Gemini Reviews by Gemini Users [IN PROGRESS]

Gemini was founded by the Winklevoss twins in 2013 and has since grown into one of the biggest crypto exchanges. On this page, we’ll be publishing comments and reviews Gemini users send us.

What do people say about Gemini?

Of the limited user comments people have sent us on Gemini so far, all are highly positive. Users have praised Gemini’s low fees, the ability to earn interest on crypto, its support and reliability. Have a read through the comments below or submit your own comment if you’ve used Gemini yourself.

I have just recently discovered Gemini as I heard that it has free withdrawals every month. This is great because Binance fees are from $1 -$15 when withdrawing in fiat currencies. However, two things I didn't like about it was its higher trading fees (0.25/0.35%) and registration took 7-days to be confirmed.

Gemini also has fewer coin choices which I find appealing because I only like to trade established coins and altcoins.

How was it better or worse than other exchanges you've tried (if any)?

Another feature that made me try out Gemini was their Gemini Earn feature that helps our cryptocurrencies earn interest over time. This is great as I am planning to get some coins for a long-term hold.

--Satya Sidhartha Parija, Doctor Spring


What was your experience using it to buy and sell cryptocurrency?

I have had a great experience of using this app because it allowed me to trade in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Gemini doesn’t just allow you to store and exchange cryptocurrencies, it also allows you to earn interest on the coins you have in this crypto wallet. This interest can be as high as 7.4%, which will help you have a great experience of trading with a crypto app. The only issue I had using this app was that the customer service wasn’t so good.

How was it better or worse than other exchanges you've tried (if any)?

I have only used three apps to trade in cryptocurrencies and have found Gemini to be the best one. The major reason for this is that it is the most secure app to create your crypto wallet to trade and store cryptocurrencies. They regularly audit the app functioning and the assets stored in the wallets, which ensures safety and security of the app and transactions. As a matter of fact, Gemini has never been hacked.

One feature that other exchange apps don’t offer is that Gemini has its own currency, the Gemini dollar, which is approved and backed by the US dollar. It is also equal in value to the US dollar. The 7.4% interest that I have already mentioned above is earned on the savings that you do in this wallet with the Gemini dollar. These are some of the reasons why Gemini is better than other exchange apps.

--Adam Garcia, The Stock Dork


I have been using Gemini since 2016, and I have to say that it is one of the best platforms out there for buying/selling cryptocurrency, withdrawing to your bank (and depositing), and it’s interface is wonderful!

I have never had a single issue with Gemini and they have been able to process 100’s of thousands of dollars of withdrawals for me. Compared to Coinbase, it's a solid 5 points better. You cannot really compare Gemini to any exchange because it’s more of a wallet, and an entrance/exit into crypto, but I also have never had any issues with some minor selling and buying between the currencies on Gemini. When I began using Gemini, they only offered bitcoin and ethereum purchases and trading, but today they have over 40 cryptocurrencies and altcoins on the platform! A problem with other websites is that I have had issues with the 2fa being out of sync and being unable to access my account, but I have never had any issues like that with Gemini.

--Emma Alda, Modestfish


For someone who started investing in crypto on Coinbase, I was just as impressed with Gemini's UI. Both sites I find offer a first-rate user experience, which makes them easy very to use.

From a beginner's perspective, I found it easier to get started investing on Coinbase than Gemini. Too, I enjoyed Coinbase's educational library, which allowed me to learn more about different coins and earn a small amount of these coins.

Before making an investment, it's always interesting to see how the fees work on the different platforms. In some cases, I've found Coinbase cheaper, and in others, Gemini. Now, typically anytime I make an investment, I'll run it through both exchanges, to see who offers the lowest fee.

--R.J. Weiss, The Ways to Wealth LLC


I've used several Crypto exchanges and trading platforms in the last few years, and below is my honest take on the Gemini exchange.

For me, the experience so far has been quite smooth in the last one year. Given the volatility of crypto markets, Gemini hasn't disappointed me to execute my Limit orders, unlike Coinbase, where my Limit orders were missed a few times. Plus, I find Gemini's KYC process faster than Coinbase & Cash App and its interface more user-friendly for buying & selling major cryptocurrencies for a beginner like me.

Also, the transaction fees of Gemini are quite low on my pocket, and the extra interest that I earn by keeping my cryptocurrencies on Gemini is something I look forward to when I am not trading or holding stablecoins like USDT, etc.

--Sudhir Khatwani, The Money Mongers


Gemini is an amazing cryptocurrency exchange mainly for beginners and it is extremely simple to use. Gemini's interface is elegant and very easy to get started with.

The user interface is really easy to use, even for someone new to using crypto exchanges.

This exchange has a good reputation with a lot of trading volumes, so you don't have to worry about liquidity issues with this exchange.

The support on this site is also really good so you don't have to bother yourself going through the huge forums or Reddit threads. Also, there are many tutorials available on YouTube and in their guide section that you can find useful.

I have been using this exchange since the day it launched and since then, I haven't found any issues with it. It's a very reliable platform and I will recommend it to anyone who wants to start buying and selling cryptocurrency but doesn't want to go through the cumbersome steps of creating an account on other exchanges which require a lot of details.

--Ronald Samson, CreditDonkey