Ezoic Review After 1+ Million Visitors (Updated for 2021)

Hi! My name is Katie and I’m an internet marketing and advertising specialist, as well as a prominent user of Ezoic (link opens in new window) to monetize the various websites I run. After using Ezoic for several months, I was eager to write a comprehensive Ezoic review and write a short case study based on my experiences. Here I’ll share with you my thoughts on Ezoic, give a detailed review, and tell you whether I think you should check out Ezoic. Our verdict is that Ezoic is a great service for website publishers, and we strongly recommend it to webmasters who have websites with more than 10,000 visitors per month. If you are currently just using AdSense from Google Ads, you owe it to yourself to try it out.

In this Ezoic review, I’ll show you actual numbers and report on my actual experience running Ezoic on a range of websites. No BS and nothing fake.

My experience with Ezoic

I have personally been using Ezoic for the past few months, having used it on 20+ of my personal websites. I found the entire Ezoic experience to be outstanding, with helpful and friendly customer support agents, a clean dashboard and most importantly, better EPMV’s (the amount you earn per thousand visitors) than AdSense. Currently, I get up to 20,000 pageviews per day though my websites that I monetize on Ezoic, with EPMV’s around $3 to $4. Here’s a screenshot from the main dashboard of my account (click image for full size):

What kind of EPMV you get with Ezoic will vary greatly mainly depending on the niche your website is in. My websites are mostly entertainment related, which has a low EPMV (if you’re in higher-paying niches you can potentially get $10+ EPMV). If you are considering Ezoic, your main concern would definitely be if it can beat AdSense, and in my experience it does – I only got $2 to $3 EPMV on AdSense, and switching to Ezoic made a lot more money. That matches with many other people I have conferred with, and many other reports online about how Ezoic beats AdSense.

Ezoic uses machine learning and a lot of testing to find out the best ads and ad placements to use on your website, so it is supposed to get better and use more profitable ads the longer you have it running. While many people have reported better EPMV’s after running a website on Ezoic for a long time, for whatever reason, that wasn’t my experience. In fact, I would often have very high EPMV’s in the first few days after getting a new site on Ezoic of around $8 EPMV, and then it would drop to $4-5 EPMV after a couple of weeks. That isn’t something I’ve heard of from others and is a bit odd, so I may ask Ezoic about it later, but even at its lowest EPMV’s Ezoic has always made me more money than running AdSense.

The other advantage of Ezoic over AdSense – apart from just better earnings – is that the support you get is vastly better. With AdSense, actually, there is ZERO support – you have no one to contact, no one to ask for advice, and the only communication you’ll ever get from them is cookie-cutter templates. Ezoic is different. You can email them (support@ezoic.com) and you’ll get a response, and their customer support people will go out of their way to help you. I have had all kinds of interactions with their agents, and they are always fast to reply and competent when it comes to fixing issues. Here’s an example interaction from a few months ago (click image for full size):

When adding new sites to Ezoic they’ll usually get back to you and approve them within 24 hours, which is vastly better than AdSense which often takes weeks to approve websites (and often they’ll decline websites and you’ll have no idea why). And as you’ll see here, the people at Ezoic have a vested interest in trying to help you get the best earnings you can, and will help move around your ads and give suggestions for how to earn the most. There is absolutely none of that with AdSense.

The other great thing about Ezoic is that they have all kinds of plugins and apps to make your websites better – the new site speed app is one, for example. And they are coming out with new things all the time to make things better for their publishers.

Finally, in all the many months I’ve used Ezoic, getting paid with them was also a breeze. I had Ezoic pay me via Payoneer and it was sent directly to my bank account and there were never any delays with payments. Here’s an example of a payment confirmation I received from Ezoic:

Are there any negatives with Ezoic?

Ezoic does not offer an auto ads feature like AdSense where you just copy and paste one line of code and it’ll automatically place ads intelligently on each page and test which ads are working best. Instead, with Ezoic, there’s a fair amount of setup you’ll have to do for each site, manually creating different ad units and sizes, and copying and pasting the ad code to appear on different locations of a page (I definitely recommend the Ad Inserter plugin if you’re using Ezoic on a WordPress site to help with that).

Other than that, in my experience (I don’t know if too many others face this issue or if it’s just me since I use VPN’s), the Ezoic dashboard (both the old one and the new one) is often slow and unresponsive, taking minutes to load new pages. Also, unless you pay a monthly fee (see the different plans here), they will put an ad for themselves at the bottom of your website that you don’t get paid for as their fee for using their service. But these two things are pretty minor when using Ezoic makes much more than AdSense.

How does Ezoic compare to other networks like Mediavine, AdThrive and Monumetric?

While I have extensive experience using Ezoic and AdSense, I have not personally tried the other premium services it competes with like Mediavine, AdThrive and Monumetric. You can read our piece on the best online ad networks for more information about those networks. Mediavine and AdThrive definitely have higher requirements than Ezoic (AdThrive, for example, requires 100,000 visitors a month), and you may get better ad rates with those (if you have a site with a lot of traffic, I definitely recommend checking them out). If you only have roughly 10,000 visitors a month to your site and barely qualify for Ezoic, you should check out Monumetric as that has the same traffic requirements as Ezoic.

Sign up to Ezoic

If you’d like to sign up as a publisher to Ezoic, you may do so here (opens in new window). If you sign up through that link we may receive some compensation from Ezoic. Everything will remain the same for you, so it’s up to you whether you sign up through our link or Ezoic.com. It’s obviously appreciated if you sign up through our link.

What do people say about Ezoic?

We put out a request for other webmasters to report on what kind of results they’ve got on Ezoic, and got some great replies. Here’s how well Ezoic has worked for others:

Last year we moved our first website, asvabpracticetestonline.com (with approximately 60k unique visitors per month) to Ezoic from AdSense and I’ve been very happy with the results. Just last week we ran a comparison of year over year numbers and our eMPV improved by 28% after making the switch to Ezoic. The lag time in reporting isn’t ideal, but overall it’s a small price to pay for the increase in earnings.

--Adam Henige, ASVAB Practice Test Online

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/ezoic-review-and-case-study-for-2020#adam

Ezoic uses your Adsense and manages your Adsense account to generate more revenue. Ezoic uses Header bidding and with their DNS integration with your site then optimize your site to generate more revenue, they also connect other demand partners on your site which you might not able onboard with solely.

Ezoic, of course, does many more things such as optimizing competing ads, giving reports on competing ads/ ad positions, etc, offering direct ads, ad mediation with a large number of companies, and so on.

I am using Ezoic since years now, apart from DNS integration part, rest everything with Ezoic is great.

--Kenny Trinh, Netbooknews

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/ezoic-review-and-case-study-for-2020#kenny

Ezoic’s ad tester is the main reason I tried the platform, and it did not disappoint. The tester dynamically learns which ad placements, locations, and types work the nest for your audience, and optimizes these aspects. Having a tool that automatically optimizes for session value is great for any digital publisher trying to up their add revenue.

--Konstantinos Tsilkos, PharMed

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/ezoic-review-and-case-study-for-2020#konstantinos

So far, my ePMV with Ezoic since I moved over to them at the beginning of the year has averaged $3.43. This is a 36% increase from my AdSense ePMV of $2.51 from running AdSense for roughly 7 months. I think ePMV is one thing, but what really makes Ezoic stand out is its customer service. From the beginning, they have been extremely helpful and have been there to help me set up Ezoic, optimize it, and answer any questions I have.

--Melissa Teng, witandfolly.co

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/ezoic-review-and-case-study-for-2020#melissa

I am using Ezoic on 2 of my affiliate websites since July 2019. One of the sites has an ave ePMV of $92.70 based on the last 7 months (max was $111.89 in October 2019 and min was $87.05 in Feb 2020). The other one has an ave ePMV of $21.35 based on the last 7 months (max was $25.06 in Nov 2019 and min was $14.23 in Feb 2020).

Previously, I was using Adsense. After switching to Ezoic, I saw my ad revenue growing by more than 3 times based on ePMV (the actual revenue numbers grew much more because the website traffic significantly increased during these last 7 months.)

The Ezoic platform is unique in the sense that it has an AI that learns about your website over time and optimizes ads for your visitors in such a way that maximizes the ad revenue. You have a high-level control to give the AI some input about the user experience you wish to have on the site and it adjusts the ad display accordingly.

Ezoic also provides comprehensive analytics showing how exactly your websites make money. You can see which pages have high revenue and which ones need improvement. For example, it’s easy to do a full analysis of content from an ePMV angle and pull such detailed data as the content length, age, author metrics, etc.

Switching to Ezoic was pivotal for my business. The revenue growth exceeded my expectations and I wish I had done it earlier.

--Nadya Ershova, Living Off Cloud

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/ezoic-review-and-case-study-for-2020#nadya

With my current food blog (recipethis.com) we have experienced adsense, mediavine, ezoic, monumetric. Media.net, and others and are currently very happy at Mediavine and have found that they are the most legit and also the highest paying.

Here is some info:

Media.net = so low you want to cry

Adsense = always the 2nd lowest paying

Monumetric = better than adsense but very bad ads such as ones that cover your site and when we were with them they had payment processing issues and we were several months late being paid. Also note that we were on net60 already so this meant that we had been waiting over 7 months for our income from them.

Ezoic = paid a little more than monumetric but we felt they were unprofessional. Such as ad code appearing twice to make our page views look like they were double what they were. We also noticed some backlinks that suddenly appeared and then disappeared not long after leaving them. You also pay separately their fees so it feels like you are making more than you are.

Mediavine = much better control. Choose what ads appear where and can disallow ads that you don’t want to run on your site.

January 2017 $436 with adsense on 128,000 sessions

January 2018 $3905 with Monumetric with 584,000 sessions

January 2019 = $7271 with 858,000 sessions with Ezoic

January 2020 = $11,357 on Mediavine with 661,000 sessions

I have based these on January’s as that is when RPM is lower and also note that we had more traffic with ezoic yet made a lot more with mediavine. The traffic drop was due to going viral in January 2019 on Pinterest.

--Sam Milner, Recipe This

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/ezoic-review-and-case-study-for-2020#sam

Update June 2021: No issues with Ezoic.

Update December 2020: Ezoic remains a very good service.

Update August 2020: My verdict on Ezoic has not changed — it’s a great service, and strongly recommended over AdSense. I am using it less these days because I no longer run so many entertainment sites that make money off advertising. I will definitely continue to use it for new sites (probably just not OutwitTrade.com, since we don’t run advertising here 😉 )

Update February 13 2020: Ezoic is still going great for me, and my view on them hasn’t changed. I have been scaling down my other websites to focus more on OutwitTrade, so my sites on Ezoic have been getting a lot less traffic, but the EPMV remains fairly similar. Here’s the latest screenshot from my account:

This is for entertainment traffic, which doesn’t pay too well, though at $3-4 EPMV (USD) it still works out much better than AdSense for these particular sites which only made $2-3 per thousand visitors on AdSense (as mentioned above).

Here’s also the stats for my traffic and earnings on Ezoic over a period of several months – I always want to see data like this from other publishers before I sign up to an ad network:

This Ezoic interface, by the way, is pretty new and it works fantastic – they’ve done a great job on it, and you can see all the analytics and data you can dig into (Traffic, Behavior, Content, Site Speed etc). So when signing up to Ezoic, you don’t only get the opportunity of potentially earning a lot more from your traffic than AdSense, but you also get all these analytics. I may update this later with a rundown on all the features of Ezoic’s new dashboard. Also, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to cover on Ezoic.

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