FlexJobs Reviews: Users Comment

FlexJobs, a premium job board for remote and work-from-home positions, is the main competitor to Virtual Vocations (see our Virtual Vocations review for more information on that). FlexJobs claims to be the “#1 job site to find remote, work from home, and flexible job opportunities since 2007” and, like Virtual Vocations, has a team of people whose primary job is to hunt down remote job positions from all over the internet and compile them in one neat place. There are plenty of free job boards, but the idea is users will play FlexJobs for the convenience of having all good remote jobs in one place, neatly summarized. They also offer users many tips and resources for getting a job and succeeding in your career.

To help you decide if FlexJobs is worth playing for, we sent out this query:

Is FlexJobs (the remote job board) worth paying to use, when there are numerous free job websites? Looking to hear from people who have used FlexJobs and can share their experience and thoughts on it. All comments welcome.

So far we’ve got 8 good comments back. The consensus so far is FlexJobs is a good service, and probably worth the modest fee they charge — it’s nothing compared to the payoff if you find a job there that you wouldn’t have otherwise found. We have also had a comment from a business owner who has found FlexJobs great for finding remote workers (here).

As far as negatives, you can only select 1 filter at a time (see here), and if you have a specific skillset, you may find it difficult to narrow down jobs that are only applicable to you — and there will of course be much less jobs available the more specialized you are. And if there’s only 1 job a week appearing that’s relevant to you, paying for a monthly subscription to FlexJobs will seem much less valuable.

I have had great luck with FlexJobs in the past, and I think it’s 100% worth the price. It shows you legitimate work-from-home opportunities from companies all over the world, and I think there is a smaller pool of candidates since it is a paid service. It may not be for everyone, but I recommend it regularly.

--Chelsea Bagley, Nesting Naturally

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I used FlexJobs last year to find a job. I paid almost $30 for a three-month subscription. The page had offered me jobs and companies vetted by real people. This assured me that all opportunities there were legit.

That time, it had been featuring more than 50 job categories you could choose from. The application process was actually quite easy and the site even updated me about the job positions I was interested in through email.

However, most of the “flexible positions” weren’t actually flexible. Nonetheless, joining it is risk-free as it offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

--James Bullard, Sound Fro

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I stumbled on FlexJobs when I was looking for a remote position as an HR Analyst. Although my job can be done from anywhere my former employer insisted we come into the office.

I purchased FlexJobs around $50 for the year. I used the site almost daily. Although I was able to find remote positions they were no different than the positions I found on Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster. Flexjobs just made it easier to find remote positions with their filtering options.

I did find it frustrating that you could only select one filter at a time. If I was looking for a position that was temporary, remote, and contract I couldn't do so. It may seem like a small thing, but after a while, it does get a little frustrating.

Also, the job building profile is a little difficult. I have a specific skill set and the jobs that were recommended for me did not fit my experience. I couldn't combine human resources and analyst so I had to use them separately, which resulted in me getting a lot of analyst positions that were in no way related to human resources.

Overall it was okay to use while I had a job, but now that I am not working I couldn't justify the cost when there are free alternatives. I canceled my subscription after my year was complete.

--Corritta Lewis, It's a Family Thing

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In my experience, FlexJobs is extremely effective at finding you remote and flexible work opportunities, the only caveat is that it really depends on what field of work you are interested in. FlexJobs is convenient, as you don't have to comb through 20 job listings before you find an opportunity that's remote or flexible, but if you are certain job fields, you might not see as many opportunities as you would in other fields. For example, content writers are an extremely abundant type of listing you will find, and there are new openings posted almost daily. Doing something more technical, like digital marketing, is much less abundant. You may see only one new listing a week. Once you've exhausted all available opportunities and don't see a new one posted for several days, you start to see less value from the service.

--Tonya Davis, Utah SEO Companies

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I have used FlexJobs quite a few times to find AMAZING jobs. I actually found a very high paying job back in 2015 that launched my career in software sales. Honestly had it not been for flex jobs I would have never gone down that career path. I recommend it to everyone that asks me how to find a work from home position. If I ever find myself looking for employment in the future, FlexJob will be my first stop.

--Kierra Wilson, Konnect Support Solutions

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I have used Flexjobs in the past as well as free remote job boards and I think that Flexjobs is definitely worth the investment. Paying a small fee helps to filter out a lot of the competition who, on other free job sites will be competing with you for your respective role.

If you are serious about finding a flexible role then $14.95 a month is a drop in the ocean and should be a no-brainer.

You may not find the job that you are looking for at Flexjobs, but it doesn't hurt to cover all of your bases does it? You can still use free job boards regardless of whether you have a Flexjobs membership or not.

In the end I personally started my own company and hopefully I won't ever be sending a CV again, but if my company goes down in flames I won't hesitate to hand over the equivalent of 2 months' worth of Spotify for access to unlimited opportunities... I'll switch to radio to mitigate the damage though!

--Jamie Skinner, Jungle Culture

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FlexJobs sets itself apart from the competition in that they have a careful screening process for scams, and they don't rely on advertising for revenue, which is an added bonus because it takes the conflict of interest argument out. In addition, you can create a resume through its site, and it also offers skills tests which you can take to make you more attractive to potential employers. The free sites really don't offer this. There's also a money-back guarantee available, which helps, especially if you should have a problem. I never did, but it was good peace of mind scenario in case I ever did. You will have to search the site though for remote jobs because all of them are not remote. So in a sense I guess that is a negative. Other than that, I can't really stay anything negative about my experience although I'd be happy to comment further if necessary.

--David Bakke, National Air Warehouse

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As a small business owner who has turned to FlexJobs to find remote workers, I can tell you with confidence that the website is worth paying for! I used to use the website to help myself find remote work before becoming a small business owner, and so I decided to continue using it to find new employees after purchasing Second Skin Audio.

One of the best aspects of FlexJobs is how easy it is to filter through all the different job listings. I feel it helps job applicants find the best possible remote jobs to apply to, and it also helps better connect businesses with candidates who have the right experience.

Being able to communicate with a job applicant on FlexJobs is another wonderful aspect of the site. Many job application sites don't allow you to communicate with applicants and it's nice to be able to do so if you have a quick question for an applicant or if you just want to let them know you're interested in interviewing them. Back when I used to use FlexJobs before becoming a small business owner, I would love getting a message from a recruiter or business owner letting me know that they saw my application and were impressed by it.

Excellent remote job opportunities are posted to FlexJobs daily and that's what also makes the site worth paying for. The site is constantly updated with new remote job opportunities and so it's excellent for people who are serious about finding remote work to use.

--Sturgeon Christie, Second Skin Audio

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