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Namecheap Review 2020 – Great Registrar, OK Host

Throughout the past 12 years I have registered hundreds of domains on Namecheap, and I have also used them as a host (paying for a cheap dedicated server) for the past several months. I have had dozens of interactions with their support staff and spent thousands of dollars with them over the years. Here’s a screenshot showing my account age with them:

Namecheap was the first domain registrar I ever used, and I’ve continued to use them for good reason: in my view, Namecheap is the best domain registrar online. In fact, they blow many other registrars like GoDaddy out of the water. There are a few reasons for that: first, their prices are excellent, with .com registrations being as good as you’ll find anywhere, and many of their registrations for lesser-used domain extensions like .xyz, .info, .mobi etc. being absolute bargains. If you search for a domain on Namecheap, they’ll tell you many of their prices are way below retail, and they’re not lying – if you go to other registrars the prices will usually be way above Namecheap. Here’s an example of how cheap their prices are compared to what you’d pay elsewhere (yes, it’s from Namecheap, but it’s correct):

Those low prices add up if you’re registering a lot of domains, and even if you have one domain to register, the great prices at Namecheap make it worthwhile.

In addition to price, another great thing about registering at Namecheap is that it has free whoisguard included. This protects your personal information when people lookup who owns your domain, and offering it for free is not standard – the other registrars I’ve used, such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions, all charge for this, usually around $10/year – as much as a .com costs to register! That is a ripoff in my view.

Once you’ve registered a domain at Namecheap, it’s super-easy to manage it, change the nameservers, transfer it or do whatever you want with it – I have never had any issue with their interface. If you do run into any problems, their support (live chat) is also available, and they are competent when it comes to anything regarding domain registration and domain management.

If you’re on the fence about registering a domain at Namecheap, I’d recommend you just go ahead and do it – I would not be recommending them for domain registration if I hadn’t been using them for years and wasn’t sure they’re the best out there.

So Namecheap is great for registering domains – but what about as a host?

I’ve used a dedicated server from Namecheap for several months, here’s the welcome email (this one started in October 2019, but I had also used another server from them before starting in mid-2019):

My verdict on Namecheap as a hosting company is slightly less positive. First, their prices for hosting are great – much better than many other hosting companies whether you’re getting a VPS, dedicated server, shared hosting or any other plan. And if you get a dedicated server from them, for example, as I did, you’ll get the exact service they describe – a working server with everything you pay for, that has great uptime and no issues.

The one gripe I have with Namecheap hosting is that if you need experienced support to look into server issues that are non-trivial, they are clueless in my experience. Earlier, I had an issue with my WordPress sites running very slowly due to a certain process that was running (this was not Namecheap’s fault, to be clear, rather it was an issue with what I was running on it). The issue required someone with expertise with Linux and WordPress. For someone experienced it should have taken a day or so to solve. But when I paid for Namecheap support (my dedicated server is “User-Responsible”, meaning any support you want you have to pay for), they were completely and utterly useless – their technicians had absolutely no idea. They said my website may have been under a DDOS attack, which was complete nonsense (the site was getting next to no traffic), and they failed to discover the root cause of the issue. After hiring someone who actually knew what they were doing, as well as investigating more myself, I was able to resolve the issue. Namecheap support, in this case, was worse than useless, suggesting doing something that was a complete waste of time.

Given their low prices and transparency (you get exactly what is advertised with Namecheap hosting), I can recommend them for hosting, but if you require expert support that can fix relatively difficult website issues, you should avoid them, or at least don’t use their support. I will continue to host with Namecheap, but if I have further issues I will not be contacting their support as they are simply not knowledgeable enough for anything beyond the basics.

Final verdict

Overall, 4 stars seems fair for Namecheap as a whole (and definitely 5 stars for them as a domain registrar).

Joma Kleen

I am a WordPress developer and computer science major responsible for reviewing tech-related products such as autoresponders, WordPress plugins, apps and B2B software.

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