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Recently we’ve been doing a lot of research on different autoresponders including Constant Contact, Sendy and more recently Flodesk and SendFox. Now, we’d like to cover Mailchimp, a giant in this space with around 700 employees and revenue of roughly $700 million in 2019. As we haven’t used Mailchimp ourselves yet, this page will just list user reviews submitted to us until (if and when) we do a thorough test of Mailchimp ourselves.

Here is the request we put out to Mailchimp users:

We’re writing a big piece about MailChimp and would like to hear from email marketers who have used it – what do you think of it? Any and all comments welcome.

We got some great responses to that, and here they are:

We use MailChimp for most of our clients and for our own marketing communications. We love it.

One of MailChimp's top selling points is that it has fairly flexible design features. It's easy for us to create on-brand emails for all of our clients, and the final results look polished and professional. We've used other email platforms, like Convertkit and Schedulicity, which allow for little to no design freedom. MailChimp's customization is often overlooked, but it's one of the reasons it's a great marketing tool.

--Abby MacKinnon, Hoot Design Co

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We frequently set up the initial marketing platforms and processes for businesses, and Mailchimp is our go-to solution for email marketing when working with younger businesses. It's an extraordinarily easy solution with a user experience that guides even the newest email marketer through creating and sending an email marketing campaign. However, it's the out-of-the-box features that make it our most-recommended solution for smaller enterprises: basic email automation for welcome emails and onboarding, simple audience or list segmentation to easily get tailored messaging to the right groups, and easy-to-pull metrics and performance tracking. Additionally, with a reasonable pricing model that scales as businesses grow, Mailchimp is a truly affordable tool. Sure, the software doesn't have the bells and whistles you'd find in enterprise solutions like robust reporting and analytics or dynamic automation workflows. However, many businesses don't need those capabilities, so there's no need to pay for them.

--Laura Troyani, PlanBeyond

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I would recommend MailChimp to your readers because there are an incredible amount of help resources available. I am by no means a tech person but have helpful answers to every question I've asked. Whether it's from MailChimp itself or third party websites, it'll be hard to ask a question that hasn't been asked before which makes things much easier for non-developers using the platform.

It could certainly be improved on the edges but overall, I'm satisfied with MailChimp.

--James McGrath, Yoreevo

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I definitely think MailChimp is worth it. It's around $10 for the first paid account which gives you access to email automations which can make you a ton of money. It's also one of the easiest email marketing programs to use for beginners who don't like being bogged down with a million tiny things. They hit all of the major points including easy automation email flow, you can easily trigger actions, it's easy to design your emails (click and drag), and it's easy to send one-time email blasts. If you're a normal business owner and don't need granular details, they check all the boxes.

--Brad Ormsby, Colorstone Marketing

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We MailChimp for our automated follow-up emails and also to send annual reminders to customers to get a new quote.

Overall, I'd say it works quite well for us, and have no real complaints about it, beyond the fact that it's a bit more expensive than some competitors. However, the price difference isn't a big enough issue for us to switch.

--Ian Wright, British Business Energy

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Katie, MailChimp has its merits, but there's only a selection ofscenarios I'd pay for it: Hi Katie.

I’m well-versed in a number of different email marketing SaaS, and have several years experience with MailChimp, so I’d love to weigh in with my two cents.

Right now, MailChimp exists in a time where many competitors exist, have used their UI and features as a blueprint to improve their own features, and then have positioned themselves as leaders in niche areas of email e.g. SendGrid for automated email notifications.

This, in my opinion, has put MailChimp at a disadvantage when it comes to B2B. Sure, plenty of blogs and individual use MailChimp’s free service, but most of these have no where near the 2000 contacts, or send the amount of emails, required to trigger the paid plans.

But when it comes to email for business, the solutions really need to be bespoke, and integrate several different software packages, some of those custom build, while all working simultaneously. I’ve had to do this with two companies (travel and SaaS) and it’s really difficult to get right. So when you look at MailChimp’s paid packages, while the list of features at first glance is impressive, you soon realise 1 - most of them you would never use (why would I use MailChimp landing pages when Unbounce exists, for example) and 2 - it’s incredibly difficult to know if MailChimp will seamlessly integrate with your sales/comms process. And there’s no doubt there are email software solutions out there far better at handling dynamic email, automated, e-commerce, and so on.

However, MailChimp is incredibly good at marketing emails. And one of the reasons for this, after observing this using several different email SaaS packages, is their ability to keep a good % of their emails out of spam filters. I have sent text-only trigger emails from other packages, and incredibly they’ve gone straight into spam. MailChimp seems to have a better relationship with the likes of Google than many other smaller operators, in the same way Wordpress is a great choice of CMS because it’s so SEO-friendly with Google. The spam/junk folder issue eased takes away huge headaches!

So, is MailChimp worth it? In my honest opinion, it is very expensive for what you get. If you’re an SME or smaller team, and you’re willing to experiment and get well-versed in a few packages, there are email SaaS out there at a much lower price. The spam filter will be more of an issue, but you can definitely resolve this with scaled-back design and constant A/B testing. Plus, you’ll still have to address these issues with MailChimp. And if you need to do email beyond marketing, you should definitely look elsewhere. I cannot stress this point enough!

For me, MailChimp is worth it if you sell online via a third party service (Selz, for example), sell a lot through email to an engaged audience (e.g. bloggers selling courses) and you’ve got a list of up to 10,000. On the standard package, one up from essentials, you’d pay $99 a month. More than that, you’re shelling out $100s, and you should look elsewhere.

--Dale Johnson, Nomad Paradise

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Hi Katie, Our company, WE R CBD, used to use MailChimp for email marketing, however we recently made the change to Klaviyo when when MailChimp removed their integration from Shopify. Both MailChimp and Klaviyo have a user-friendly interface, however we've noticed Klaviyo is able to gather more useful data than MailChimp. With this data we are able to create segmented email lists, and optimize our campaigns based on who we're targeting. For example, we're able to create segmented email lists for customers who only buy full price, only buy with discount codes, and only buy certain products. In addition, we are able to use Klaviyo's data science tool to see which customers are going to become VIP shoppers. This is all valuable data that MailChimp does not provide their users.

--Keeon Yazdani, WE R CBD

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Mailchimp is an easy sell in my opinion because of their free plan. This allows small businesses to get started with email marketing without having to invest heavily. This lets small business owners optimize on the go without having the stress of feeling like they're spending money on something not being fully utilized. In other words, Mailchimp makes it easy to learn as you go along.

My only qualm with Mailchimp is that I've always found their interface to be less than intuitive. They are the type of company that seems to feel the need to put their own spin on things. One example is their naming of list as audience. It's a personal complaint that I recognize as being petty. However, eveytime I'm getting a client's Mailchimp account setup I find myself having to click 3 times when I'm used to clicking 1 and having to use Google to figure out how to do something simple.

My new favorite email Marketing provider is Mailerlite. There's a 12,000 monthly email cap on the free plans but I find that pretty much a non-issue for most small businesses. Their interface is incredibly intuitive, they have a great library of templates to get started with, and have an API that integrates with most major software where one would hope for it to be applicable. In other words, if a Wordpress plugin integrates with Mailchimp I've found it usually integrates with Mailerlite as well.

--Zack West, Novomotus

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As a small business owner who has used MailChimp extensively in the past, I have a strong opinion about the platform.

In my experience, this customizable email marketing service is very *easy to set up* and* integrates well* with my ecommerce platform. It's fresh look make it professional, friendly and engaging for the reader. It compares very favourably with other similar systems out there. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!

--Ollie Smith, Card Accounts

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Here's my insight as a marketing manager with 15 years of experience.

We've tried MailChimp, and it works well. However, its price point is somehow off-putting. With competing brands offering the same services at a fraction of the cost, consumers are better off choosing other email service providers.

--Elmer Taboada, DaVinci Tech

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I use MailChimp to send one-time as well as ongoing email campaigns to our clients. The tool has its advantages and drawbacks. What I like is that with MailChimp you get a lot of design options, so you can customize the email to your liking. And if you have IT skills, you can code your own email. Scheduling campaigns is pretty easy, and the option to optimize the send time is great, because we have clients from a variety of time zones even within one list or tag.

MailChimp is a glitchy tool. Not only do things break frequently, but MailChimp also fails to notify us thereof. At one point, one of our ongoing email campaigns stopped sending, but the interface claimed it was working, so we didn't realize where the problem was until we looked at the report. And then after about 6 (!!) hours in the live chat, we finally managed to fix the problem – mostly on our own.

The tool's interface isn't user friendly, and they keep changing it frequently. Want to delete a user from a queue in an ongoing campaign? Well, you can't. Not without going through a thousand steps that might prove to be useless. Also, want to create a tag with a large number of subscribers (over 1k)? MailChimp will do it for you, but the page you're on will definitely stop working.

--Lada Bakanova, FlippingBook

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We began using MailChimp when we started our business because it was the most well-known email marketing tool out there. It worked for us for about a year, until we really started growing our email list. That's when the cost skyrocketed. The major downside of MailChimp is that you pay (a lot) more for more email contacts. So when our list got to 5K (which isn't really all that big) we started paying almost $100 a month just to send a monthly email or two. It just wasn't worth it for us, and quickly became one of our biggest business expenses. We subsequently moved our entire list over to a new email Marketing provider that doesn't base their costs on the size of our email list, and we are saving a SIGNIFICANT amount of money.

--Julie Singh, TripOutside

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We are big users of Mailchimp for email marketing purposes. We contact our audience on a weekly basis and use the awesome templates we have found and built inside Mailchimp itself. The whole customisation process is super simple, clean and easy to replicate which we find saves us time and a lot of energy!

Yes, it is a bit more expensive than other similar platforms but you get what you pay for and we are happy to pay the extra for peace of mind - and lack of headaches!

When I first started using Mailchimp I found the interface very simple to use as a beginner which is always a winner straight off the bat! Other platforms seemed a bit glitchy and over complicated in comparison and we always found ourselves always returning to the Mailchimp platform after experimenting with others.

This makes the whole user experience smooth plus I was confident in handing email processes over to our team members after a quick in-house tutorial. I am a bit of a micro-manager (sadly!) and worry about handing over such important tasks but Mailchimp allows me to do that without anxiety!

We also find the back-end analytics very useful indeed. The data we have access to is comprehensive and presented on a clear and concise interface. It is important to see how our subscribers are behaving and this gives us the perfect insight into that data.

I could go on forever about Mailchimp as we literally live inside the platform weekly so I will leave it here for now!

--Dexter Jones, We Love Cats and Kittens

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Despite the countless email marketing options that exist out there, I feel that Mailchimp is a very valuable email marketing tool especially for bootstrapping businesses for different reasons. Firstly, they have a free plan. This allows you to familiarize yourself with Mailchimp while other email marketing tools tend to have a free trial that is limited. Moreover, the free plan allows you to build up a decent email list that you can monetize and then the upgraded version already pays for itself. And in a time of economic crisis where many are reducing marketing expenses, a free plan is hugely valuable as it means you can still keep some email marketing going even if your budget needs to be reduced significantly. Furthermore, Mailchimp comes with many integrations that allow you to extend the functionality and further enhance the value that you can get out of Mailchimp. The integrations allow you to automate many time-intensive tasks which saves valuable time and money. On top of that, the integrations enrich the data that you have about your email subscribers which then allows you to segment your email subscribers even better. Finally, i appreciate the social profile functionality as it gives you additional and valuable data about your email subscribers. This allows you to personalize your email marketing much better. So for these reasons I really like Mailchimp.

--Roy Morrison, Meaningful Profits

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We have used Mailchimp for over two years and have seen their transformation into a modern all-in-one marketing platform. However, this improvement resulted in Mailchimp increasing their prices and we no longer believe that the tool is worth it. There’s plenty of competition in the industry and companies such as SendGrid are offering better value.

--Samuel Fletcher, SupplyGem

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I have been using MailChimp for a few years. It's an easy-to-use platform and perfect for my business. I'm am by no means a heavy user, as I'm using a very tight targeted audience list which allows me to stay within their free package.

The biggest disadvantage of MailChimp is that they are significantly more expensive than other platforms once your audience list grows. Their entire business model is based on letting try their software for free and once they grow, they have to enrol in more expensive price packages. Most businesses will do this tho, as MailChimp is highly user-friendly and give great options for businesses of all sizes.

--Jeroen Minks, Vazooky Digital

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Not too long ago you could identify the size of a company by whether they were using MailChimp or integrated CRM software. MailChimp remains the go-to mailing tool for startups and SMEs because it's free to use (until your list eclipses 2,000 contacts) and the template builder is among the best on the market for ease of use, especially for people with no development experience.

However, what lets MailChimp down is its automation features in regards to lead nurturing. Once a contact is in your database, the best MarTech CRM's add the contact to a lead nurturing path and assign the lead to a member of the sales team. Recognising this issue, MailChimp launched its own CRM feature last year. This has narrowed the gap between MailChimp and other CRM tool's considerably but MailChimp still lags behind Hubspot and Pardot, in terms of company-wide integration (the standard plan has a max of 5 users) and the fact that it doesn't yet have an automation workflow visualiser - making it difficult to create a vibrant lead nurturing path which relies on conditional logic.

Is MailChimp worth it? For startups and SMEs with limited contacts and restrictive budgets. Absolutely. For bigger organisations who want to provide a personalised journey throughout the customer's buying cycle. Probably not.

--John Butterworth, CRCC Asia

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I've used Mailchimp, both paid and free, for one of my businesses. We had to stop using it because it kept getting flagged by ESPs, and customer support was a nightmare. Mailchimp's branding and marketing are great, but they should be investing some of that budget into actually improving things for their customers.

--Valerio Puggioni, Copygun

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Yes, it is worth it, it's not quite the standout system it once was, as a lot of competitors have made headway on them.

I am so used to using Mailchimp it would take a noticeable difference for me to jump ship to a different email software. Familiarity with the software has endeared me to it, plus the reporting has gone up a significant amount of notches in the last 2 years, and me being a data geek that was music to my ears.

--Michael Lowe, Car Passionate

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*MailChimp is a robust email marketing platform offering a great free option with pre-designed templates, testing capabilities, segmentation, and more. **You can grow into its paid tiers which include advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, and comparative reports that can help you get more insights. *

*My experience with the platform is that it is reliable and easy to use for any marketer: from the beginner to intermediate.*

*Overall, MailChimp is perfect for the small business or for a growing company testing out the email marketing channel.*

--Joel Debus, FitSmallBusiness

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We have been using mailchimp for 8+ years and we are in the financial services business. We manage an audience of around 12k and manage multiple lists.

I have tried multiple times to find lower-cost options that achieve the same mission and I still haven't figured it out. Mailchimp is integrated with so many other applications and things just work. I would love if they lowered their price point AND maintained the same incredible value. I'm sure a worthy competitor will emerge at some point. Let's hope!

--Wesley R. Gray, Alpha Architect

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This is timely given my recent issues with MailChimp. I’ve used them since launching Cat Wisdom 101 in 2011. The interface has evolved over the years but remains difficult and not user friendly. They no longer integrate with Shopify. They are not transparent about what constitutes audience numbers. I recently wanted to downgrade and ran into hours of tech glitches, customer service emails which remain unresolved.

Why am I still using MailChimp? They make it difficult to remove credit card info let alone delete an account. Plus I have more critical issues in these uncertain times.

--Layla Morgan Wilde, Cat Wisdom 101

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If you’re a new business just getting started with email then Mailchimp is absolutely worth it - it’s intuitive and has all the features a small business needs to start collecting emails and sending campaigns. However, it does lack when it comes to automations and other advanced features and I found the interface to be a bit clunky when trying to edit contacts en masse (like adding tags).

When it comes to pricing you can’t beat Mailchimp but we outgrew it in under 2 years once we started to do more advanced segmentations and automations - Id still recommend it as a good platform to start with but it’s not suited for a business that wants to get serious with email marketing.

--Quincy Smith, ESL Authority

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I have used and still use MailChimp on all my eCommerce websites and would love to tell you why I find it worth it. I've been featured on Business News Daily, Best Company and Databox.

The single biggest unique aspect that makes MailChimp worth it, is it's free plan that offers a generous 2000 contacts that can be stored, which you can send up to 10,000 emails per month. The free plan also offers most of the tools and templates needed for an all-in-one inbound campaigns, such as lead capture forms, landing pages and even automated drip campaigns, perfect for creating funnels and nurturing new leads to make a purchasing decision. If you're a new website owner looking at keeping the overhead costs of your website low, then MailChimp is well worth it!

--Marco Baatjes, Bottom Line Cents

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Many SMB's look to Mailchimp as the logical start for their email outreach, and with good reason. I've always told clients that Mailchimp is a great value, similar to an economy car. It's dependable and efficient, though you won't have the bells and whistles of a Hubspot or other robust platforms.

--Eric Dahl, Gravitate Online

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Overall, I believe that compared to its competitors MailChimp lacks functionality.

For small businesses with very small email lists, MailChimp can provide an initial solution, but the pricing does not scale well as you grow a list, and the functionality is severely lacking compared to competitors.

Automations are lacking, segmentation leaves a lot to be desired, general usability is poor, and data visualization and reporting is clunky at best.

I love that they have low cost solutions for startups, but really is one of the first tech upgrades that companies need to make.

--Sean Collins, BARREL

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Having used a variety of email marketing tools over the years, I have always found MailChimp easy to work with. This is why when small companies tell me they want to start doing email marketing and ask for suggestions, I suggest Mail Chimp.

Aside from being free for a small subscriber base, it's also insanely intuitive. On top of this, it's scalable and can provide enough advanced functions as your campaigns become more robust. Between the advanced list segmentation and the flexible design options, it's great for companies of all sizes.

--Carissa Rogers, Your Marketing People

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Yes, Mailchimp is worth your money. I found many reasons to go along with this tool. However, it has limited email automation, and it does not affect our business. It could be problematic for large companies. Let’s first dig into its pros.

*Beginner Friendly: *Users enjoy its beginner, friendly, intuitive interface. It is easy to use, and teams get used to this powerful editor so quickly.

*Integrations with third-party tools: *If you have to integrate third-party tools in the newsletter, then the good news is it offers hundreds of integrations. Almost, it allows integration of all software under the sun that could assist you with your marketing stack.

*All in one solution for inbound campaigns and a CRM: *The first step of managing subscribers is to collect them first. Now, you can set forms, landing pages, and automated drip campaigns to generate leads. It means you do not have to use third-party tools for creating the landing pages. Moreover, setting up customer profiles and assigning customers lifetime value is also possible now.

*Analyzing on its own: *It creates a direct relationship between the sales data and email list. This feature is beneficial for e-commerce, and people usually do not give its credit to Mailchimp. If someone abandons the cart, then the MailChimp also retargets. Moreover, it also sends the email to customers for the products other customers bought along with the product they have already purchased. It is an advanced follow-up email feature that you could enjoy by integrating it with eCommerce platforms..

*Price: *Yes, the packages of Mailchimp are relatively expensive, but you can enjoy 80% of its features for free! It works for 12,000 emails per month, with 2,000 subscribers.


Mailchimp’s automation editor is not very intuitive, and automation is not easy to use. It uses the list base automation rather than tag-based, unlike other significant tools. In tag-based systems, there is one master list and system tags according to their actions taken on the site. Contrarily, in Mailchimp, you have multiple lists and you physically move them from one to another, and automation is about moving people through different lists.

Moreover, this automation feature is not included in their free plan.

--Gintaras Steponkus, Solidguides

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Yes, the MailChimp is still worth it as of many reasons like:

• The MailChimp is the right Newsletter service if the integrations are essential for the marketers. Whether its an eCommerce, blog, or a non-profit organization, MailChimp offers hundreds of combinations to popular applications as well as the niche one. • On the other hand, MailChimp also provides an all-in-one solution for inbound campaigns and also serves as a CRM. • MailChimp helps in running the campaigns that capture the leads that are important for a business. • It also offers a standard plan and upwards to assign real customers lifetime value. • Though it comes with a clean drag and drop interface, it has powerful editing options. • MailChimp's deliverability is entirely acceptable and is up to 84%. • What marketers need to report, it gives all the required information regarding clients, Google Analytics integrations, geo-tracking, and social media. • Viewers, authors, managers, admins, and owners all can have access at a time. • MailChimp is extremely user-friendly and is a little more prevalent in the international market too.

--Mike Bran, ThrillAppeal

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MailChimp is my go-to email platform for several reasons. First, its ease of use makes anyone an expert due to the simple drag and drop interface. However, if you have some basic coding knowledge and an eye for design you can really elevate MailChimp’s templates into something more custom to suit your needs. Second, you can customize the sign up forms to match your brand and website. This is important so website visitors feel like they are still on the website they trusted to leave their email. Last, MailChimp is more sophisticated than it looks. The automations allow you to stay connected to your customers without doing much work. The abandoned cart automation, specifically, can really take your e-commerce marketing to a whole new level and bring in revenue that you were missing before.

--Amanda Brown, WebTek

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I’ve been a dedicated Mailchimp user for years. Considering how much it has invested in their growth and complexity, as well as fantastic pricing (talking about the free version here), no wonder they’ve become an email giant.

Among its greatest features are the following: great free plan, built-in CRM, and detailed reports.

Mailchimp provides its services for free for up to 2,000 email addresses of your subscribers and 10,000 emails per month. This pricing approach makes it a perfect fit for small businesses that don’t need a more extensive subscription base to have an effective email strategy.

I’ve seen it over and over: SMB owners who have no clue about email marketing, get comfortable with Mailchimp due to its easy navigation and clear set-ups!

It also has advanced options, such as A/B testing, where you can send emails with different subjects, and monitor the conversion rates. Its reports are detailed, showing you the percentage of opened emails, and click-throughs.

--Jovan Milenkovic, KommandoTech

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I work for FishingBooker and use MailChimp weekly for our blog newsletter. I would recommend it to every email marketer. It’s extremely user-friendly and simple.

MailChimp gives a good overview of your audience and makes customizing segments super easy. You get all the basic metrics you need in their reports. They’re concise, easy to read, and very useful. Beginners don’t require any design or coding skills, and you can play around with the design effortlessly.

Your question was “Is MailChimp worth it?”. Given all of the above benefits, and the fact that it isn’t a costly tool, I would definitely say that it is worth it for every email marketer.

--Allison Arthurs, FishingBooker

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I am pretty platform-agnostic when it comes to email marketing, we have clients using almost any email platform you can mention.

For years MailChimp was my go-to recommendation. Their live chat support was always excellent and for the price point, they were light-years ahead of others when it came to their email editor. My opinion started to shift when they changed their pricing model recently. Now I have found immense value for some of our smaller clients using Mailer Lite.

--Yosef Silver, FusionInbound.com

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*We have *extensively used MailChimp* as well as some other mailing services, and hence can comment on your query.

*Pros of using MailChimp*

1) Mailchimp is really* simple and easy to use*, and is a very smooth introduction to setting up a mailing service, especially if you are a first time user.

2) The *user interface is easy to navigate and the Call-to-Action buttons are well defined*.

3) Mailchimp provides some *very handy templates to use* for your email. Also, you can *create your own templates* as it provides a great set of visual elements which could be used in the mail.

4) Mailchimp has a *forever free plan*, which can help you evaluate and see if it fits your needs. The Free plan allows customers to store 2,000 contacts and send 10,000 emails per month, with a daily send limit of 2,000.

5) There are *multiple integrations available with third party services*. For e.g., integrate it with your Facebook account and you can host the subscription service there also.

6) Mailchimp provides *comparative metrics*, where users can compare their email campaigns performances against others of the similar types.

*Cons of using MailChimp*

1) MailChimp *can start getting expensive as your email volumes start increasing*. In comparison Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) can turn out to be extensively cheaper (actual costs depends on the volume of usage).

2) MailChimp *can cancel, suspend and also revoke your account without prior notification, if your emails are not performing well *- i.e., getting substantial unsubscribes and/or getting marked as spam.

3) You can *send emails to only one contact list at a time*. Inability to send to multiple lists at once, can be an issue if you are targeting different customer segments at the same time.

*To conclude - Yes, MailChimp is worth:* 1) If you are a newbie to email marketing 2) If your subscriber volume is not very high 3) Your contact list is of very good quality - the probability of unsubscribing/getting marked spam is low.

*But not, if:* 1) You ned to send mass volumes - then it can be costly 2) You need to customise a lot, and use multiple lists at the same time

--Saurabh Jindal, Talk Travel

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*Is MailChimp worth it?*

Yes, it is.

MailChimp is a popular email service provider. It provides all the basic features with a friendly interface and a free plan. That’s why it has generated a list of followers of about 17 million. These services create eye-catching newsletters. Although it has many features, it still lacks some advanced features when compared to other email service providers. It is the reason many bloggers are shifting to other services, including Drip, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign, that are providing better service and more advanced email marketing options than MailChimp. Most of all, MailChimp does not offer automation marketing.

The worst thing about MailChimp is its extra charges on duplicate subscribers. If you got the same subscriber in the list, then you’ll end up being charged by MailChimp.

--Jacob Seiter, MybestWallets

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/mailchimp-review#saurabh

Is MailChimp worth it?: MailChimp enables you to capture emails, manage your lists, sent out emails automatically or on a schedule and analyze engagement. Mail Chimp is great for those just starting out or running a small business because it remains free until you hit 2,000 subscribers and offers the main functionality you need without making your email marketing management too complex. One feature we especially love is MailChimp’s integration. Updating lists and sending emails manually is time-consuming, so choosing an email marketing platform that integrates seamlessly with our CRM provides us with a hassle-free solution for managing valuable content and customer data.

--Morgan Lathaen, Thumbprint

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/mailchimp-review#morgan

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