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Hostgator Review 2020 – NOT RECOMMENDED

Hostgator, once a popular and great host that I used to love, has fallen by the wayside and I can no longer recommend them – and it pains me to say that. I have been a Hostgator customer since 2007, when I was first learning internet marketing. Back then, their support was fantastic – you could ask them anything and they would take great care to help you, their prices were reasonable, I never had any issues with downtime, and they were extremely easy to use. But in the years since, things changed, and now I consider Hostgator a well below average hosting company that should be avoided. 

So what’s the issue with Hostgator now?

Well, Hostgator is no longer the same company it once was. Hostgator was sold in 2012 to a company called EIG, or Endurance International Group, who has since ran it into the ground. This is a large conglomerate that brought out a lot of hosting companies. And when EIG took control of Hostgator, they did the following:

  • Drastically lowered the quality of their support (the main issue)
  • Allowed their customers to have constant downtime
  • Used worse, slower hardware, and stuck customers on older versions of cpanel
  • Often made customers websites vulnerable to malware

The business model of EIG appears to be this: buy popular hosting companies, cut all costs possible (including for support staff and good servers), ruin the service, and spend that money on advertising and high affiliate payouts to lure in more customers who aren’t aware that the quality of the hosting company has now been destroyed.

A rundown of some Hostgator issues

First issue: crappy support and downtime. If you are a Hostgator customer now with a website that gets any reasonable traffic whatsoever, there is a higher chance that they will take your website down and leave it down for a long time. This is what happened to me and has happened to many others. And when they do, support may take days to get back to you! In fact, I had to wait FOUR DAYS for support to even reply to my email, all the while my website was down. I was astonished when this happened to me as no other hosting company would be this incompetent.

Another example of lousy Hostgator support is when they do migrations. When you sign up to a new hosting package, they advertise free migrations. I wasted well over a week before they even looked at the migration ticket (by then I had migrated my websites myself). Again, this is unacceptable and pathetic for any reasonable hosting company.

So if you need Hostgator support to do anything, beware – you may be left waiting for days, even if the issue is severe (your website not loading). This was absolutely not the case before EIG brought them out.

Support is just one way that the new Hostgator tries to save costs – if they can cut a cost anywhere, no matter what the impact on their customers, it seems that they just go ahead and do it.

Final review

Hostgator still works most of the time, so it would not be fair to give it a 1 star review. I feel 2 stars is about what it deserves given its numerous issues, and that’s also the user consensus rating on We strongly recommend you avoid Hostgator when there are literally hundreds of better hosts out there (just make sure to use one not owned by EIG!).

Joma Kleen

I am a WordPress developer and computer science major responsible for reviewing tech-related products such as autoresponders, WordPress plugins, apps and B2B software.

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