Kinsta Reviews By 12 Kinsta Customers

Kinsta is a WordPress host that has a reputation for having faster page load speeds than other hosts. To help you decide if Kinsta is the right choice for you, I spent hours reaching out to people hosting their sites on Kinsta, and also turned to a couple of journalism sites I belong to asking for Kinsta customers to comment on what they really think of it. The below are the comments we’ve received so far (if you’ve used Kinsta yourself, please also submit a comment here).

Here’s how the feedback we’ve received on Kinsta stacks up so far. Most people like Kinsta, with the vast majority of comments saying that it had a marked and significant improvement on their website load times, and was thus well worth the cost (see here, here, here, here and here, just to name a few – only one comment here says that another host, SiteGround, was faster than Kinsta). People also speak highly of Kinsta’s support team (here, here, here, here and here), and therefore you should definitely be able to count on Kinsta for hosting your site smoothly and dealing with issues quickly. The main issue with Kinsta that people have reported is its price, as there are plenty of good hosts that are cheaper than Kinsta as reported here.

Therefore, if you’re building a serious website for a serious business and you’re willing to pay more for better site speed and support, you should definitely consider Kinsta. For those who just need a simple host for a simple website, and you don’t expect to need advanced support, there are cheaper hosts that’ll be more suitable for you (I’d recommend a WordPress hosting plan on Namecheap).

Here are the comments people have sent us on Kinsta so far in their entirety.

I have been using Kinsta for a while now. I have to say it has significantly improved my site speed, it used to be quite slow earlier. Yes, I am very much happy with their service and consider them as super reliable.

--Shriniket Deshmukh, Shriniket's Blog


We used Kinsta for our WordPress blog from April 2018 until March 2020. From my experience, Kinsta was very reliable and their customer support is excellent. It's very easy to their dashboard and manage the hosting parts of your site. However, Kinsta did not improve my site speed or at least I was able to improve it more after moving to a Virtual Private Server on DigitalOcean.

--Rodney Yo, Best Online Traffic School


We use kinsta to host CNote's website. We've had a good experience with them, they're responsive to support tickets. We made the switch primarily to find a host that had a good staging/live environment so we could test changes in staging and push them live after. This feature set has been flawless at kinsta. Also, the performance seems to be quite solid with their CDN and caching tools.

--Mike Ivancie, Cnote


We've had two Wordpress websites hosted by Kinsta for a couple of years, after having them with another host for a number of years. The transition has been nearly seamless - the only glitch for us is that our finance people don't quite know what to do with a vendor that essentially doesn't have a home office, but is geographically distributed. But in terms of performance, we couldn't be happier. We used to have to deal with crashes, errors, slowdowns, etc. on a regular basis. Kinsta is great about communicating when there's a system-wide issue, and usually it's resolved almost as soon as it's communicated. I don't think we've ever had to contact them about an issue.. We've also done complete re-designs since we've been with Kinsta and haven't missed a beat. I do wish they packaged email services with hosting (as did our old host), but it's a small price to pay.

--Liz Nilsen, Strategic Doing


I switched to Kinsta almost two years ago and it dramatically improved my website speed. Before I made the switch, pages were taking around 4 second to load and now they only take around 2 seconds. I honestly don't know how they do it, but it's amazing. Been super reliable, with never any downtime, even when we've had traffic spikes due to viral content. Recommend them for anyone that's not one of my competitors.

--Ian Wright, Bequests


I migrated over to Kinsta from WPEngine and never noticed a significant drop in my site speed, but what I did notice is that my site speed stayed consistently low. Meaning that with WP Engine it would fluctuate the lows were the about the same with Kinsta, but they would fluctuate up and down while with Kinsta it is more consistent towards the low end

With WPEngine I noticed fluctuations from 1.5 second load times to 5 second load times, while with Kinsta it consistently ~2 seconds.

--Ryan McEniff, Minute Women Home Care


I recently moved my website from Siteground to Kinsta. Here is my experience.

-Definitely improved Wordpress site speed over my basic plan on siteground. Improved my time to first contentful paint and other metrics

-Their support team is really helpful and will go the extra mile. I recently had a site speed issue and they continued to debug my site and found a Wordpress plugin that was causing the issue

-I have had a couple of outages. One was during an important email campaign and was extremely frustrating for my site to go down. The other outage was less than a week ago. I almost NEVER had outages on Siteground for what it's worth

-Kinsta is expensive, man. I've already had to go up a tier, but I'm still getting hit with massive overages. My bill with Kinsta was 10X what it was with Siteground.

--Don Howe,


A client of mine uses Kinsta to host their WordPress website, so I thought I'd give some insights.

In my experience with the client's website, their speeds were not as quick as other shared hosting plans from providers like SiteGround. Whilst they are a reliable host and my client has never had any downtime whilst using them, I think their system is intended for less savvy customers. For instance, they have their own UI and capabilities to perform redirects, which for someone who is used to using .htaccess, it was very time consuming to put many redirects in place. Overall, Kinsta is still a decent hosting platform, but I wouldn't regard it as the fastest in terms of WordPress site speeds.

--Itamar Blauer,


Kinsta gives customized hosting solutions based on what you need. The significant features that make it notable are the (1) easy access to Google Cloud Platform which makes it very convenient for anyone who uses it (2) effortless creation of a new site, if you have an existing website that you wish to migrate they offer FREE migration (3) provide amazing security and trouble-free retrieving of your back up data (4) reliable customer support if you are experiencing technical difficulties.

In comparison with our previous hosts, Kinsta is a total upgrade and performs better. The site speed greatly improved from 179.5 ms to 118 ms which makes it the fastest web host among its competitors. I consider it as a very reliable host due to it’s amazing features tailored to your needs. It may be a little bit expensive, but offers a variety of plans that will fit your needs and budget. I can totally say that it’s worth the price. This is also highly recommended on existing sites with high traffic and has a consistent growth monthly.

--Karl Armstrong, EpicWin App


I switched from Kinsta about 6 months ago and they've been awesome! I used to be on a large shared-server hosting and the performance was terrible. My site speed and page load time were awful which negatively affects your customer experience on your site and your SEO.

Since switching, my page load time has been cut in half at least and I've found their customer service to be fantastic. I even had a call with one of their managers to go over some technical problems I had and he was great.

--Parker Nash, Parker Nash Marketing


We've had great experiences with Kinsta as both an agency (used them for about a year), and through our clients. The company is well known for their support, and for good reason. Their agents are knowledgeable WordPress experts who were able to resolve seemingly any issue we came to them with quickly and easily. For potential Kinsta users, support is a major selling point and the one of the best in the industry.

As to the speed and reliability of the service, Kinsta actually uses the Google Cloud infrastructure, meaning that their platform’s uptime is one of the best in the business. Cloud networks themselves are extremely fast due to their technology, but Google is one of the best.

We no longer use Kinsta though. To properly support their optimized stack, stellar support and well designed platform, they charge a pretty penny. For an enterprise level setup that supports 60 WordPress installations, you would need to be paying $600. Even with that plan, you're limited to 100 gigabytes of storage. As an agency that has many WordPress websites hosted for our clients, there's a tradeoff between pricing, support, and platform.

If you're a company that needs absolute stability and amazing support, then Kinsta is for you.

However, there are other cloud hosting alternatives out there that are much cheaper, offer a similar level of support, and make our websites load faster. As an agency, we're pretty technical (meaning that we don’t rely heavily on support), and our main focus is speed which is why we ended up moving away from the company.

--James LePage, Isotropic


Kinsta is 10x the price of my previous web host, but it’s also 20x better. Prior to Kinsta I was using Namecheap’s Stella shared web hosting (around $3 per month). My web pages were very slow loading (2-3 seconds) despite using a very lightweight wordpress theme, few plug ins, and few images. I also found it really complicated to use the backend system (cPanel). I switched over to Kinsta is search for a much faster loading website that could support richer content. After shelling out $30 a month I’m happy to say that it is significantly faster. I am using a ton more images now but my site still loads a fraction of the time. Not only that, the Kinsta backend is a dream. Enabling things like SSL is a simple click of the button, whereas before with cPanel you had to jump through so many hoops. The level of the customer support is unrivalled.

--Finn, Learnopoly