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As the saying goes, showing up is half the battle. For many of us, once we get to the gym and start exercising, we feel good and we can do it — but it’s just so darn hard to get there in the first place! So how can you make, or force, yourself to get to the gym? That’s a bit of a perennial question and one that I wanted to create a great resource on. So I put out the following request:

Many of us find ourselves skipping the gym when we had planned to go. What tips do you have when people just don’t feel like lugging themselves to the gym? How can we force ourselves to go? Any and all comments appreciated.

The below is what I received. There is some great advice here, many of it from personal trainers and fitness experts who have years or decades of fitness experience. Have a read through it and you should find at least 1 tip that you’ll find useful.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. Here are some tips that you could use:

* All of the gear: If you're dressed for the part then it will give you more incentive to go. Purchasing new gym clothing that makes you feel confident will give you a boost.

* Make a pumped up playlist. Listen to upbeat music on your way to the gym to get you in the mood for a training session.

* Fuel up: Have a high carbohydrate food such as a piece of fruit in-order to boost your energy levels before training.

* Drink coffee: Coffee naturally has a high amount of caffeine which is a key ingredient in most pre-workout supplements.

--Eryn Barber, Fitness Savvy

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Some easy tips and tricks to motivate yourself and keep you accountable are:

1. Schedule it! Put your workout time on your calendar and stick to it. You are just as important as the other appointments on your calendar.

2. Have a plan of what you're doing. Do some research and write down your workout ahead of time.

3. Get an accountability buddy. Enlist a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker.

4. Have your gym clothes, shoes, water bottle and whatever else you need for you workout set aside and ready to go.

5. Hire a trainer if finances allow. Many trainers will work with you in the gym, at your home or virtually.

--LeAnn Smith, Vibrant Life Source

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One of the best ways to get yourself to the gym is to go as part of something you already have a habit of doing. This is called habit stacking and increases the chances of you creating a new habit. For example, you come home from work every day, as a habit of course, so you can schedule your gym time immediately after work. In other words, go straight there, NOT homefirst. Thus, your new routine includes going to the gym after work. If instead, you come home first, you are far more likely to give in toother ‘habits’ that don’t include going to the gym. Plus, the preparation of getting your gymclothes in the morning, so you’ll have them with you when you get to the gym, adds to your decision to go.

--Paul Claybrook, SuperDuperNutrition.com

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1. Know that even pro athletes many times have to make themselves train, particularly in the off-season. However, for them it is part of their routine to train even when they don't feel like it. They usually have a fine sense of consideration for their teammates, their coaches, and fans.

2. The rest of us mere mortals can model that behavior by shifting our mindsets to see that our families, co-workers, etc. are our teammates. If we are in better shape physically, emotionally and spiritually, we are better mothers, fathers, co-workers, siblings, etc.

3. We all have 168 hours in a given week (24/7). If we work 40 hours, and sleep around 50 hours, can we not carve out 5-6 hours per week to invest in our health? Our bodies are working for us 24/7, even when we sleep. Can we not invest at least 5% of our time to show gratitude and minimum upkeep for this incredible machine that is ours for life?

4. Writing down in advance when you will run, hit the gym (online workouts for now during the coronavirus), or swim or power walk, gets us psychologically geared up for it. This greatly offsets any dread and lessens procrastination.

--Dr Nancy Irwin, Psychologist, www.drnancyirwin.com

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I advise my clients to think of their long term goals when they lack motivation. What is their big WHY? Play with kids, fit back into their clothes, feel better in their own skin, feel better than they do now. In our instant gratification society, we have to think long term. Also, no one ever regrets a workout-ever. If they are still balking, I tell them to just go for 10 minutes. This usually does the trick. Or I tell them to take a class just for fun, then it's not so much a chore.

--Pam Sherman, The Perfect Balance

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Now that I have moved and started to rebuild my business as a fitness professional, I have out of state clients that I work with virtually. The biggest setback my clients claim is lack of accountability to get to the gym.

Now I hear it all. Every excuse you could think of. Number one excuse “I have no time” Everyone has time! You just gotta figure out when. Second excuse I get all the time is “I don’t know what I should do when I get there”. So that’s where I come in!!!

For all my folks that say they don’t have time - ok so it’s usually parents that say this to me. Hey I get it but let me ask you this. If your a mom and responsible for taking care of your kiddies, who is gonna take care of you? You gotta stay strong and healthy to keep your family strong and happy right? That’s a big eye opener to my mom clients. Best time I tell them is before the kids get up or after dinner and after they go to sleep. For my dads I mostly get “I’m so tired after work” or “my wife wants to spend that time with me” Hey that’s great your wife wants you around lol but try workout together. Could be fun. For being tired, try doing it before work. Exercising will give you more energy so chances are you wouldn’t feel so tired once you get in a routine.

Now here is the bread and butter anyone needs to remember in order to get them to the gym....chances are they have gym anxiety. Yup it’s a real thing!

Gym anxiety is a real issue that people just don’t understand. I had gym anxiety myself for years before I got a handle on it. There are so many reasons one will feel this Gym Anxiety.

I myself was very unhealthy and very overweight in my teenage years. I was unhappy with myself physically and that really took a toll on me and stopped me from trying to get into the gym. I couldn’t get into a routine, I was always making excuses not to go to the gym and was always scared when I actually went. When I did go, I was clueless and that would be a huge reason I just left after doing a few minutes on the treadmill or not even go at all!

My Gym anxiety was the reason I became a fitness professional almost 20 years ago. There are many reasons people have this. Main reasons are - “I’m scared to fail”, “feared I will be judged”,or “I’m embarrassed by my body”. I hear that at least once a week from random clients.

Here is what I give as advise - first everyone has to start somewhere so all these super buffed people you see were most likely in your shoes one time or another. Most people at the gym are there to get their workouts in and then get out quick so no one really is worrying about what your doing. The best practice I find is have a game plan before you go! Chances are that if you have a plan you will be able to go through your workout successfully instead of going and then trying to figure out what to do or not going because you don’t have a routine planned. Second just focus on your workout and what your fitness goals are. If big crowds scare you then go to the gym on off peak hours. Bringing a friend is always better then going alone. It’s great to have someone to chat with and train with. Keeps you focused on your workouts and you get to sweat it out with your bestie. If you don’t have someone to go with then try a fitness class. Speak to the instructor - I always walk around in my classes and make it a point to know my audience so if I see a new member I will approach them and welcome them. I ask if they have injuries and explain some modifications before we begin. Or talk to a personal trainer! Maybe even start with a trainer so 1 - you have accountability, 2 - your with a professional who will teach you the right form/techniques 3 - you have someone cheering you on and get to chat during your workout. Last thing I suggest. Now this May sound funny but if you plan a cute workout outfit chances are you will put it on feel great and skip on over to the gym. Studies show if you feel confident you will have better body image and actually want to workout and show off your super awesome gear. It works try it!

Bottom line is start small it’s all about baby steps. You must crawl before we even think about running. Maybe shoot for “this week I will go to the gym twice and take one class”. Then the following week you may be inclined to add a third day and so on.

--Nicole Delli Bovi, @nikkifitt

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Many people ask me how to motivate themselves to get to the gym and I have done a lot of research on that topic. Of course, I sometimes have the same issue - the lack of motivation to sweat in the gym after a long day. I have tried a few techniques that work for me:

*Change the routine* If you find it hard to get yourself to the gym after a long day, go there in the morning. You might be surprised how your day will change after а positive start, and that adrenaline rush will keep you wanting more.

*Go to the gym with you BFF or BF* Going to the gym with someone close to you will make it not only good for your health, but also good for your bond. It will turn into your special time together. Everything is more fun and inspiring when done with the ones we love.

*Gym clothes* Yes, you read that right. When you put some effort into the way you look, even in the gym, you show respect to yourself. Gym clothes can be a t-shirt and leggings, but they have to be only for the gym - special clothes for special occasions.

*Fitness subscription* Get yourself a subscription - it can be online, too. We often value things we have paid for more, so that will keep your motivation up. You will feel better if you know your money was not wasted.

*Track your progress* Decide for yourself how many times a week you plan to go to the gym - you can work out at home too, so think about how many times you are going to have workouts overall. Make a schedule on your calendar and tick every single visit. You will be proud of your progress when you see the calendar filled with ticks. What could motivate you more than this?

--Kalina Stoyanova, heartifb.com

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Here is my list of suggestions:

1. Tricking the brain: I tell my clients to tell themselves that they only have to do 10 minutes. The trick here is once an exercise is started, whether it's a video or getting outside, most people end up going for longer, because the endorphins in their bodies start releasing and motivation returns.

2. Chose a mantra that helps empower and motivate you. Aurenda.us http://aurenda.us/> has exercise towels that have positive mantras on the exercise towel. Picking a mantra and making it a part of your inner dialog has the energetic power to motivate and manifest.

3.Get outside if possible. Fresh air allows the mind to shift from the hibernation mentality into awakening. Walking, jogging, running, swimming, climbing, biking - make it different everyday.

4. Changing up exercise routines everyday can help motivate people. Trying something new breaks the boredom for the mind and body. Even changing the time that you do it can make a difference. It helps people avoid the mental block, dreading the arrival of the hour they have to workout.

--Julie O’Connell, Aurenda

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Motivation is something that comes from the inside and if done correctly, it can change your life permanently.

*Following are the tips to get yourself motivated to get to the gym:*

1. Make sure that you have friends or a group of people that would like to go with you to the gym. This motivates you, even more, when you are working out. This can be the pushing point of you going to the gym.

2. Schedule your day and put one hour or two for yourself activities. Enable those activities to maintain yourself in getting into the gym. This scheduling can help you give more time towards you being motivated in going to the gym.

3. Visualize success. When you are going to the gym, there is a certain goal that you will focus on. This will enable you to visualize the success that is being worked out.

4. Consider a trainer. When you are motivated by yourself, you should consider hiring a trainer, whose sole purpose would be to motivate you and be at your footstep when you are not available in the gym.

--Syed Irfan Ajmal, syedirfanajmal.com

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Following are some of the proven ways to help you get out of your couch and break a sweat:

1. Take a gym membership with your friend: First things first. You know the hardest part is to get out of bed. Getting a gym membership with a friend or your partner can motivate you to get out of the bed because you know someone is relying on you. You also won't want to cut a sorry figure later when you face them.

2. Dress up for gym: Dressing up for something doubles your chances of performing it. Even if you woke up early, but something else took up your brain, there are high chances that you will change your plans. However, if you are already dressed up for hitting the gym, you won't back off. Even better, if you also kept your gym bag prepared the previous night.

3. Set SMART targets: Set targets for you that are specific, measurable, achievable, result-oriented, and time-based. Don't set unrealistic goals, as they can easily demotivate you. If you don't live up to your expectations, failure may take a toll on you, and you can quickly lose focus.

4. Visualize your target achievement: Once you set up the goals for yourself, keep track of your progress. Visualize what your targets are and how would you feel when you achieve them. This will keep you motivated.

Rewards yourself: Once you have achieved a particular target, treat yourself with the awards. Binge-watch your favorite show with your partner, dine out with your friends, watch a movie, or get yourself a new pair of jeans. Rewards have always been a great way of motivating people of all ages.

--Rajandeep Kaur, TeacherOn.com

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My tip: The key to following through on your good intention is to deliberately and creatively manufacture a situation that makes you FEEL in your gut like it's truly necessary to go to the gym. My favorite example is a man who decided that from now on he would leave his one and only stick of underarm deodorant in his locker at the gym. Although his good intention wasn't powerful enough to get him to the gym every day, his strong desire to not stink gave him the power to follow through!

--Steve Levinson, habitchange.com

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*Reward yourself for successes*

This is pure Pavlovianism. If you reward yourself with things you like after going to the gym (and make sure that that’s the only time you have them), you are much more likely to be motivated to exercise.

The rewards can be different - watching an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, setting your alarm for 20 minutes later the next morning, or buying something that’s caught your eye after a long string of workouts, for example. Make sure your reward isn’t unhealthy food, though - that defeats the whole purpose of the exercise (pun intended), and your figure will not thank you.

*Punish yourself for failures*

The authoritarian, masochist evil twin to positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement means denying yourself earthly pleasures like sweets or sex every time you skip a gym session or home workout. Understandably, this can backfire, and it won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth trying if you haven’t done so already.

--Daniel Koychev, Excel Template

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What helps me is watching a motivational video on YouTube. I have a few, e.g. famous speeches from people telling you to move your butt off the couch and start doing something meaningful.

After watching these I'm way too pumped to not go exercise! (Best videos are about 5 minutes, to really get you into the mood, but not too long to decide Ah, too late now..)

--Chris Kaiser, Click A Tree

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1. Don't beat yourself up. It's not the end of the world because you don't want to go to the gym. Try alternative ways to get fit. You can workout via YouTube. Find you a 5-10 cardio workout on there and move your body.

2. Recall your health and fitness goals. Go back to the beginning of why you started your healthy lifestyle journey. It helps when you can regroup and start over.

3. Reduce the time you go to the gym: If you were going five days per week, maybe try going 2 days per week. This way you can build back up the momentum to keep going once you start seeing results.

How can we force ourselves to go? I don't really think you have to force yourself to go. What I've found even if I force myself to go, I wouldn't get the most out of it. What I would suggest you do is start fresh and don't make unrealistic goals for yourself. Try only going for smaller amounts of time instead of hours. Ease your way back into it. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

--LaTersa Blakely, latersablakely.com

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I have been wrestling with this problem or this internal resistance since 1979, when I was 19 and started working out as a new adult. Getting to the gym is always a battle between your ego (ie the dark side of your mind) and the light side of the mind (your CPU: I call mine CP for short). The body does not really have a strong voice (light or dark): it sort of goes along with what CP and EM (the light side of your emotional voice; EM’s dark side is self pity and all forms of poor little me.

So the trick for getting to the gym or working out in general is super simple: You only have to trick or game your ego into getting to the gym and suiting up for a workout. After that everything just falls into place.

But the ego will offer all kinds of diversions and tricks. Consider this common anecdote: You wake up early in the morning for your “regular” workout (yoga, meditation, stretching), but you ego tells you seductively and convincingly that going back to bed for just a bit longer is OK: you can always work out a bit later. Then when you do get up from your extended early morning sleep that same ego chastises you for not working out (in whatever way).

The source of procrastination and excuses is either the ego or dark EM. So the only way to strengthen a habit or start a habit is by getting to step one: 1. Actually entering the gym or actually just starting to exercise in any setting. Nearly 70 years ago, the US Army showed that establishing or breaking a habit takes 90 days. That means you have to get your gym habit past those 90 days whatever it takes . . . You won't regret it. Think of diet programs: most people bail way before the 90-day mark!

Discipline won't help you get to the gym because the ego plays with the idea of discipline like a cat with a mouse . . . Defeat your dark side in regular and small ways and the rest is easy. Just make sure you go to the gym or that you “begin” your workout whatever it takes. The habit will form and before long your new and improved subconscious “programs” will get you to the gym with much less resistance.

--Ian Martin Ropke, Your Japan Private Tours

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In order to maintain consistency with working out in the gym, it is a combination of mindset, expectations, and preparation. With mindset, you have to deduce your why for the gym. Whether it means getting off the medication, or reducing your chance of a heart attack, or getting into your target weight. You have to have a vision for yourself with that new body. Also, it is important to have a change in mindset that maintaining fitness is easier than getting fit.

Secondly, is dealing with expectations. Realize that you will not be motivated every day to go to the gym and that's normal. We are humans. However, set an expectation for yourself that regardless of how you feel, you will be intentional in taking actions to meet your fitness goals. And if you ever go sidetrack, or have a bad day, you can always make up for lost times.

Lastly, prepare. I usually have my gym clothes on the side ready for the next day. Plan the night before and also take out time to research work out routines. It is easier, effective and more productive to have a workout plan in mind before going to the gym. Accept where you are now and love every curve on your body. Let your relationship with fitness not be demeaning. rather, let it is an expression of self-love.

--Kimberly Ihekwoaba, kihekcreations.com

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There are a number of things people can do to get themselves to the gym. One of the best is to come up with a mnemonic that will trigger them to go. They see it and then automatically get up and get going. For example, they could post a picture of their children they want to be healthy for and look at that so they will want to exercise. Or they could have a picture of the beach they are going to on vacation and want to be in shape for. They can also use a word or saying. I personally use a key card that the Holiday Inn used in a promotion around the London 2012 Olympics. It says Stay Inspired. When I am feeling tired, I look at that and get fired up and go train. Money can also be a motivator. You can buy an expensive pair of sneakers or an expensive gym membership and then go to the gym to make sure you are getting your money's worth.

--Robert Herbst, w8lifterusa.com

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1. Set a goal- The key to motivation is setting a goal and establishing a timeline to reach it. Wanting to run a 5k is not enough to keep you motivated. Instead, set a date for which you want to be able to run the 5k and set a goal for the pace you want.

2. Make if fun- The most important element in motivating yourself to workout is to do something you like. You should look forward to your workout. Don't worry so much about whether you are doing enough cardio or lifting heavy enough weights. Focus on what you find enjoyable.

3. Establish a routine- Healthy habits create healthy results. Going to they gym at the same time each day will help make exercise part of your daily routine and increase the likelihood of you establishing a lifelong commitment to regular exercise.

4. Invite friends- A workout buddy helps hold you accountable. It's also fun to set common goals and challenge each other to meet them. A little friendly competition will keep you both motivated.

--Jennifer Perry, Fit & Fun Travel

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Put on your sportswear at the beginning of your day.

If you want to make it as easy as possible to go to stay motivated for the gym, put on your workout clothes at the beginning of the day. Getting changed can seem like a lot of effort if you are not enthusiastic about going. if you are already in your sports clothes, then there's one less barrier to hitting the gym.

Not only that, wearing your sportswear can help shift your mindset into that place were self-care and exercise are important to you. Especially if you love your sportswear. Nice workout clothing can help push you to exercise more regularly, because when you look good, you feel good. And who doesn’t want to feel good?

--Abbi Walker, Love Leggings

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*1. Acknowledge your problem: * If your aim is weight loss or gain, you need to first acknowledge your problem. Where does it stem from? Why do you want to change? Why now? Write it all down and have it somewhere you can see it every day.

*2. Choose a path of least resistance:* Like I said, motivation and determination don't last. So, you need to devise a path of least resistance that allows you to get in your daily workout without it getting in the way of your life. For instance, if you can walk to work ditch your car and walk every day. Choose a gym that is close to your house or work so that you have no excuses for not making it.

*3. Start small:* If you start going to the gym but your diet is still mostly junk, that's okay. Don't beat yourself up about it. Make one small change and stay consistent and then swap out one meal a day for a healthier option.

*4. Have a buddy system* If you can find someone to go on this journey with you, that's great! If not, you should make a buddy at the gym and train together. You can hold each other accountable.

*5. Tidy up your house* Now, this might seem unrelated but a cluttered house is the sign of a cluttered mind. There is real magic in tidying up and once you have everything stowed away where it belongs, you can start focusing on what's really important: You

--Rafid Nassir, Vegan Liftz

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1- Start with reevaluating your goals. Lose 10 pounds, workout more, get fit are too broad and it's hard track sometimes. Here's some examples of more specific goals. Make it to the gym 4 days this week, follow 3 at home workout videos on youtube, run a total of 10 miles this week. That way each time you complete the task you know you're that much closer to achieving your goals!

2- Get a buddy involved. Plan to meet a friend at the gym or a park for a run. It's easy to talk yourself out of a workout, so having someone waiting on you will help hold you accountable. Another variation I've seen is a group chat of 3-4 people. Here's how it work. - Decide how many times a week you all want to work out/go to the gym (let's say it's 4) - Whenever you go, you have to send a pic of you at the gym/working out to the group - If you don't hit your goal by the end of the week, you have to Venmo the others in the group $1 per day you missed - So if there's 3 of us in the group, and I only go twice that that, I'd Venmo each of them $2

3- This is one of my favorites, it's to help you run more. Literally get someone to drop you off x number of miles from your home. The only way you'll get back is to walk/run that distance. So find a spot 2 or 3 miles from home and have them drop you off so you're forced to go the full distance!

4- Have different variations of working out to keep you from getting bored. Working out doesn't have to mean hitting the gym for an hour. It can be playing tennis, going for a walk, circuit training, doing yoga, weight lifting, etc. Some days I just don't feel like lifting heavy weights, so I'll go for a run or following along with a YouTube yoga video. Something is better than nothing!

5- Set a specific date as your end goal. Staying in shape should be a lifelong commitment, but it's hard to stay focused with no end in site. Sign up for a local 5k a few months away, give yourself a 2 month transformation challenge, or even challenge a friend to see who can lose more weight in a month. Breaking it down into shorter time periods will help you stay motivated and give you a target to work towards.

--Nick Flint, Pure Cut Supplements

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Forcing yourself to attend a weekly Pilates class when you hate Pilates is probably setting yourself up to fail. Equally, if you love a certain Spin class but it’s an hour’s drive away, then getting there after a long day isn’t something you’re likely to do regularly. Exercise should be something you enjoy and something you can fit into your spare time easily. That means picking something you’re likely to stick to because you love going and it’s at a convenient time.


Every gym goer loves new wearables and there’s nothing better than swaggering around in your latest buy from that fancy Yoga Leggings website. It’s a fresh burst of confidence and when you catch yourself in the mirror looking too fit for words, then your work is done.


Playlists are a must when you go to the gym, but how often do we find ourselves falling into the same routine with the same tracks? Spend some time getting some really good playlists together and regularly rotate them. That way when you’re next at the gym or out on your run, you’ll discover you have a new burst of energy as soon as track comes on and you’ll want to keep going for longer.


And I don’t mean “if I run 3km, I can eat that block of cheese” kind of treats. Give yourself something to look forward to that’s cheap and easy to organise. It’s a great way of keeping you going through the tougher moments of your training. Muscles burning? Think of that nice hot bath you’re going to have later on. Last few paces of your 10km run? Think of which new fun running accessory you could buy. Squat rack got you in tears? Remember the ice cold mocha protein shake you’ve got sat waiting for you in the fridge.


Forcing yourself to head out for a 10km run when you’re clearly knackered will make you loathe exercise. Listen to your body and if it’s too much, plan in another time to go that suits you better. This way, you’ll start to fall into a pattern where you learn when you can exercise well and when you need to recover. If you have a busy schedule, plan in exercise sessions that are little and often so you enough time to burn off some energy and clear your mind, but aren’t so long that they eat into your day.

--Libby Masters, Mirafit

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When it comes to going to the gym, you want to eliminate as many barriers as possible and establish the habits of showing up, even when motivation is low and you don't want to.

This is what I've found helpful for my clients:

1. Put it in your calendar - By blocking off time in your calendar for the gym, you have to follow through and not miss an appointment.

2. Lay out your clothes and gym bag - Have them out either next to your door, by your bed, or in your car so that you're forced to take action and go to the gym and workout.

3. Work out at home - If all else fails, then get in a quick workout at home. Whether it's with just your bodyweight and whatever equipment you have, or going outside for a run. Be active in some way so you don't lose any momentum.

--Tim Liu, timliufitness.com

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Switch up your routine!

If you’re in a funk and not feeling it, don’t be afraid to try something new for a few days — even a week! Unless you’re an elite athlete you should have the flexibility to change up your routine to meet your goals. Give your body credit, it’s smart! Keep it guessing by constantly changing up your routine and challenging yourself. A lot of time you’ll go back to your program feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to push through and achieve what you set out to do.

Buddy system!

Working out with a buddy can help hold you accountable — and makes it more fun! Even if you can’t work out together, share your fitness goals with a friend. Research shows that when you share your goals, the odds of reaching them increase! [source: https://www.dominican.edu/dominicannews/study-highlights-strategies-for-achieving-goals ]

Hold yourself accountable!

If you’re like most people, you’re busy! But that’s no reason to neglect your health. If you’re serious about achieving your health and fitness goals in 2019 you simply have to make time for it. A game changer for me was putting allotted hours into my Google Calendar each day for my workout. Whether you’re exercising 2-3 times a week or daily, try it! Chances are, scheduling a time for your workout will increase your odds of sticking to it. Signing up for classes and reserving spots in a class is also a great way to stay consistent. It helps keep you accountable!

Skip the gym, but get your exercise in!

If the gym isn’t your jam, find something you like to do. Try a recreational league sport. Go for a walk, a hike. Or try frisbee golf. Think of non-traditional exercise. At the end of the day, the best way to stick to a program or a workout is to really enjoy it.

--Monica Straith, AlgaeCal

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*Don’t lose sight of the end goal*

When I don’t feel like exercising, I remember why I do it: to stay active, to be healthy, and because I know that once the baby comes I’ll get much less sleep and gain weight. I do gain weight quickly if I’m not careful. So, at least twice a week, I take my phone, run a different training routine, and do my best to follow it to the letter.

It does get my blood pumping, which makes me more focused and helps my productivity. But the main motivation for me waking up and going to the gym is that I know that staying home will not make me feel better, nor help me do my job better. Oftentimes, I go to the gym to clear my head. At this very moment, with the Coronavirus, I’m finding myself thinking more and more about it, so the gym helps me stay cool. It’s not always easy being calm, but going to the gym for half an hour does the job. Afterward, I feel relieved and I’m ready to go through my day with a smile.

--Christian Antonoff, Clarity Wave

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One way to make sure that we’re determined and motivated enough to go to the gym is by making sure we get enough sleep the night before. Contrary to what most people think, proper sleep comes with more benefits than what meets the eye. Getting enough sleep before going to bed, gives us the rest we need, conditioning us to become more relaxed, in shape, and determined to go to the gym.

--Mike Richards, Golf Einstein

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*1. Schedule the gym at the same time and incorporate into your routine.* If you set the same time preferably in the morning, it becomes harder to make excuses throughout the day.

*2. Set a challenge with your friends.* Going to the gym may be boring but human behavior loves doing things in groups. Reach out to 3 to 5 friends who want to get more fit, set a monthly challenge whether its to do a program like BBG or Insanity or go to 3 classes a week. Then just share photos once you complete the challenge and define punishments if you don't.

*3. Get enough sleep. *Most people don't realize if you are tired its hard to get motivated about anything, monitor how much time you are watching TV and how you can replace that with an hour or 2 of sleep.

--Yasmine Khater, Sales Story Method

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*1. Go with Your Friend *

This is best the tip that you can use to be persistent towards your goal. Best friends will always encourage you to achieve your goal. He will excite you to compete with him to become fittest and this will light up the fire. This strategy works out with most of the people and this will really help you out and you will also start going to the gym.

*2. Use Some Reward System*

Whenever you know that this work will be going to give me some rewards you will do that work definitely despite having any problem. Rewards will give you greed to do that particular work and be constant toward your goal. This will help you to stay motivated and to go to the gym daily.

*3. Visualize Success but Don’t Over Promise*

One more way by which you can motivate you is visualizing your success. Think about what will happen after achieving that goal. For example: Become the bodybuilder to look great or by losing weight to look slim like an actress or become a fitness modal will definitely encourage you and stay motivated. But remember to not over-promise as the goal should be within our reach otherwise it will disappoint you.

--Raj Nahar, Read Fact

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The most efficient way to ensure you will not skip the gym is to get a reliable gym partner. When you have someone depending on you and someone who is expecting you to be at the gym you will show up. If it’s only on you to get to the gym you will make up excuses, but if someone is relying on you, you won't want to let them down.

It also has benefits at the gym, as a gym partner will help to motivate and push you through more difficult workouts. It’s not the same as going to a class where there are a lot of people and they might not notice if you didn’t show up. Your gym partner is dependent on you, and you on them, to motivate and encourage each other to improve.

--Tim Bigknee, SightsAndInsights

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1. *Plan a reward for yourself for going*. Sometimes all it takes is the proper reward or incentive to get us to go to the gym. Unfortunately, working out and staying healthy is not always an enticing enough reward to get the job done. Working out takes time to bear fruit, and the results from doing so are not always immediate enough to motivate us to go to the gym as often as we should.

So, plan a reward for yourself that you will only allow yourself to enjoy if you do make it to the gym. This could include a special dessert, a particularly indulgent meal or even a night out you hadn't been planning. Telling yourself that your reward is conditional on going to the gym will give you the motivation you need to make it there.

2. *Workout with a friend*. There's no better motivation sometimes than the kind that comes from someone other than yourself. Having a workout partner will not only give you someone to encourage you on days in which you're lacking in motivation, it will also push your competitive spirit to want to outperform your partner or be more motivated than they are to workout. On days when self-motivation is lacking, a workout partner is the perfect rescue.

3. *Get yourself new workout gear*. Sometimes a lack of motivation to go to the gym stems from a lack of confidence, such as self-image issues. Gym anxiety is real, and it is one of the biggest determinants that there are to gym attendance. To help combat this demotivator, get yourself some new workout clothes that you feel attractive and comfortable in. This will help you get over the hump and provide that extra push you need on the days you may be lacking in self-motivation.

--Jamie Bacharach, Acupuncture Jerusalem

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I am notoriously bad at making myself go to the gym. Conventional tactics like habit formation, scheduling, rewarding, or punishing myself just don’t work on me. I am the type of person who wants the results without putting in the effort. However, I have discovered several small techniques that are useful for slobs such as myself.

When in doubt, I make sure to watch Shia LaBeouf’s “Just Do It” motivational speech. This video has single handedly pumped me up to do all sorts of unpleasant tasks which I really don’t want to do, but actually should do. Something I keep reminding myself is that the hardest task is to actually get myself out of my front door - if I manage to do this, I feel like a winner already.

I play Eye of the Tiger. For some reason, this song never gets boring for me and only fuels my motivation to go out there and get all sweaty and disgusting. In my head, there is a recurring montage of Rocky running up those steps - which is why I summon my inner Rocky and have him kick my ass and get me moving.

I find myself someone to guilt-trip me. The person filling this role is usually my best friend - whenever I feel inspired to go to the gym, I state this intention to her. If I don’t go, I am bound to hear condescending sentences which most of the time make me feel horrible - which is why I do my best to deliver on my promises. Nobody likes their self-esteem to suffer, so I trick my brain with an easy way to avoid that - just go to the gym.

--Snezhina Piskova, iWorkCommunity

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