with lost or damaged orders and they always go above and beyond to refund or replace the order. They have a convenient online chat option so you can contact customer service easily.

2. They put my branding on the packaging (for free) so even though they make and ship the products for me, it still looks like they come from my shop.

3. I've sold phone cases, pillows, jewelry, and coffee mugs. I purchased samples before selling them and they were all high quality products.

4. I can sell internationally if I choose to and reach a much larger customer base.

--Alice Anderson, Mommy to Mom


I have used Printful, and continue to use it, for an Etsy store I own and manage. I do recommend it because they tend to have good quality prints and fabric quality, especially their baby onesies which are much better quality than I have found their competitors to be. Their prices for some items are very high which makes it hard to make a profit selling them, so you have to be careful and pick and choose items they sell for lower prices if you're trying to run an actual apparel business.

--Stacy Caprio, Her.CEO


I have been using Printful for our business for close to a year. We were able to very quickly and easy set up online shops for two separate brands (Rockstar Mechanics & Rockstar HVAC) and have been pleasantly surprised with how simple it was and how many different options we have. Being able to order sample orders at a discounted rate has also been great as we will often put in a sample offer for ourselves before creating the product to sell. Unfortunately sample orders have been temporarily discontinued during Covid but will hopefully be back soon. One tip I can offer is don't cheap out on the products, particularly T-shirts. There are several different options to choose from, I originally tried to save money and went with the cheapest ones but was very disappointed with the quality. So far, the best t-shirts have been the Unisex Tri Blend Bella + Canvas.

--Dave Morley, Rockstar Recruiting


Printful: I was a huge fan until I learned about printify. Printful was great for sublimation and all over printing but the prices are more expensive than Printify. In my experience Printify is also faster at getting orders out. Sometimes I would wait 2 weeks for an order from Printful but I get my Printify order (even now during COVID) within a few days, a week at most. I still have a Printful account but I don't use it. When COVID started they shut down most of their production whereas Printify still had their production. This is essential because if I was still with Printful I wouldn't have been able to make any sales during the height of the pandemic. Printify also has a monthly program that you can save an additional 20 percent off of their already lower prices.

--Mikayla Rose Wilkens,