Podbean Reviews: Users Comment [IN PROGRESS]

Podbean is a podcast hosting platform intended to be an all-in-one service for everything you need to run a successful podcast, handling publishing, distributing, analytics and monetization. To date, it claims to have over 500,000 podcasters on its platform, and is a decade old. That makes it one of the most established and well-known podcast hosts.

We’re compiling user comments and reviews for Podbean to help you understand if it’s worth using them. Here is the query we’re asking Podbean customers:

For podcasters who have used Podbean, can you recommend it and what are your thoughts on it? All comments welcome, good or bad.

So far, we haven’t got too much back, so if you’ve used Podbean to host your podcast, please submit a review! We’ll update this article as new Podbean reviews come in. The below is what’s been sent to us so far.

EDITORS NOTE: As an alternative to Podbean, see our piece on Buzzsprout reviews.

Every time I've launched a new podcast, I've used a different platform — I like seeing the unique features for each of them. Podbean will always have a special place in my heart, since it was the first podcast host I ever used (way back in 2014).

Of the podcast hosts that charge, Podbean is among the cheapest. Their monthly pricing tiers go by file episode size, whereas some other platforms break that out by downloads (Simplecast) or length of the episode (BuzzSprout). They also offer a free trial option.

More recently, they've shared more advice for their users, like webinars on marketing your shows or spotlights of what fellow podcasters are doing. Their customer support has always very solid, so this is a great step to see.

Personally, I think the biggest negative is the user interface. A few things are a bit hidden, like episode number and some additional metadata. At one point, I realized Podbean had somehow gotten off track in terms of the number of episodes, so it was numbering them erratically. That's a minor detail and I was able to get it fixed but something to keep an eye on.

--Joey Held, Crisp Bounce Pass

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My opinions are podbean are overall favorable. Podbean recently made some changes to the infrastructure that make it more aesthetically appealing and increase user friendliness. New to podcasting, I found it easy to use and that was important that I went through the learning curve quickly. Their customer support is very responsive but I have only needed to reach out twice in one full year of hosting my show, The Power Within With Richale. Another feature I like is the live stream and how easy that is too; however, they do need a few improvements there. For example, when I am on live I can not see the comments of the audience well regardless of the size of my monitor. The music that they have for you to use at times glitches and does not play continuously. Other than that, I think it's pretty cool. Another major benefit I found when using podbean is the feature spot opportunity. I was able to be featured for free on my anniversary and that helped me gain many followers. They really make it easy to be successful there if you have good content and can stand out from the crowd.

--Richale Reed, INpower Consulting

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I have used Podbean since 2010. Highly recommend it. Very easy to use. They're great to work with. Reasonable costs. The fact that I've been using Podbean for over ten years says volumes.

--Jay Goldberg, bergino.com

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Podbean is the only hosting company i'll ever recommend.

I have a dog training / ufo podcast and Podbean makes my life simple.


It's dummy proof. The simplicity of Podbean allows me to focus on dog training.

I am not tech savvy at all. I watched the youtube channels of podbean and the other platforms.

Hands down, Podbean seemed the easiest. And listeners also discover me on Podbean.

I have more listeners and downloads on Podbean than iTunes or anywhere else.

Syndication was simple and boom...you're accessible!

--Ivan Petersel, Dog wizardry

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PodBean is delightfully simple to use - I set up my profile, landing page, and published my first episode within ten minutes of signing up. All the essential functionality to upload and distribute podcasts is available in their free plan. Syndicating to other platforms with PodBean is trivially easy; it only took a few minutes to integrate with Apple and Google. Hooking up Spotify, TuneIn, and Pandora look equally as straightforward.

--Justin Pincar, Achievable, Inc.

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