Most Heartwarming Children’s Books

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This is a list of heartwarming and encouraging children’s books that have been recommended to us, which I recommend having a look through if you’re looking for a nice story to read to your child. We put out the following request:

What’s the most heartwarming children’s book you’ve read? Looking to hear about books that teach children the goodness in the world and leave you feeling good. All suggestions welcome!

We got some good responses to that, and have listed them below. Most books are available on Amazon and we’ve included the link to them (non-affiliate links).

Title: Pie in the Sky

Author: Remy Lai


Jingwen, the main character, has such a unique experience, but the hardships he experiences--expressed through Remy's deft illustrations and carefully crafted text--will feel universal to anyone who has felt like an 'other' in their own environment. I teared up at the end, and I wanted to hug Jingwen so badly. I also wanted to learn how to bake, ha!

--Gina Loveless,


Title: My Mom Has Two Jobs

Author: Michelle Travis


*My Mom Has Two Jobs* celebrates the love, passion, and dedication that working moms bring to both their parenting and their professional jobs. It inspires children to be proud of the important work their moms do in the world, while also appreciating the special caregiving work that moms do at home every day. The book also helps children dream big about their own future career paths.

--Michelle Travis,


Title: The Velveteen Rabbit

Author: Margery Williams


The Velveteen Rabbit is a sweet, endearing story of a little plush rabbit who wants more than anything to be real. Written in the style of a book in the late 1950's, the velvety stuffed rabbit becomes the gift of a little boy who instantly loves him, and they are inseparable. As time goes, the rabbit becomes worn and ragged and the meaning of what it is to be real by being loved by someone shines through, leaving you feeling good about what really matters in the world.

--Amy Brotherman,


Title: Shiloh and Dande the Lion

Author: Ciara L. Hill


“Shiloh and Dande the Lion is an imaginative story that explores diversity, tolerance, and empowerment through the fantastic dream of a young boy. Shiloh, whose name means peace, is bullied at a new school for the color of his skin. After talking to his mom about it, Shiloh discovers a dandelion in his backyard. He makes a wish, goes to sleep, and Dande the Lion comes to life! Unexpected adventures await Shiloh, as he meets unlikely creatures that share their magical experiences, to help him gain courage, confidence and overcome adversity.”

Why it’s heartwarming: Because Shiloh and Dande the Lion leaves the reader feeling good, inspired and empowered! It focuses on the importance of embracing diversity, accepting others, and courageously being yourself! It also focuses on teaching ALL children the importance of empathy, friendship, overcoming bullying, and showing civility toward others.

--Ciara L. Hill,


Title: Stand Tall, Molly Lou Mellon

Author: Patty Lovell


My kids love this book, and, admittedly, it touches me every time we read it. Molly teaches all of us to be yourself and not worry about what others think. Your kids will walk away or fall asleep with a sense of strength and courage, and knowing that the world is really a good place filled with great people. The illustrations are fun and exciting, too.

--Barbara Nevers,


Title: That's Me Loving You

Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal


It is an amazing book about unconditional love and how, as parents, we want that love to be felt by our children even when we aren’t physically by their sides.

--Ali Rizvi, Dream Superhero


Title: When God Made You

Author: Matthew Paul Turner


Looking for diversity in children books, this is the one! There's a variety of people from diverse backgrounds in this book to show just how special and unique every community can be. A fun, bright, and colorful book that will capture the eye of any child. Some of the paintings, both on the cover and within the book are random enough with shapes that could be made into a fun game like cloud watching, there is an opportunity to point out what could be a fish, flower, or a dragon in the vivid images. Or let them picture something that catches their eye. This is a sweet book that is uplifting and affirms that all children are lovingly made in His image, yet unique in looks and talents.


Title: The Nutcracker in Harlem

Author: T. E. Morrow


I read this book to my afterschool classes with jazz music playing softly in the background. This book left the children in awe!* The book is a jazz-inspired reinvention of *The Nutcracker's * tribute to the dreamlike wonder and magic of the Christmas season. In this original retelling, set in New York City during the height of the Harlem Renaissance, one little girl finds her voice as a musician thanks to her enchanting adventures with a magical toy. There is even a nod to her Uncle Cab who is Cab Calloway! The story is brought to vivid life by the illustrator and his colorful drawing page after page. An author’s note at the end provides additional information about the history of the Harlem Renaissance, and about the author’s inspiration for this musical retelling. The story gives you Christmas and history combined in one book that last beyond the holiday season.

--Genma Holmes,


Title: Super Flaws

Author: Ian Coburn, Illustrated by Ellen Marcus


What if you could turn invisible but couldn't see while you were invisible, making being invisible basically useless? Or you could fly but couldn't land? You are a Super Flaw; a person who has one superpower countered by one super flaw. The world makes fun of you and you are considered a joke among superheroes. Can Chester Manly, the 10-year-old who is the strongest person alive, and the other Super Flaws, save the superheroes from the Evil Villonus and his gang of cohorts before they eliminate the superheroes forever? Do the Super Flaws even want to save them? Find out, in Super Flaws, where we learn that flaws are fabulous!

--Ian Coburn, GPA Training