Linode Reviews by Linode Customers [IN PROGRESS]

Linode is a Linux-based cloud hosting provider with a number of VPS services. Compared to hosts like GoDaddy and Bluehost, it is generally targeted towards technical users over total beginners. To see if it’s any good, here is the question we posed to Linode customers:

For people who have used Linode for cloud hosting, what was the experience like for you and would you recommend it to others? All comments welcome, positive or negative.

So far we’ve received just 5 comments (if you’ve used Linode yourself, submit your own review here), and we will wait for more comments to come in before offering a firm verdict on Linode. There are a couple of negative comments on Linode already (see here and here) along with 3 positive comments on it.

We used Linode on a fairly large project. Their cloud hosting” is a couple of warehouses of servers and your application by default is only hosted at one of these warehouses. We had a lot of cases where our warehouse (Newark) was having problems and lost connectivity for nearly a day at a time one time. Then various other times we would lose connectivity for an hour or more. Maybe their reliability is better then it was at that time when we used them. But we moved away from them in mid 2019 because of their reliability since we didn’t want users to lose connectivity for an hour or more or a day or more. We use Google Cloud now as our primary.

Linode publish their history of incidents and you will see issues happening a few times a month depending when you look. Where you really want 99.99%+ uptime. You can host at multiple of their warehouses at once to mitigate reliability issues but there is complexity and cost in doing that that you don’t get with other cloud platforms.

--Chad Jones, Push Interactions

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Linode is a solid vps/vds provider with highly developed custom features.

I had quite a lot experience with it, most of if is strictly positive. It’s reliable, good value for money, responsive support. Sometimes it has a bad connectivity between North American DC and Europe, but in general feels good. Specifically for website hosting Linode have a load balancer feature which is required if you building a reliable and scalable website.

I can recommend it for anyone who wants to operate easy to configure and reliable hosting.

--Aliaksandr Shulyak, LinkedIn profile

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I have been using Linode for 3 years now and my experience of using their server has had a nosedive in the last 6 months or so. They were great service providers and the customer support was exceptional. Now I’m having multiple issues with my server as it is blocked more often because of a so-called DDoS attack or an unexpected malware. I am experiencing server migration as well without any reason or prior notice. The only good thing about Linode now is their customer service. They respond quickly and help you out with the issues you face. Despite a supportive customer service, I have decided to change my cloud-based service provider because of the server issues, and I wouldn’t recommend this to others as well.

--Patrick Smith, Fire Stick Tricks

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Linode is one of the best cloud hosting providers I've come across and my experience with them has been exceptional. The user-experience that they provide is user-friendly and affordable.

I've been using Linode at my company as a host for our web and intranet servers. I've also been using it for a simple MOTT server and some personal IoT projects. Luckily, my experience has been exceptional in both the cases.

I would highly recommend Linode to others as well, and it isn't just because of my experience. My reason for recommendation also includes their competitive pricing, and how they've continued to improve their services, interface, and controls over the years.

--Janet Patterson, Highway Title Loans

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I have been using Linode for over two years now, and I would totally recommend it to someone considering getting a hosting service. You may not find any perfect hosting solution, but Linode is probably the closest to it. With nine different pricing plans, they cater to users of every need. The software's control panel is quite simple to use and allows you to have your Linode instance running in just a few minutes after creating an account. While there can be some problems with the server, the customer service team is very supportive and always helps you sort it out. They always inform you in advance of any scheduled maintenance plans so you can prepare accordingly. A wide variety of configurations is provided by Linode, which is very helpful, along with other add-ons. Linode is one of the best cloud hosting service providers one can avail of in today's world.

--Jill Sandy, Constant Delights

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