DigitalOcean Reviews by Actual Customers

DigitalOcean is one of the biggest cloud hosting services and perhaps the main competitor to the behemoth that is Amazon Web Services (AWS). To help you find if it’s suitable for you, we’re compiling DigitalOcean reviews actual customers of DigitalOcean are sending us, and will update this article as more come in. Here’s the simple question we’re putting out:

For people who have used DigitalOcean to host a website or application, what was the experience like for you, can you recommend it and how does it compare to other cloud compute and hosting services you’ve tried (if any)? All comments welcome, positive or negative, as long as you’re being truthful.

So far, we’ve had just 7 good responses. Here’s how I’d summarize them so far:

Positives for DigitalOcean

  • Simpler than AWS overall (EDITORS NOTE: This may be true, as finding your way through everything AWS offers and learning how to use it best can be bewildering, as one of us mentioned before in our Paperspace review. However, DigitalOcean does still often require some knowledge of Linux to manage your server)
  • Very competitive and transparent pricing, especially for those on a budget (you can host a simple website for $5/month)
  • Excellent uptime and fast speeds

Negatives for DigitalOcean

  • In terms of DigitalOcean’s hardware, RAM has been reported to be relatively expensive (see here), and they may not be the best if you need a GPU (see here) for machine learning
  • No live chat support (EDITORS NOTE: Of course, AWS doesn’t offer this either, but it’s too bad DigitalOcean doesn’t do live chat because many good hosts offer it)

The bottom line (based on the feedback so far)

DigitalOcean definitely looks like a highly reputable and very solid cloud hosting provider, and I’ve found nothing to indicate otherwise. The only thing I’d add to what’s been said so far is that while DigitalOcean may be simpler than AWS, if you have zero technical expertise and it’s your first time ever making a website, it’s probably not suitable for you (try something like Wix or Weebly instead if you’re a complete beginner).

Have you used DigitalOcean?

If you’re a customer of DigitalOcean, let us know what your experience was like with them and we’ll add your comment to this article.

I’ve used DigitalOcean in the past, as well as Azure and AWS for large deployments.

I feel DigitalOcean is by far the simplest and most straightforward to use. It’s reliable and the price is fair. Especially for smaller companies or startups I think DigitalOcean is a better choice. There is zero learning curve unlike AWS.

--Amir Tarighat, Achilleion


Using Digital Ocean has been a pleasurable experience for our company. They offer consistent customer service, a very low price, and great performance.

I'm hosting high-availability PHP applications and low-traffic websites on Digital Ocean. I use Cloudfare and caching plugins to lessen the load on the server. So far, Digital Ocean has been nothing but speedy.

The only downside I see with Digital Ocean is that RAM is expensive. Thankfully, I have yet to need additional RAM, so this might not ever end up being an issue for us.

--James Major, Insurance Panda


I have been a Digital Ocean customer for a long period of time, and absolutely love their service except for a few things. But overall, it is amazing, and I usually recommend people using their service.

Why I like Digital Ocean

Their server response rate is quite good in comparison to other hosting providers which i used. The server response is one of the biggest reasons for website load time. Better server response time means better website load time.

Digital ocean lets you host your WordPress website with CyberPanel, which is a hosting control panel powered by OpenLiteSpeed.

LiteSpeed Web Server is the best solution to boost your Google Page speed insight score, speed index, cache, and other critical problems. Just use their official Lightspeed cache plugin, do all of the settings, and you are done.

For me, website speed is one of the important things, and that is why I use Digital Ocean.

One Negative Thing

The one thing I don't like about them is their customer support, as they have no option for live support. Many times I struggle fixing errors with the digital ocean.

--Rahul Choudhary,


We started off as a startup in 2016 and back then we needed a cost-effective way to launch our product. DigitalOcean was very helpful and has even handed out a large startup credit through their Hatch program. Using the credits we managed to get our business off the ground and deliver our product virtually free of cost for the first year.

Now we run almost 30 servers on DigitalOcean for our products and we couldn’t be happier. Everything is cost effective; they cover all the regions our product is available in and their droplets are easy to set up.

They’ve made it really simple for us to just focus on coding our apps and they take out a lot of work in dev ops with features such as load balancers, database clusters and others.

One thing that the company seems to be lagging behind is GPU/TPU adoption which is really useful if you’re doing machine learning. It’s not a must for us as we can train our AI models elsewhere and then deploy them on DigitalOcean infrastructure.

--Mike Dragan, Oveit


We use DigitalOcean for our higher usage clients, given that the cost per Droplet is very cheap in comparison to other companies we need the same spec for.

Our experience with them has been nothing but great. They’ve offered 1-click setups, tons of instruction guides and really transparent billing.

--Shannon Wilks, RKWO


I have been a DigitalOcean customer for five years. Through that time, DigitalOcean has provided excellent and capable service, with few interruptions and issues. The ability to quickly spin up a server via an easy-to-use API that performs well has made my job as a developer vastly easier.

DigitalOcean may not always have the breadth of offerings that other services have, but the offered services work exceptionally well. Though Amazon, Google, and Microsoft may have a service catalog fitting nearly every need, the simplicity and speed of DigitalOcean have worked well for my needs. For projects that need capabilities and integrations beyond the basics, one may find that DigitalOcean may not meet all of the requirements.

Over the years, I have seen DigitalOcean continue to offer new services and capabilities, which I have taken advantage of as quickly as possible. This ease of adoption is a testament to the flexibility of the products and services. Though larger cloud providers offer a much broader range of services, DigitalOcean excels in the services it does offer.

--Adam Listek, @alistek on Twitter


My experience with DigitalOcean is the most amazing one out of all the web hosting websites I tried and that too in the long run. The feature that I like the most is its customer-oriented approach. Digital Ocean lets you design a pricing package as per your memory requirement, the number of vCPUs, the transfer limits, and the SSD Disk size - this allows me to enjoy my required features without having to invest an arm and a leg.

Also, this has a 99.99% uptime for all possible services and a fantastic speed that avoided any issues for the audience directed to my page and encouraged them to come back. Apart from this, I had a terrific experience using it to bring my website in running condition as it has developer-friendly tools and a quick application programming interface. And to conclude it off, DigitalOcean has an incredible community support program to help you 24/7.

--Donna Tang, Credit Donkey