Review – Here’s Where It Shines And Fails

Here’s my 100% uncompensated review based on my experience using it to hire people over the years. This will be most applicable to employers on, but what I go over below will also be highly relevant to you if you’re thinking of signing up to as a freelancer to make money, so I strongly recommend reading this no matter how you intend to use

I have personally used for over 10 years and have hired dozens of freelancers on it. Here’s a screenshot from my Gmail inbox showing I’ve got emails from going all the way back to 2010, and I’ve have received 100’s of emails from them since (click to enlarge):

First: What’s Good About

The main reason I’ve used so much over the years as an employer is that there is a huge supply of cheap freelancers on the platform, and if you post a project you’ll likely get dozens of bids.

For getting simple projects done, I like even more than Fiverr, because it’s super quick & easy to get a bunch of interested freelancers clicking on your project, bidding on it and telling you if and how they’ll do it. I have also tried other freelancing sites like People Per Hour and UpWork, and beats them hands down — there are way more freelancers willing to work for cheap on than anywhere else.

As an example of how great is for simple projects, recently I posted a project asking someone to read out an article we’ve published here on (the audio has since been posted on our YouTube channel here, by the way). Here are the stats for that project, and most of these bids came within 24 hours of posting the project:

That gave a lot to choose from. Here’s an example of some of the lowest bids that came in, at just $10:

And the highest bids on the project (as you’d expect, people from Western countries bid a lot higher):

When bids come in, you can chat with any given freelancer to ask them any question, like this:

It’s therefore very easy to make sure you’re hiring the right person before giving them the job, as there’s no limit on communication that can take place with a freelancer before a project is awarded. Then when it comes to awarding a freelancer with your project, the process from there is done extremely well on, and I’ve never had any issues with it. Depositing money, creating milestones, leaving feedback and everything else is easy to do on, and the website is super smooth. I have read some complaints about the website and various technical issues, but in all the times I’ve used I’ve never had an issue.

Finally, fees are also perfectly reasonable, and I like that they don’t charge for posting a project. There is zero risk in posting your project there, as if you don’t find the right person on you pay nothing.

The Problem With (and where UpWork beats it) is excellent for finding cheap freelancers. But if you’re trying to find someone from a Western country who is highly dependable for a large project and you are prepared to pay good wages, is probably not the right platform for you. You should go with UpWork or perhaps TopTal instead. Based on my experience, great people who are very good at what they do and can command high rates don’t tend to hang out on It’s simply not worth their time to compete with so many people from 3rd world countries willing to work for low wages. UpWork and especially TopTal have some stringent standards for freelancers on their platforms, unlike which lets anyone work on their platform, so naturally has a vastly higher portion of cheap freelancers.

Why is tough for freelancers

I’m sure you’ve realized by now that is a very tough place to make money as a freelancer, and I doubt it’s worth signing up for if you’re from a Western country. In every project I’ve ever posted on, there were loads of low bids from brand new freelancers desperate to get work for the first time, and that’s not an environment conducive to finding well-paid work.

In fact, the vast majority of freelancers on have never got any work on it. Have a look at the list of Freelancers for hire on here. If you do the search to bring back everyone (uncheck “Online freelancers only”), you’ll get over 1,600,000 results (it’s 1,617,559 for me at the time of writing). Then, return only freelancers who have received some feedback. Click the 1 star on the rating filter, so it shows this:

For me, this returns 50,599 freelancers at the time of writing, i.e. there are 50,599 freelancers who have received some kind of feedback (no matter how bad). That means just 3.1% (50,599/1,617,559) of freelancers on have ever got a project and received feedback on it. And of that small minority, barely 5% (just 2,862 of the 50,599) have their hourly rate set at over $40 USD. So less than 1 in 500 freelancers on charge $40 USD per hour or more and have got any work.

The verdict on

I believe I’ve outlined very clearly in this succinct review why is awesome for finding cheap labor for simple projects, but not very good for big projects where you need a real expert, and definitely bad to try to make money from as a freelancer.

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