Podia Reviews From Real Users [2020]

Podia is a relatively new platform for selling courses that is known for being easy to setup and easy to use — but how does it compare to other, more popular course platforms like Teachable and Kajabi? As I haven’t yet had the chance to try Podia myself, I reached out to different course creators who use Podia and put this query out:

Podia (previously Coach) is a relatively new platform for selling courses and we’d like to hear from people who have used it – what did you think of it, and do you recommend it? How do you think it compares to platforms like Teachable? The more detail you can share the better.

I’ve already got some great Podia reviews & comments (listed below), and will continue to update this article as new reviews come in (if you’ve used Podia yourself, please submit a review here).

I am a software developer and I have used the Podia platform, its well designed visually, it has a good UX and is fairly intuitive. It is important that the security of these platforms are up to scratch otherwise a tech savvy person can hijack your entire course and sell it on a forum somewhere. For this reason I checked the security or Podia and it's very robust which is reassuring.

I have used Teachable and Thrive Apprentice to create courses in the past and although they're great options I think Podia has a slight edge over them from a technical perspective.

--Sidney Alexander, Digitizd

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I am currently using Podia for my course the H.O.P.E. Money Roadmap Course. It looks and functions very similarly to Teachable but it's way more affordable.

For each module of the course, I am able to add text, videos, photos, downloads, ect. It's very easy to keep all the information organized and streamlined. It's also very easy to move sections around.

I also like that you can drip out content and customize the email that goes with it.

Their customer service is great and they are very helpful. I highly recommend using Podia. Since they are new, they have also been great about accepting feedback and improving things along the way.

I am working on building other courses on Podia and I love how easy I can integrate with a membership group. I do not use their checkout or sales pages because I use Leadpages and Thrivecart.

--Ashley Patrick, Budgets Made Easy

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Podia is the reason I launched my first online course-- they made it so easy I was out of excuses.

Podia also makes it easy to create and share affiliate links and coupon codes, although combining them takes some manual effort, unfortunately. This aspect is important because in addition to creating a sales page and the actual course content, you'll need to promote your course. Podia and Teachable are more similar than different-- they both give you a lot of control, but you have to do your own promotion, versus sites like Udemy that do more promotion for you, but take more of a cut.

--Reuben Swartz, Mimiran

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I have been creating and selling online courses for over 5 years and have used both Podia and Teachable. I also run a digital agency and have helped hundreds of course creators launch their businesses on different platforms including Podia.

I have used Podia in the past to create and sell online courses for my supply chain training business and know the platform in and out.

What I like about it is that it lets you host and deliver content, build a storefront, and sell courses from a single platform.

However, the thing that stands out is that it is super easy to use. So, you can get your courses online and start selling them very quickly, even if you have zero technical knowledge or coding skills.

As far as Podia vs Teachable is concerned, the main difference between the two platforms is that Teachable offers more powerful learning tools like graded quizzes, certificates, and course compliance while Podia has better features for creating a membership site. Apart from that, both have similar capabilities.

I do recommend Podia but with a rider, i.e., if your courses have a strong eLearning component that requires you to use tools like quizzes and certificates, I would suggest you stay away from it.

Having said that, if you require just basic delivery formats like videos, articles, PDFs, etc. to deliver your course, Podia will work great for you.

I can talk about online course platforms all day as I have used most of them at some point. So, if you need any further insights about using Podia or just have some questions, feel free to reach out.

--Baidhurya Mani, Sell Courses Online

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EDITORS NOTE: SellCoursesOnline.com by Baidhurya, linked above, is by far the best site I have seen for course platform reviews and information - I recommend taking a look at it.

I'm a professional photographer and I've been using Podia a little over a year when I started teaching business and marketing to photographers. I've done quite a bit of research looking for an affordable platform, and Podia came up top compared with others like Teachable and Thinkific.

It's considerably less costly than the alternatives, making it perfect for someone who's just starting out with offering courses or wants to take a more ad-hoc approach to offering online courses. There are certain limitations as a trade-off (for example, it doesn't really have completely bespoke branding customisations) but that didn't bother me, and they have added more options like more custom fonts since I've signed up. On the contrary, when I trialled Teachable and Thinkific, the sheer amount of customisation options for building course and landing pages was completely overwhelming - and I'm pretty comfortable with web design, so that's saying something.

With Podia, less is more and it's perfect for less technically-minded. It's really easy to use and upload the materials and create landing pages, and the guys behind it are constantly adding new features and listening to feedback so it feels good to get in on the ground floor so to speak.

The platform integrates with Stripe payments easily, and has Mailchimp integration built-in. I've also been able to use Zapier to link it up with Stripe and MailerLite to make email marketing easier for me. I'm also able to track progress my students make, offer upsells if I want to, and they've just added a new feature of Webinars. Overall I'm really happy with it and not planning on switching anytime soon.

--Antonina Mamzenko, Antonina Mamzenko Photography

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I love how easy to use and affordable Podia is. Whereas Teachable and Kajabi are very expensive for online course creators just getting started, Podia has pricing plans starting from $39 per month. The platform is very intuitive and allows you to create a course very fast by uploading videos, audio files, pdf resources and text. You can also sell other digital products like pdf downloads and memberships. I love the Podia team because they are super helpful, offer live Q&A sessions for course creators every week and lots of helpful resources. It is possible to build a website with Podia, similar to Kajabi although the functionalities are limited. This is also my general experience - platforms like Teachable and Kajabi offer more advanced features whereas Podia is limited. In a nutshell, Podia is perfect to get started as a course creator with a fast, easy-to-use and affordable platform.

--Liz Huber, Confident Coach Club

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When I did my research I was really debating between Teachable and Kajabi but not satisfied with other option. Kajabi had a ton of great features and allowed you to create an on-brand, premium experience for your customers but the price wasn't accessible. Teachable on the other hand was offering a much more reasonable subscription price but offered very little customization in terms of making the learning experience feel like an extension of your existing brand.

In the final hour I discovered Podia and was THRILLED. It allowed me to design the look and feel of my course experience while committing to a price point I felt comfortable with. I also love that I pay one flat fee regardless of how many products I create or sales I generate each month - I'm fully incentivized to grow!

Since creating my course - Launch a Podcast on a Budget - last fall, Podia has rolled out a ton of new features and keeps getting better. They now allow you to offer a paid membership program, schedule webinars and offer live chat on your sales page. I'm very happy I chose Podia for my first course 🙂

--Sam Laliberte, Launch a Podcast on a Budget

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