LeadGibbon Review – Good or Bad?

LeadGibbon is a service for finding email addresses and leads. There are 2 main uses of it:

  1. You have a list of names and the companies they work for, and want to pull each person’s email address;
  2. You want to pull leads in a given industry, job title or company

I personally took LeadGibbon for a test run and wrote up this review to help you decide if it’s worth signing up to. Here I’ll demonstrate exactly how LeadGibbon works, how it compares to the competition, and finally whether I recommend it.

Signing up to LeadGibbon

Signing up to LeadGibbon is very simple. To begin with, you can just sign up to a trial account, and no annoying details like your credit card information or address is required:

As soon as you’ve then verified your email address you can try using LeadGibbon. Now, let’s go over the 2 main uses of LeadGibbon as listed above.

1) Using LeadGibbon to find email addresses of a given list of people

LeadGibbon is very good at finding email addresses of a given list of people. You have to upload a list of first names, last names and company domains (e.g. “Katie”, “Holmes”, “outwittrade.com”), and then it’ll return their email addresses. Here’s what the interface for that looks like (click to enlarge):


Then, once your list is uploaded you can get LeadGibbon to start checking it and return emails:

Once you click “Find,” it’ll start running and complete fairly quickly (depending on the size of the list you upload):

You’ll get an email when the job is finished:

Then, you can download your .csv file with the emails added:

What I’ve highlighted in red is what LeadGibbon added. As we can see, it was successful in finding my email address given my name and domain.

2) Using LeadGibbon to pull leads in a given industry, job title or company

If you do not already have a list of emails and domains and want to pull leads in your industry, LeadGibbon can do that for you:

I tested a fair few industries and job titles, and LeadGibbon’s database here is very extensive — you’ll probably be able to find a good number of highly targeted leads. In the example above, I’ve searched for software publishers and have got over 3,000 potential contacts.

How good is the LeadGibbon Chrome extension?

The LeadGibbon Chrome extension works pretty nicely, though it’s not very popular at all:

It also seems to only work with getting emails for people on LinkedIn specifically:

If you do a search on LinkedIn you are supposed to be able to right-click on someone’s name and export their contact details (i.e. email address), but this didn’t work for me. The only use I could find for LeadGibbon’s Chrome extension is for using it to pick up someone’s email only once you’re actually viewing their profile page. Then, it works really nicely — you just click the LeadGibbon chrome extension, and it can return you their email address (I have blacked it out in the example below):

This is a pretty nice feature, because people’s emails are not usually listed on their LinkedIn page, and LinkedIn will want you to pay for LinkedIn premium to be able to message people at will on LinkedIn. So if you use LinkedIn a lot and want to be able to get in touch with people on LinkedIn, the LeadGibbon Chrome extension will probably be very handy to you.

Are there any LeadGibbon discount codes?

There are no working LeadGibbon discount codes or coupon codes that I could find. If you search for these on Google a lot of spammy coupon sites will come back, but none of the coupon codes that were returned worked for me. Among the coupon codes that were listed on other sites are KLE26BWK and www.leadgibbon.com, but these are not working for me now.

What does the free plan on LeadGibbon get you?

With the free plan on LeadGibbon you get 5 credits, which are good for finding 5 valid email addresses. You also get full use of the Chrome extension and the search feature, so you’ll be able to test everything before paying for it.

Is LeadGibbon’s pricing reasonable?

Here is LeadGibbon’s pricing at the time of writing:

Each credit represents one lead. On the cheapest plan, therefore, you’d basically be paying 5 cents per lead with a verified email, but the price goes way down on the highest plan (only 1 cent per lead). That is exactly the same as Hunter.io‘s pricing:

Hunter.io is a big player in the lead generation space and its pricing can be used as a good benchmark for what cold lead generation should cost, so we can say LeadGibbon’s pricing is reasonable.

LeadGibbon vs Hunter.io & other competitors

There are various alternatives to LeadGibbon’s 2 main functions of both finding emails of a given list of people, and for returning leads in a given industry/job/location. For the first (finding emails of a given list of people), the main alternative is Hunter.io, mentioned above. The advantage of Hunter.io over LeadGibbon is that it can find emails given just a list of domains. LeadGibbon requires not just a list of domains, but also the first and last names of each email address you want it to find. Therefore, go with Hunter.io if you just have a list of websites you want to get leads from.

When it comes to returning leads for a given industry/job/location (LeadGibbon’s second feature), there are a few services like D&B Hoovers and Winmo that are worth checking out. You can also check to see if there are lists of leads available to buy in your given industry, but be careful with these as they may have been sold to a lot of people already. These are some directories where you can find leads with some searching:

Is LeadGibbon recommended?

I definitely recommend signing up to LeadGibbon and giving it a try. You can get a pretty good idea of how well it will work for your particular industry and use case with the free trial, and then upgrade if it suits you.

If you have found this review helpful and would like to sign up to LeadGibbon, you may do so through our link here. We may receive some compensation from LeadGibbon if you sign up through that link, and it’s up to you if you wish to go through our link or leadgibbon.com. Everything will remain the same for you.

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