Pluralsight Reviews: Worth it or a Waste of Money? [IN PROGRESS]

Pluralsight is one of the many online learning platforms available for learning IT skills and programming. But while most online learning platforms are relatively new, Pluralsight has the wisdom of experience, having been founded back in 2004 and very slowly building up over the years. These days most of their business (86%) comes from business-to-business sales, with roughly 70% of the Fortune 500 as customers in 2019 (source).

To help you decide if it’s worth your time and money taking a course on Pluralsight, we are collecting and compiling user reviews from people who have actually tried Pluralsight and can share their honest opinion of it. The below is what we’ve received so far. If you have experience with Pluralsight, please add your review here.

At this stage this article is still a work in progress as we are waiting for more user reviews to be submitted to us.

I have been using Pluralsight for learning for the last few months, and it is a great experience for me. As compared to other online education platforms, the videos on Pluralsight are small, updated and focused with excellent presentation and visualizations to get a quick understanding of the topic. I like the way any topic is explained by the professional teachers from scratch to clear our concept.

On Pluralsight, everyone can easily find courses that will assist with the various technical position. I have found it helpful when switching from one position at work to another where skillsets don't line up perfectly. Overall I can say Pluralsight helped me to grow and develop my career while also improved my knowledge and skill in digital marketing.

--CJ Xia, Boster Biological Technology


We have several Pluralsight license seats for select members of our devops team. We have found it to be invaluable in training employees on mission-critical tasks related to client needs. In particular, we love how organized their library is, allowing the learner to choose the specific topic they need at the moment. It's the best we have found for software development, and we don't expect to close our license anytime soon.

--Nate Nead,


Before I started working on my site, I used Pluralsight to learn Python and Django programming languages. After about a month of using Pluralsight, I was able to use my newfound skills to build out Topmarq's web platform, so the skills were very valuable to me.

My experience with Pluralsight was really positive and I definitely recommend it to others. I was able to go through 3 full length courses in Python, 2 shorter ones on Django and then other CSS and HTML courses in the span of about a month.

I found the Courses to be well thought out and in cases where the material needed to be split into different courses, the continuation was fluid.. In some other platforms like Lynda (now LinkedIn Learning) or Coursera, I found that connecting progressively harder courses was more difficult as they assumed you learned different things.

Pluralsight course material downloads were also really helpful in running through the exercises yourself and kept you from having to write up functions that weren't the focus of the topic. Eg. writing an input/output feature when the course is teaching you about class definitions.

I used the Pluralsight subscription a lot in the time I had it, but it was definitely worth it even if you took fewer courses.

--Quinn Osha, Topmarq, Inc


I have been using PluralSight to polish up my software developing skills for almost 10 months now. I have to admit there is a steep learning curve for many of the subjects, but I enjoy the challenge. I like that the platform provides a unique learning path for me based on my competency in each subject I choose. The user interface is simple to use.

The best thing about the platform for me, though, is the interactive modules. I get to follow along as well as code simultaneously with the instructor in real time. Plus, the monthly subscription is very affordable.

Bottom Line: PluralSight has definitely been worth it for me, and I look forward to taking on even more courses on the platform.

--Carol Tompkins, AccountsPortal