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Our Pretty Litter Review 2020 + Other Reviews

Here’s our definitive Pretty Litter review for 2020. Pretty Litter, offered at and on, is a relatively new product that aims and claims to be far superior to ordinary cat litter. I tested the product on my own cat over a period of 4 weeks to put their claims to the test.

My cat Lucy, super-dooper excited about trying Pretty Litter for the first time

The great things about Pretty Litter

The things that advertises about their product are true (or most of them at least), as hard as it may be to believe. Here’s what I liked about it:

  1. Pretty Litter is far more efficient than ordinary clay litter – you need a lot less of it before it runs out.
  2. The product gets delivered to your door once a month with free shipping — super convenient 🙂
  3. The price of Pretty Litter is very reasonable, a little bit cheaper than the main alternatives I had previously used from brands like EasyClean, LifeMate and Pet’s Pal.
  4. Pretty Litter will give you a reasonably accurate picture of your cats health as the litter changes color.

Now – the disadvantages…

There are a number of issues with Pretty Litter that regrettably stop me from really being able to give this product an A+ rating. It is my hope that these issues will be ironed out soon enough, and I’ve already sent an email to the Pretty Litter staff about these (though I haven’t got a reply yet). We will update this post if and when the issues below get fixed:

  1. Rebilling — I was able to avoid this myself, but upon speaking to many Pretty Litter customers and doing a lot of digging into the company, I found that there have been a lot of people who got stuck into a rebilling subscription where they get charged every month without being aware that they were signing up for a monthly arrangement – so be careful about what you’re signing up for! The default is that they will bill you once a month and you will be charged once a month. If you want to avoid that, you should cancel in your account page after ordering for the first time.
  2. Somewhat bad smell — This is kind of inevitable, but the litter does have issues with odor. That issue gets compounded when the litter would sometimes stick to my cats fur and get spread around the house (only a small amount, albeit). You will definitely want to clean frequently.
  3. Doesn’t clump up – My cats urine did not clump up and so it would turn yellow and start to smell bad quickly. There have, in fact, been many reports of urine not being absorbed properly. At least I did not have any issue with the poo.

Overall verdict

If you’re curious about Pretty Litter and want to give it a try, go ahead — it’s a solid product, and may easily be worth your money. Just be careful about being rebilled and take a note of the issues above. Based on everything, we’re putting this in our ‘OK Products’ category.

Katie Holmes

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