iMyFone D-Back Review & FAQ

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D-Back by iMyFone is a tool for getting your data back from your phone. Suppose you’ve ran into any of these unfortunate situations:

In most of these cases, depending on the exact circumstances, D-Back will be able to get your data back. In some cases (such as where you phone has been lost or stolen) it will only be able to restore data if you have some kind of backup (in which case it has a few more features for getting data back than the standard iTunes), while in other cases (such as if your phone has been damaged) it can often recover data even if your phone isn’t functional.

D-Back can restore all kinds of data (notes, photos and videos, messages, contacts, call history and so on).

In this article I’ll go over the main questions people have had about D-Back, and also give my verdict on whether you should use it or not.

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How much does D-Back cost?

These are the pricing options available right now, as of August 2020:

Like with most of iMyFone’s software products, you will probably just want to go with the cheapest plan ($39.95/month) and cancel as soon as the product does what you need it to do, as you will probably not need to use it more than once. Otherwise, if you think you may need to restore your data again sometime down the line, go with the lifetime plan ($69.95).

There’s a trial version of D-Back you can try to see if it’s able to recover your data, and only if it’s working do you need to pay anything.

What are the alternatives to D-Back?

There are a few different software products that can recover data from iOS or Android devices, but all the good ones are paid. Here are the main competitors to D-Back (I am only listing software that works on iOS or Android phones):

As you can see, some of these aren’t specifically designed for phones like D-Back is, or they only work for Android or only work for iOS. At the time of writing, unlike D-Back, I have not tested these myself, so cannot give a recommendation on whether they’re better or worse than D-Back. D-Back’s main competitor is definitely Dr.Fone by Wondershare, so check that first out if D-Back doesn’t work for you. Only if both D-Back AND Dr.Fone fail to recover your data, then you can try out some of the other software I’ve listed above (though to be honest, if both D-Back and Dr.Fone fail for you, it’s probably unlikely anything else will work).

UPDATE: A couple of months after publishing this piece I tested another competitor to D-Back, PhoneRescue, which I was quite impressed with (see my PhoneRescue review).

Where can I find a crack / torrent / keygen / license / serial key for D-Back?

If you want to use D-Back, buy it. We don’t condone stealing software and doubt there is any way to get it for free anyway.

Are there any discounts or coupon codes for D-Back?

iMyFone doesn’t seem run discounts or promotions, and I haven’t found and working codes for D-Back. If there are any promotions running, they should be available at their latest product pages here:



Be wary of fake coupon sites that give fake coupon codes for D-Back — they’re a total waste of time. In writing this article I did a lot of Googling trying to find any kind of discounts or coupon codes for D-Back, but none worked.

Is D-Back safe?

Yes, D-Back is safe. You do not need to worry about it destroying your phone or the data that may still be available on it. There are no reports of D-Back ever having ruined a phone or deleted anything.

How does D-Back work?

D-Back, like the rest of iMyFone’s products, is very easy to use and you do not need any technical skills. Here are some screenshots of it, starting with the Android version since I have a Samsung phone:

Android version

iOS version

The iOS version of D-Back is very different to the Android version:

You can see there are several different options to click on depending on the exact nature of your problem and circumstance (in the first screenshot I’ve posted for the Android version, for example, you can click to do a standard Android data recovery, select a data recovery for a broken Android phone, or click to restore a backup you already have).

Does D-Back actually work? Is it recommended?

Yes, D-Back works for most people, and I recommend you download the trial version and see if it can recover your data (you can download the latest version for Android here, and the iOS version here). The software is extremely easy to use and it’s effective most of the time. However, it’s not at all guaranteed that it will work for you, because some versions of Android and iOS will cause issues for it. It could also be that your phone is damaged too much for the software to be able to connect to it, your data could be corrupted, or there could any number of other issues.

Fortunately, with the trial version of D-Back you can see if it’s able to find and recover your data before you pay a cent. If the trial version is working for you, then you can pay the minimum $39.95/month fee to recover your data and cancel the subscription as soon as you get your data back.

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