How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace was introduced in 2016 and may be better for you than selling on somewhere like eBay, since they don’t charge selling fees and it allows you to reach a lot of people close to you (the main disadvantage of Facebook marketplace is that it’s intended for local sales made by collection only). To help you sell on Facebook marketplace effectively, we put out this query:

For people who’ve sold on the Facebook marketplace, what are your tips to selling items for good prices? All comments appreciated.

The comments below are what we’ve received so far, which contains some great advice. I strongly recommend reading through these before listing your item! And in addition, if you have sold on Facebook marketplace yourself, you can add a comment here.

  • Be insanely detailed so there are no surprises: size, dimensions, condition (photographs of all flaws), brand, retail value, features, color, material and more. Pro Tip: create a blank template with details you need to add in. Then you can simply copy and paste your template and add in information for every product.
  • Be specific about how you accept payment and what is expected - for example, PayPal me before pick up, or Venmo me in person at time of sale.
  • Get a SQUARE card reader! They’re free. It’s the best way to accept credit cards for those in person sales.
  • This goes without saying but always prioritize your safety. Meet in a public place with cameras and lots of foot traffic, for example a supermarket parking lot.

  • Thoroughly read and understand the community guidelines and rules for posting so not to get flagged and have your post deleted. If your post is deleted, all images associated with the post will be flagged by Facebook Marketplace and will not be permitted to be used in a new post without some form of editing. It's easier to understand the rules from the beginning to preventyour time from being wasted with creating a new post and editing the same images.
  • Include your search keyword and the main data in the headline. This helps with search results and click through rate.
  • Each listing should include 3-5 images, including closeups. Use the image of the product as a whole for the thumbnail. Stay away from distracting backgrounds or messing surroundings. Keep the background as nuetral as possible. The focus should be on the item being sold.
  • If you are going to entertain offers outside of your asking price, include that info in the headline. It will broaden the number of people viewing your item that may be close to your asking price.
  • Separate your features and benefits with bulletpoints to keep the copy organized and easy to digest. Individuals on Facebook Marketplace are looking to buy and will be looking at dozens of listings. Make your post simple to read quickly and you will set yourself apart from your competition.

--Aiden Angeli, Ripe Marketing


  • Great photos: Nothing beats a great photograph of the thing you’re selling. Be mindful of your lighting and follow the basics of getting a good photograph. Customers are drawn to quality pictures.
  • Wording: You don’t need to commercialize what you’re selling. Nowadays, if people want what you’re selling they buy it. Describe the thing you’re selling exactly as it is and your customers will appreciate you more for being honest.
  • Be a Professional: Always be prompt when it comes to pick-up and delivery. Use appropriate language when talking to your customers. Always be courteous. Your reputation as a seller is what’s going to sell your products.

--Shari Smith, Shari - Sells


I have sold dozens of items on Facebook Marketplace over the last year or so, and have found that there are a few keys to making a quick sale. First, take lots of great pictures of your item. If it's a higher value item such as a vehicle or RV, it may be worth investing a small amount in having a photographer take some great shots of the unit. High-quality pictures are going to catch people's interest as they scroll. Second, write a thorough description including all relevant details including but not limited to: - Mileage- How long have you owned the item- Honest description of general condition- Note any imperfections or missing parts (this reduces the number of messages you will get that won't lead to a sale)- Mention whether your price is firm or OBOAnother tip to help make a sale is to offer delivery. Many Facebook users don't have access to a car and would be more likely to buy from a seller who will deliver to them.

--Mike Greig, Ninja Budgeter


I've sold numerous various items on Facebook Marketplace, from clothes to cars, and have had the best luck. The key to moving your items via Facebook Marketplace is having great product pictures, detailed descriptions, and knowing the market value of what you're trying to sell. The product pictures need to be taken in good lighting, so you can see any impurities on the product, as well as including any dents, tears, stains, etc. on the product. Full disclosure is your friend, because then the buyer won't feel mislead if these details we're not included. Marketplace gives you categories to sort your items into, and adds descriptive categories and information that you can fill out as well. Always fill out as much as you can and give the most details. I always include the price I bought the item for, as well as how many times I wore it (if it's a clothing item or accessory). Marketplace also offers a price gauge based on similar items listed on the platform, which is great for helping sellers find their selling price. Marketplace also allows hashtags on posts, which can increase views and lead to faster sells.

--Kylie Austin, Instagram profile


I've sold over 50+ items on Facebook marketplace. Facebook marketplace is great for items that can't typically be shipped. I've sold furniture, instruments, appliances and even food.

I typically do my research before posting. I look up the price history of an item and then price it fairly on Facebook. I describe the item in detail and include other instructions such delivery instructions (porch pickup only or cost for delivery) and type of payment accepted.

The more detail you provide, the more appealing of a seller you will appear. When people have questions about an item, I also make sure to answer their questions that same day. Any lapse in responses will turn buyers away or make them feel like a sale might fall through.

--Alex Tran,


  • Set realistic expectations: You won’t have a lot of luck selling on Facebook Marketplace if you are trying to sell items at 90% of the cost you bought it for. Make sure you price your item accordingly. Tip: Use the search function to identify similar items to yours and see what they are selling for. Price your items similarly.
  • Take good pictures. A lot of them: you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take good pictures for your listing. Using only your cell phone you can take some great shots. Tip: Use a well lit area to take you photos. Make sure your item is clean and presentable. Showcase different angles. Also, you can add up to 10 photographs of your item when selling on the marketplace. Make sure you use all 10. You will sell your item much quicker if you take great photos, and lots of them!
  • Write quality descriptions: I can’t tell you how many sellers write only one single sentence about the item, or worse yet, leave the description blank. You should write at least a few sentences. Talk about the condition of them item, how useful it has been for you, and why your potential buyer will want this item. Tip: You can even add some humor and be sure to show some personality in your listing. It will make your listing more personable and therefore making your item sell faster and for more money.

--Damon Dietz,


My advice for selling on Facebook is to price your products appropriately. I slightly sold my products slightly cheaper than the market price which helps me get more customers. I might get fewer returns this way but the number of customers more than make up for it.

Of course, the best tip I can give you is to be flexible and adaptive based on the situation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the prices and see what works for you. I chose lower prices because I was new to selling and I didn’t plan to sell these products for the long term. I sold them just to get some money on the side.

--Kenny Trinh, Netbooknews


1) Find selling groups near your area.

Use several keywords such as 'buy' 'selling', 'sale'. Join a few to post there.

2) Take several pictures of items.

You can show the item staged in your home. This inspires them to understand how it can be used.

3) The reason why are you selling.

Explain in the post the reasons why you are selling that item (for example clearing out a room, changing styles) so that people understand that there is nothing wrong with items.

4) List Brand names.

Include brand names in all of your postings in order to generate a feeling for what people could be paying if they had to buy it new.

--Simonas Steponaitis, HostingWiki


Facebook marketplace is a visual platform so uploading good images of the product is really important if you want your items to sell quickly and at a better price. However, you don’t need to pull out the DLSR to make a sale. In most cases, your phone camera will do.

Just make sure your pictures are clear, are taken in a good light, and show all the features of the item. It’s surprising how much more valuable an item can look if you’ve taken the extra time to dress it up and show it in a good light.

It’s also important to upload a photo of any imperfections or damaged areas. People expect that second-hand items won’t be absolutely perfect, so letting them see any imperfections straight away will convey trust and also help to avoid wasting both yours and other people’s time.

It also makes a huge difference to provide a clear description of the product. While some people will message you to ask more questions about the item you’re listing, many people don’t want to waste unnecessary time going back and forth on messenger. So, including any necessary dimensions or other facts about the item will help you to sell faster and at a good price..

--Steve West, Entrepreneur Nut