18 Grammarly Reviews by Grammarly Users

Here are user reviews and comments we’ve collected for Grammarly, the behemoth grammar and spell checker software that you’ve probably been bombarded with ads with. First launched back in 2009, Grammarly has since reached a valuation of over $1 billion and is used by millions — but how well does it actually work, and how does it shape up to its competitors (of which there are several)?

To help answer that question, we put out this query:

Is Grammarly actually the best tool for grammar/spellcheck, and is it worth paying for? Looking to hear from people who have used Grammarly extensively and especially those who have tried other grammar-checking tools. All comments welcome.

The below are the best responses we got back. Overall, the feedback on Grammarly is highly positive, with the majority of comments so far saying Grammarly has been well worth it. That includes both native and non-native English speakers. Most people say that Grammarly is massively helpful when writing any kind of text, as it not only fixes grammar errors with great accuracy, but also gives legitimately helpful suggestions on how to make your writing more clear and precise. We can therefore conclude that Grammarly definitely lives up to its advertising.

The only criticisms that have been brought up for Grammarly in the comments people have submitted to us so far is that it may not work well with WordPress (see here), and at least one user had concerns about Grammarly’s security (probably referring to this incident back in 2018). These are vastly outweighed by positive comments for Grammarly, though.

If you’re also interested in an alternative to Grammarly, you’ll see in the comments below users mentioning several Grammarly competitors. These may be worth checking out as an alternative (or a supplement) to Grammarly:

  • Hemingwayapp.com (mentioned by several people as a great supplement, not a replacement, to Grammarly)
  • ProWritingAid
  • Quillbot
  • WhiteSmoke
  • Slick Write
  • Sapling

I’m a freelance writer and use the free version of Grammarly almost every day. I’ve tried the premium version and most Grammarly alternatives and I’m happy to give you my perspective.

I’ve been testing grammar checkers since the 90s and until recently I found them nagging, robotic, and unhelpful. They would accuse me of breaking grammar rules but not offer any constructive suggestions.

Then a few years ago I tried Grammarly for the first time and was hooked. It felt like I was getting advice from a wise professor instead of a bot, and it offered helpful alternatives to what I had written that I could implement with a single click. It picked up errors I would have missed, understood proper nouns such as company names, and seemed to understand what I meant to write. I’ve come to rely on it.

Since then I had the opportunity to compare it with other grammar checkers for SoftwareHow, and none of them come close. ProWritingAid is a distant second and offers excellent reports, while the other apps feel robotic and sometimes offer suggestions that don’t make sense.

I tested Grammarly Premium and I’m impressed. I appreciated its suggestions on how to make my copy more readable and the warnings of overly used words, but so far I haven’t become a paying customer. That’s partly because I find the free version so helpful, and partly because of price. It costs almost triple my Ulysses subscription and that feels out of proportion.

Nevertheless, I value the app and often think about subscribing, and maybe one day I’ll bite the bullet. In my opinion, it stands head-and-shoulders above the competition, and I trust it.

--Adrian Try, SoftwareHow

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Q: Is Grammarly actually the best tool for grammar/spell check?

I haven't used every available tool, but Grammarly has exceeded my expectations. Spell check has come a very long way from when it was first introduced nearly 5 decades ago. Grammarly has multiple ways in which it can be used. For example, Grammarly has a program you can download, which is what I use, as I find it to be the most comprehensive. Also, Grammarly offers a web extension, and you can use the Grammarly website too.

However, I've checked the same text using both the download in-browser tool, and the results are not the same. More often than not, Grammarly's downloadable application has more suggestions for me. I've even had the web extension fail to identify completely misspelled words before. So, if the writing is critical (e.g., not just a quick email sent to a team member), I check it in the downloadable version.

Also, I hire freelancers to author articles from time to time, and I like Grammarly to assess the overall quality of the content by giving it a grade. I know I've hired an excellent freelancer when I can add the content to Grammarly and see a 90% or higher score. Grammarly will check for passive voice, misspelled words, run-on sentences, wordy descriptions, pronoun usage, and much more.

Also, it is invaluable to use Grammarly for plagiarism checking, too, especially since a freelancer may have copied what they submitted to me. Grammarly will flag any plagiarism so that you can correct any issues before you go live with your content.

Is it worth paying for?

Yes! And if you wait for a holiday, like Cyber Monday, you can save upwards of 40% on your yearly subscription. Additionally, if you sign up for the free trial and don't purchase within the first couple of days, Grammarly will send you offers to buy at a substantial discount.

However, I'd gladly pay the full price for Grammarly. As an author and website publisher, it's one of the few tools I use in nearly every task I complete. If you are hiring freelancers to author any content, pay for Grammarly, as many of the features aren't available in the free version. If you're spending money on having content produced, you'll want to check that content is actually good and not plagiarised. Grammarly puts a quantifiable value on the quality of work you receive and produce, which I love. And I've also learned a good bit from using Grammarly. For instance, I can now almost always predict when I should use a comma and where it should go. The rules of English grammar can be quite complex, so Grammarly's tool is quite helpful.

--Stephanie Ng, Pass the CMA Exam

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I have actually used my fair share of grammar checking tools in the past. I have relied on online grammar tools and even the ones that come built into Microsoft Word. I must admit, while Microsoft Word is excellent, its grammar and spelling checker is far from excellent.

Grammarly is nothing new for me as it has become my go-to tool for checking grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and even plagiarism before publishing any content on a blog. The free version is great and comes with a lot of features, but I have come to depend on the premium functions that you get with the paid version.

In my personal opinion – at least give it a try. I find it is worth every dollar I spend. It is highly effective and really makes my work easier.

Bottom Line: Grammarly is, by far, the best grammar checker I have used.

--Joe Flanagan, GetSongbpm

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I use Grammarly on a daily basis, and paid for the premium version, 18 months ago. While my writing style wasn't bad, to begin with, the premium version of Grammarly supercharged my ability to communicate in an easy to read, clear and concise manner. This allows me to write about otherwise complex financial concepts at a grade 6 level.

Unfortunately, Grammarly no longer works well with WordPress, the Internet's most common website engine. As a result, I find myself using the Grammarly editor to start my articles, before copying and pasting them into WordPress. Regrettably, while Grammarly acknowledges the bugs, they haven't provided much in terms of a timeline to get the issue fixed.

--Rick Orford, The Financially Independent Millennial

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I have been using Grammarly for the past year or so, along with Pro Writing Aid, and Quillbot. If I could only keep one of them, it would be Grammarly. Grammarly checks for common Grammar mistakes. I find that I can write faster with it than without because I am not slowed down in my first draft thinking about sentence structure. ProWriting Aid looks more at style than Grammar. I find that sometimes, it slows me down too much. Quillbot uses AI to provide alternative wording. I don't use it all of the time, but occasionally, I paste paragraphs in to expand my vocabulary and word choice.

--Leann Poston, Invigor Medical

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As I'm not a native speaker, I use Grammarly to check every post and for communication with business partners as well.

Here is my opinion about Grammarly:

Without Grammarly, my work would be a lot more difficult. I'm blogging about pets and animals at koalapets.com and I check every single post with this tool. Apart from that, it helps a lot with writing emails to potential business partners. I'm going with the free version of Grammarly and I'm very happy with it. Of course, you have to be careful and don't follow all suggestions blindly - sometimes Grammarly is just wrong. But all-in-all I would definitely recommend it.

--Christian Steinmeier, koalapets.com

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I am a big fan of Grammarly. Particularly love how it works within Gmail and Google Docs, and that the free version isn't totally useless (like some free versions you can get!)

I also am a big fan of hemingwayapp.com.

I mainly use this for content writing - longer pieces that require the context that free Grammarly lacks. It's quite nice to be able to just copy and paste in the content I have written, and get some constructive feedback from a web app.

I will say, nothing beats another human reading over your work in my opinion, human error doesn't get picked up all the time by Grammarly or others!

--Olivia Royce, NOVOS

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I use the free version of Grammarly - the Chrome plugin and I find it to be incredibly useful. I like how it allows me to concentrate on creating my written work rather than being distracted by basic errors which interrupt the flow. The free service is good enough and the paid option is suited only in case you are into extensive proofreading (Technical writing, novels etc.) other than that the paid version simply doesn't add enough features for me to make it worth buying.

I also use www.hemingwayapp.com for checking my writing. It's a good second set of eyes that recognizes more errors as compared to Grammarly and clearly calls out passive writing.

--Abhishek Joshi, Dog with Blog

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We recently switched from Grammarly to ProWritingAid and we love it. Here is why we switched: Grammarly wasn't working inside our WordPress editor, Grammarly is expensive, we hate the annoying Grammarly ads, and they have a terrible record with security and data harvesting. We are thrilled with ProWritingAid so far.

--Matthew Meier, MaxTour

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Grammarly is the best tool that I could've added for my business. I've been using it since high school and, of course, now I use it for my business, social media, blog posts, and I also recommend this tool to all my clients more than I do any other website.

--Brianna Desira, Girl Hustlers

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Yes, I've used Grammarly and has also paid for its plans. It's a great companion to all our written documents since we can sometimes miss out on spelling, grammar and sentence construction when we're too busy. Aside from Grammarly, you can also try WhiteSmoke. It contains the same features but has more accuracy, works better on mobile, supports 55 languages for translation, and has a plagiarism checker. You can try a plan for as low as $6.59. If Grammarly is too expensive for you and you’re looking for a more affordable yet equally effective tool, then WhiteSmoke is a better alternative in my opinion.

--Michael Hammelburger, Expense Reduction Group

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Grammarly is the best because it's a tool really made to help you with your spelling and grammar mistakes. It even reminds you to put punctuation when you forget to put a period at the end of your sentence. It's also 10 times better than your word processing software. As for me, I use Grammarly on a daily basis. I use it to check the content of what I’ve written in order to make the emails and other written materials that I sent out to look more professional. Not only that, but Grammarly also helps me become a better writer because it gives helpful suggestions on how I can make writing more clear and precise. You can also get the premium version if you need a more in-depth checking of your writing. Plus Grammarly Premium has a plagiarism checker so you can check if something is just copy-pasted. I’ve also tried WhiteSmoke which is also like Grammarly but it's not free. So I suggest that you go for Grammarly.

--Martin Seeley, MattressNextDay

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Grammarly is definitely worth paying for as it really helps fix and improve your content. Now, having said that Slick Write does most of what Grammarly offers and the icing on the cake here is that it's absolutely free. It is extremely fast with grammar checks and is customizable for many needs and its extremely secure to use as it encrypts all your data the only drawback is that the font sizes cannot be increased and the interface isn’t super intuitive but otherwise Slick Write is excellent for almost everyone who needs regular proofreading and content editing.

--Pratik Jain, Aspect Creative Solutions

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For editors like me, Grammarly is a tool that makes my work easier. It is a very useful tool that analyzes your piece and corrects any errors that you made. The free account covers all the basics in grammars, punctuation, and spelling while on the premium account, helps you have a better, stylistic, and unique output.

Grammarly is also easy to use and you can access it everywhere for as long as you know your log-in details. It is also the best grammar and spelling checker because it thoroughly explains your mistakes so that you would understand the need of correcting it.

--Jay Irwin, Windproof Gazebos

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I spend hours at the computer and even though I'm a native English speaker, I still need help from time to time.

I don't know what I'd do without the Grammarly plug-in. It's simple to use, efficient and friendly... it rarely glitches and catches quick, small things in my emails I wouldn't have caught on my own.

--Steve Thompson, BootMoodFoot

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I have used Grammarly since 2017 to improve my writing. Since I write more than 5,000 words per week for my clients and my business, a paid Grammarly account has been incredibly valuable. I find Grammarly helpful for catching and correcting minor issues such as adding commas. In addition, I like that Grammarly points out when I use the same word too frequently. That said, it doesn’t too everything! I’ve also experimented with the Hemingway App ( http://www.hemingwayapp.com/) to improve my writing.

--Bruce Harpham, bruceharpham.com

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I have always been preferring Grammarly as my top pick when it comes to the best tool for editing and fixing the errors in my writings. It is a useful and affordable tool that should be every writer's toolbox. The tool is straightforward to use and has an excellent online grammar knowledgebase. It acts as a great defence against grammar errors and helps the bloggers and writers to get the 100% accurate and SEO friendly content. If you are not a native English speaker or you are a new writer, then this tool will act as a saviour. I have the web Grammarly extension for my Chrome browser and have also installed it on my mobile so that I get the perfect writings every time.

Besides Grammarly, I would recommend ProWritingAid and Sapling for editing, Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, and Style editing with improved writing and English skills. Both can be integrated with suites, browsers, docs, Microsoft office, etc.

ProWritingAid is the manuscript editing software for grammar checking that carefully helps in finding repeated words, context-sensitive style suggestions, and visualizing sentence lengths and variations.

Sapling is another great AI-powered Grammar Checking tool and my second best writing assistant with an enterprise focus. It can also be integrated with many web-apps and platforms like Gmail, Salesforce Lightning, etc.

--Robin Brown, Vivipins

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As a content creator, I need to produce engaging written content for emails, blogs, website copy, and more. Grammarly is a helpful tool when it comes to providing a basic overview of how your content comes across and points out common grammar and spelling mistakes quickly. I use Grammarly in conjunction with the Hemingway Editor which is a little more precise when it comes to pointing out flaws in your writing. While I could probably get the same in-depth analysis if I upgraded to a Grammarly Premium account, I like using the tools in tandem as they are both free and offer different perspectives.

--Mary Koczan, PerfectGift.com

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