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OutwitTrade is run by a team of writers who are committed to helping our visitors find the truth about products they may be interested in. In the interest of transparency, we have listed our details below. You are more than welcome to reach out to any one of us, especially if you have feedback about a specific article we have written.

If you are interested in joining our team and reviewing a certain category of products, please contact us with some information about yourself. We are looking for experts in different fields who can provide valuable insights.

Katie Holmes

I am the lead editor of OutwitTrade and an accomplished data analyst, writer and internet marketer. I was motivated to help to build up this publication after being frustrated with most review websites being obviously biased, wrong, or which didn't seem to even test the products they were reviewing. Now, I spend 20+ hours every week reviewing products, conversing with our contributors, and reaching out to different companies.

Before taking over I had several years of experience in online marketing, advertising and SEO before also working as an analyst at Hertz for over 2 years. I hold a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Sydney.
+61 491 570 156
Katie Holmes

Johnathan Bellis

I am a professional day trader and mathematician who reviews trading and investing related websites, chatrooms and informational products. I have spent over a decade trading stocks and options, and now feel passionate about helping others enter this industry by helping them on the best ways to get started.
+61 324 234 759
Johnathan Bellis

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Karen Green

Based in Wisconsin USA, I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 beautiful children and help contributors on OutwitTrade with spelling, proofreading and fact-checking, as well as reviewing various health and fitness products. I have a degree in nutrition and previously worked as a pharmacist.
[Number redacted for privacy]
Karen Green

Joma Kleen

I am a Wordpress developer and computer science major responsible for reviewing tech-related products such as autoresponders, Wordpress plugins, apps and B2B software.
+61 235 729 294
Joma Kleen

Kevin Smith

I am a former logger and now internet marketer and aspiring author. I recently graduated from UNSW with a degree in psychology as a mature aged student, and joined OutwitTrade to contribute reviews on all the different educational products I've used throughout my time working online.
+61 235 329 982
Kevin Smith

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Gary Booker

I am a martial artist, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer who also enjoys writing and reviewing nutritional products and exercise-related informational products.
+61 234 923 833
Gary Booker

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