The Benefits Of Cycling: 28 Cyclists Comment

This article is intended to be a definitive resource in why cycling is a wonderful activity that you should consider getting into. Recently I put out this question:

For people who cycle regularly, what’s great about cycling and why do you do it? Why do you choose cycling over many other forms of exercise that you could be doing instead? All comments welcome.

There were dozens of great responses to that, many of which were from personal trainers, health experts, and people who run cycling-related websites. Many are also just from regular people who cycle to work and have found immense benefits from doing so. I’ve published all the best ones below. I really enjoyed reading through these, and recommend having a read through them. I’d be surprised if you don’t get motivated to get on your bike afterward. 🙂

Here’s a summary of the main benefits of cycling that people have commented on:

  • The social aspect (in any major city, there are probably many cycling groups you can join)
  • The sense of freedom, as you can cycle a lot further than you can walk. It’s also much better being out in nature than cooped up in a gym
  • Can save you money on transportation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • As a low impact activity, it’s on your knees and joints than many other exercises
  • Makes you feel great compared to driving (see this comment)

But that’s just a short summary, so I recommend reading through each comment below. And, if you’re a cyclist who has anything more to share on the benefits of cycling, you’re also welcome to submit a comment here.

I rediscovered cycling as an adult around 6 years ago whilst working in Central London. At first it was a way to commute to work more reliably without having to rely on or be disappointed by public transport. Commuting by bike also came with health benefits, making me feel fitter and more energised. From there, through friends at work, I discovered there were so many other ways to enjoy cycling that didn't just involve a commute. It became a social activity, riding with friends and learning more and more about bikes. I also tried my hand at track cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross and have settle on road cycling and cyclocross. The social aspect is important and valuable; you can meet people from your local communities and if you're new to an area even make new friends. I've even trained up as a ride leader to leader women's rides locally in order to encourage more women to take up cycling.

Cycling is a great choice for those who enjoy a sense of freedom. For most of us, two wheels can take us further away and faster than our legs can. It's also a low impact sport so you're likely to be able to ride even if you can't run or do high impact exercise. There are an endless number of reasons to choose cycling, you just need to experiment and find yours!

--Elle Linton, keep it simpElle


1. For people who cycle regularly, what's great about cycling, and why do you do it?

Being a regular cyclist commuting to work I can say its a great form of transport that keeps you fit, build strength, helps with cardiovascular fitness, builds stamina, reduce stress and most important compensate for unnecessary calorie intake. You can use it for recreation, travel, commute or fitness and still won't get bored. One more thing if you use your bike more often for transportation; you might save anything between $4000 to $6000 each year.

2. Why do you choose cycling over many other forms of exercise that you could be doing instead?

It's both cheap and effective. This low impact exercise targets all major muscles group but with much less strain; leading to much less injuries overtime. Its one exercise that anyone can teach and learn in no time compared to other fitness exercises for which you need a trainer, gym membership and a training certificate to teach. Further, you won't feel exhausted doing it but rather feel more fresh and alert than ever before.

Overall I feel cycling is the best exercise that you can do as a kid, working adult, or retiree.



I knew how to ride a bike as a kid but I became a cyclist in my 30's when I took up triathlon. I cycle 2-3 days per week. As an exercise I enjoy cycling because it's less pounding on my knees and other joints. But I love cycling as an activity because it gives a sense of freedom. You can take yourself so much farther on a bike than you might on a run. You get a sense of speed which I call the zoom zoom factor from the wind in your face. You can climb hills and feel a true sense of accomplishment making it to the top and then the joy and thrill of speeding down the other side. You are outside and can really see and enjoy where you are going while on a bike.

--Amy Stone, Amy Says So


I enjoy riding my electronic bicycle because it’s a time-efficient way to travel and keeps me fit.

Outdoor cycling is great for staying in shape because it’s a low-impact workout suitable for people of all ages, from young children to older adults. It also increases stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness.

As a mode of transport, cycling effectively replaces sedentary (sitting) time spent driving four-wheeled motor vehicles or using trams, trains, or buses with healthy exercise. And as someone who’s conscious about his carbon footprint, I find that riding a bicycle is a great alternative because it’s environment-friendly.

If you’re thinking of taking up outdoor cycling as a hobby, I suggest purchasing an electric bicycle. Otherwise known as e-bikes, these have a built-in battery-powered “assist” feature that’s installed on the pedal or on the throttle.

If you’re not used to pedaling a bicycle, as any beginner would, an e-bike is great because you can get the vehicle moving without having to worry too much about balancing while you pedal on it.

An e-bike is also useful when you’re going uphill. When you push the pedals on an e-bike, a small motor engages and gives you a boost. Even if you’re new to cycling, you can zip up hills and cruise over tough terrain without gassing yourself.

--Daniel Carter, Zippy Electrics


Why I'm Doing Cycling instead of other exercises:

There are a couple of benefits of cycling. Some of them are, Cycling is good for health, no recurring cost involved, you get a chance to enjoy the fresh air while your body is burning extra calories, you become the part of the Bicycle gang of your city.

1. Great Cardio Session

Cycling is the best Cardio you can have for burning fat. Cycling is all about pulling your own body weight and Cycling is probably the easiest and fun activity you can do to burn that extra layer of fat.

2. Compound Movements

Cycling is not just for cardio. There are multiple muscles of the legs and glutes that are involved in every paddle you do while cycling. Compound movements are always better than training the muscle in isolation. And what other fun activity you can have for compound movements other than Cycling. Squats? Naah!!

3. New Place Every day

Cycling is not like gyms where you train your own body at the same place every day. This could be boring for a lot of people. Cycling opens the roads you never traveled to before. People don't get bore of Cycling because we can go to a new place every day.

4. Flexible timing

You do cycling whenever you want. Early mornings or maybe late at nights, you can do cycling whenever you think is the perfect time for you.

5. Pocket Friendly

You pay for Cycle and that is all. To be honest, you don't need fancy gadgets for cycling. A helmet and knee & elbow cover is enough for you. You don't need to buy a monthly subscription for cycling. It is indeed pocket friendly.

6. Lean body Goals

If you are someone whose goal is to attain a lean body, Cycling is for you. Do cycling at a faster speed and have balanced diet. That will also boost your stamina. You will see yourself packed in a lean body that is loved by everyone.

These are some of the reasons why I chose Cycling over any other exercise. You can always add bodyweight exercise after cycling session but daily cycling is good enough to keep you fit.

--Jayant Gosain, The Tech Toys


If you are looking for a way to get fit, save money, and improve your lifestyle, then hopping on your bike when you need to get to and from work every day could be the perfect solution.

I ride to work each day ( 12 miles round trip ), and the health benefits are amazing. For example, I had high blood pressure for years, which was unexplainable by the cardiologist of my choice. He suggested the usual - pills.

I decided to take a different approach by buying a bicycle and start cycling. Just in a few months of regular cycling, my blood pressure was in the normal levels without changing anything else in my lifestyle.

Choosing cycling instead of walking was not a natural choice, but once you try it, and start to ride your bike regularly, you will feel the difference between the two activities. Cycling is way more intense and has many additional benefits over walking. To mention a few - increases stamina, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, increases longevity.

That's why I would always choose cycling for workout and transportation over any other type of exercise.

--Alek Asaduryan, YesCycling


Cycling has a triple purpose for me: it helps me remain healthy, it is an activity that I enjoy doing regularly, and it helps me bond with my family. We all know the physical benefits of cycling and the overall impact it can have on our general health, but for me, the last two reason are better motivators. Managing my own business is fulfilling, but also stressful. By cycling, I have an activity that helps me deal with the pressures of work mainly because I enjoy it. The physical benefits are secondary. Even though I just do it around our neighborhood, I am still grateful to be able to sightsee and treasure views like new blooms or the sunset, which I would have taken for granted otherwise. Being outside also reminds me of how small I am in comparison to nature and the world, and that in itself provides another layer of comfort.Occasionally, my wife and children also join me when cycling. It has become a way for us to cherish each other’s company. Thankfully, our kids enjoy it as much as we do. We make our own trails, go treasure hunting, take fun photos to keep. With both my wife and I working, it is easy to fall into the trap of making excuses not to bond as a family so some effort is needed to find a common interest.

--Robert Johnson, Sawinery


I’m a work at home mom and I make sure to keep my body fit and maintain a good figure. To do this I do a lot of cardio like jogging, cycling, and HIIT exercises. I try to cycle once a week and I really love it.

I chose cycling over other exercises because it's a very social activity. I have a group of cycling buddies and we ride our plan our cycling sessions as a way to bond and hangout. It might seem like a very shallow reason but it helps us go over our limits.

We ride as a team and no one gets left behind. No one in the team wants to drag the others down which is why we do our best to push ourselves as well as slow down if one of us is truly having a hard time. So in a way, cycling as a team has tons of benefits physically and socially.

--Nancy Baker, ChildMode


I myself ride every day to my co-working space in town. It’s a three-mile journey and I take it a leisurely pace.

The main reason I cycle to work is that it makes me feel great. When I arrive at my office, I feel fresh and focussed after being outdoors and getting the blood flowing around my body a little bit.

I used to commute by car, and when I arrived at work, I felt the opposite of fresh. I hated being stuck in traffic and felt pretty stressed by the time I got to my office.

The other big benefit I like about cycling is that it’s a really easy way to get in some exercise without taking time out of your day. WHO recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week and just by cycling 15 minutes to and from my office each day, I meet this threshold. All other exercise after this is a bonus!

--Peter Reynolds, Discerning Cyclist


I believe that cycling is a fast and healthy way to get from one place to another. Another thing I love when I ride a bike is that I don't pollute but at the same time I exercise in a healthy way. Cycling is a great way to boost up your energy and your state of mind just like any other sport. The thing for me that is essential when it comes to advantages of cycling compared to other forms of movement, is the sense of freedom that it gives you. Of course this is applicable when it comes to outdoor cycling because it gives you the opportunity to get anywhere and get a great workout while doing that.

--Marius Migles, CHASSE SAUVAGE Photography


We see many avid runners and triathletes move to cycling as their primary outdoor activity in midlife, largely because it is easier on the joints. With a good, hard bike ride, you can get a great cardiovascular workout without pounding your knees, hips, or back. Assuming you stretch and have a properly-fitted bike, you can ride day after day without hurting yourself — something that most runners can’t do as they age.

Mentally, cycling is great because you can explore different trails or roads. Anytime you are navigating your way around a new park or trail, your mind is focused on way finding and you hardly even know that you are working out. Much different than running the same old route day after day.

More and more areas are becoming bike friendly. The number of miles of bike trails has increased substantially over the past decade, and most regions have plans to further expand. It could not be a better time to be a cyclist!

--Von Collins, Complete Tri


I'm a six-time marathoner and two-time Ironman triathlete and I teach group cycling classes.

I started cycling b/c of an overuse injury kept me from running (my first love) and I was looking for an alternative form of cardio. It's a great low-impact way to elevate your heart rate plus it's an excellent way to commute. I always feel better when I take my bike on an errand instead of my car (plus parking is much easier.)

Biking lets you explore a place at what I think is the perfect speed; I've cycled across parts of Spain, across the whole state of Arizona (over a week) and over mountain passes in Colorado and Wyoming and it never gets old.

Meanwhile if the weather keeps you indoors or you just feel safer riding indoors. spin classes are so much fun; the intervals and the music make the time pass quickly and you develop such a great sense of camaraderie with the class—and everyone can ride together regardless of fitness level.

--Pam Moore,


I love cycling because even though it gives me a great workout, I find it easier on my body than other forms of exercise. I tried running, but I found that it hurt my knees, feet, and joints. When I ran, I often had nagging injuries for days. With cycling, I can ride for miles and wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated, with no aches or pains.

I also love that cycling forces you to go outside and enjoy nature, rather than being cooped up in a gym. I especially love the speed of cycling. Even when cycling leisurely, you can cover a lot of ground. With one good bike ride, I feel like I can see all sorts of interesting sights around my city! There's just no comparison to the wind in your face! Compared to walking or running, where you're moving relatively slowly and not covering much distance, I find cycling a much more fun way to get my exercise.

--Sean Potter, My Money Wizard


I'm a regular bike commuter and have some insights into your questions. I started bike commuting about 10 years ago as a way to be more environmentally friendly. After a few months I really noticed that my work productivity was significantly higher and my general mood improved as well. Einstein is quoted as saying I thought of that while riding my bicycle. (on the theory of relativity). I feel I do my best problem solving while riding my bike. There is plenty of research that shows that exercise creates positive brain chemistry. In fact, a 2016 study by the University of California showed that vigorous exercise actually boosts critical neurotransmitters which may help restore mental health. I choose cycling over other forms of exercise as my spare time is limited and cycling replaces my time sitting on a bus, train, tram, or car. I'm essentially recovering dead time and converting it to something healthy and positive.

--Dave Hoch,


For me, there is nothing better than cycling. Even at the age of just shy of 63, I still get the same sense of freedom and wonder that I did riding my three speed English Racer when I was just a kid. Cycling gives me time to thing away from the normal clamor of everyday life, the chance to see the world around me, observe wild life, and feel the wind in my helmeted hair.

Now a days, I am riding between 70 and 100 miles a week. During this Age of Corona Virus, it is a great way to clear my head, quiet down my anxiety and get some much needed exercise at a safe social distance (I prefer to ride alone - and that is much safer now). As I said, I found cycling as a kid, but have kept at it over the years. It is low impact, high aerobic and hardly feels like I am doing a work out. Not because it is easy, but because it is a joy to ride.

Indirectly, cycling as become a career, as I have gained a international reputation as a cycling artist. In the late 70s, I was racing, but found that I was a better artist than a bike racer. Plus, a professional American cyclist was a very, very, very long shot. Now it is at least understood in the States as a possiblity. In 2012 I started painting the Tour de France, and have built a side career creating quick watercolors of various bike races in real time. I have published two books of my writings and paintings of the 2014 Tour de France and the 2015 UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, VA. That race I was painting the race live on site and was featured in BBC Sports, and local news coverage of the racing. You can see that artwork at my website, In 2014, I started a cycling art blog, that features all of my race watercolors included with the stories of each race painted.

Cycling will always be my preferred method of excerise. It only requires the investment of a bicycle and riding equipement. One can spend a little to get started, or go nuts with constantly upgrading equipement. I fall somewhere in the middle. But once you get started with a bike, there is no monthy fee, no greens fees, ski lift tickets, membership dues, or clubs to join. It can be done anywhere, while on vacation, as a way to go to work, in your own neighborhood, whenever.

--Greig Leach,


I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Following are just some of the benefits of cycling:

It helps your heart

Taking a bike ride outdoors or inside on a fitness bike increases your cardiovascular fitness. And depending on the size of the hills you take, or higher level on the bike, it is an efficient way to build heart and lung strength.

It is easy on your joints

Unlike running and jogging, or even walking if you are overweight, cycling takes pressure off the joints. For every extra pound you carry, you put four times the pressure on your knees when running, walking or jogging, while cycling puts the weight on the bones in your pelvis instead, making it a great exercise for anyone with joint pain, arthritis, or stiffness.

It helps your bones

You may think that cycling is not a weight bearing exercise, however, it is weight bearing because it is a resistance exercise. As you push on the pedals, especially up hills, even slight ones, the muscles pull on the bones increasing bone density.

For all these reasons, I like to get out for a ride and use my fitness bike in my home. I am in my 60's, and am very conscious about heart health, preventing osteoporosis, and protecting my joints.

What's more, cycling is also a fun activity for the whole family and something we can do with our grown children at this current time which is an added benefit.

--Lynell Ross, Zivadream


I ride my bike because it is fun. I get to see so much more when on a bike than running or walking. I get to be outside and it really feels like a mini-vacation when I am on my bike, especially where I live in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.

I often feel like I am riding in God's Country where there are endless rolling hills, rivers, creeks and trees all over the place. Within 10 minutes of leaving my house, I am out in the middle of nowhere.

I also enjoy it because I am good at it. I did triathlon for many years and excelled because of my biking. I have also met some of the nicest people riding bikes. Most of my really good friends are from riding. My mother once said you'll never meet anyone riding your bike! and I say :I have met EVERYONE riding my bike!

In past years, I would ride with groups, but right now, I ride with one other person on the weekends. It is a great way to see the beauty of the area, get the blood pumping and feel connected to the Universe! It is my go-to activity.

Am looking forward to when we can ride with larger groups again as the camaraderie is unparalleled when riding a bike!

--Joanna Chodorowska, nutrition in motion


My name is Kendra Wenzel, and I've been a cycling coach for over 25 years. Our company Wenzel Coaching works with recreational riders, racers and beginning cyclists. We have moved more and more toward the adult beginner over the years, as teaching them is very gratifying.

We find that people who learn to ride and then use the bike for fitness and transportation are empowered in a way that they aren't by other sports and exercise. Cycling allows the combination of exercise and commute, making it time efficient in ways that other exercises can't compete. The bike also allows you to get to and experience places that many others don't see, especially if you want to head to the mountains or off-road.

The next great aspect of riding is that due to its great cardiovascular strengthening while being low impact, it's a lifetime sport. Cycling inherits many former runners into its fold daily, as stress fractures and other issues claim their knees, ankles and feet. These are all issues that can be avoided on the bike. With proper bike fit and regimen, there's every reason that seniors can continue to ride well into their lifetime, especially now with the advent of electric assist bikes.

One of the best aspects of cycling, and this many seem a little corny, is that when someone is really moving along or descending a hill, cycling can feel like flying. There's just nothing else really like it. Describing the reward of descending a hill after climbing it doesn't really do it justice. Once a cyclist experiences this, they get hooked. Add the cycling community to that, and the possibility to do longer and more interesting rides with friends, and it's difficult to beat cycling for exercise.

--Kendra Wenzel, Wenzel Coaching


I have been cycling regularly for many years and use it as my main form of exercise. Cycling is an efficient workout, in that a person can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Furthermore, you can do different kinds of workouts, ranging from HIIT to long distance, to hills, and more. Each kind of workout has it’s own health benefits.

HIIT cycling pushes your cardio abilities to their max, increasing your VO2 max to higher levels. It also burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time, as well as keeps your body burning more post-workout. This affect increases metabolism.

Long-distance cycling works to maintain a higher heart rate for longer periods of time. This improves a person’s endurance and cardiac efficiency.

Hills cycling works the lower extremity muscles more, which builds strength and power in those muscles. Building lean muscle increases metabolism. Hills cycling also builds stronger bones due to the increases resistance placed on the lower extremities.

This variety of exercise that can be done with cycling keeps me coming back for more. Plus the various benefits of different types of cycling workouts gives it an advantage over other types of exercise.

--Carrie Boyer,


I took up cycling in my 50's. My daughter had moved to Texas and on a weekend visit, she and her husband suggested we take a bike ride along the river bank in Fort Worth. The last time I had been on a bike, she was in a carrier on the back! We rented hybrid bikes and we rode 20 miles that day! I was instantly hooked. My husband who was already a cyclist and had competed in triathlons was thrilled that I was interested, so he bought us both hybrid bikes when we got back home. He and I rode on the weekends and occasionally I rode alone during the work week. When on my rides, I kept seeing a group of women on road bikes. They were always laughing and seemed to be having a great time. After just a few months of riding, I came home one day and told my husband I was ready for a road bike - so I could join that group of ladies I kept seeing.

So I got my second bike within just a few months and I joined Ladies on Spokes a local Christian based cycling club for women. I instantly gained a large group of like minded women friends - which was awesome. I enjoy cycling because it is wonderful exercise. I am blessed to live in a rural area of Georgia, so within just a few moments I am in farmland, seeing cows and goats and other livestock. It's been a wonderful hobby because it is one that I can do with my husband. We occasionally go camping and we always take our bikes with us. It's an excellent way to see the campgrounds and the surrounding areas.

Cycling is a wonderful hobby for me. We purchased a Peloton indoor bike so that we can ride when the weather is inclement. I just completed my 20th day of riding in a row. Riding has been a wonderful stress release during the Covid-19 crisis. I don't know where I'd be mentally without it.

--Susan Stitt, Front Edge Publishing


Due to basketball absolutely destroying my knees in my youth, I wanted a way that I could stay in shape and get some fresh air without running. I bought my first road bike over 5 years ago, and I’m still in love with it. What’s great about cycling is the fact that you can go anywhere, quickly and without having such a harsh impact on your legs. I cycle everyday as a form of exercise - it keeps me healthy and gives me a chance to be a kid again - to explore places I’ve never ridden through before and to see sights I never would have been able to if I just ran or drove. The reason why I chose cycling over other forms of exercise is because it’s helped me lose a lot of weight while also letting the joints in my leg stay pristine. The camaraderie of joining a cycling club is also a fun aspect about cycling, and every Saturday I would go on a fun bike ride with a group of fellow cyclists all around San Jose.

--Eugene Romberg, We Buy Houses In Bay Area


Cycling is a low impact (not hard on your knees) aerobic exercise that offers plenty of benefits. First of all, why do I cycle every day instead of going to the gym? I love the feeling of fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair. There isn't any other form of exercise which gives me immense pleasure and happiness. And what are the benefits of cycling; cycling every day, especially at a high intensity, helps you lower body fat levels, which promotes healthy weight management, and it will increase your metabolism and build muscles. It's great for beginners because it's relatively simple to ride a bike. Its a low impact exercise, so your age won't be a problem. Cycling can ease your feeling of stress, depression, or anxiety. Focusing on the road in front of while you are riding will help you to develop concentration and awareness of the moment. Starting your day with a healthy activity like cycling, will you by boosting your blood circulation and allows you to start your day with a scene of accomplishment. As you ride your bike, you will improve your overall balance, coordination, and posture.

--David Rogers, Our Bike Guide


I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in Allen, TX. I specialize in treating trauma in children and adult women.

I bike regularly, sometimes alone and sometimes with my family.

According to compelling research in neuroscience we know that alternating right- and left-brain stimulation helps facilitate emotional processing. Biking, walking, running, yoga (and many more) are forms of exercise that move your body in a rhythmic way that alternates the stimulation of your left and right brain alternately throughout the activity-aka bilateral stimulation.

Cycling/biking is an excellent form of bilateral stimulation. Have you ever gone for a walk or bike ride and felt like your thoughts were clearing some headspace and you eventually have some insights or experienced relief?

As a therapist treating trauma, I intentionally carve out my self-care everyday in order to preserve myself. Biking is one very delightful form of self-care for me. It helps me process my thoughts, feel energized, clear some headspace and generate new insights and ideas, all while enjoying the ride.

Biking helps me exercise my mind and body.

--Heena Khan, Uplift Counseling Services, PLLC


I’m Alan, 32 years old and I don’t drive. I have always cycled to work and for 3 years as a Postman, I cycled at work.

Cycling is my favourite form of exercise for a few reasons:

It’s low impact.

My knees hate me, I don’t know why. I’ve always been good to them but if I put them through too much they get cranky and send me sharp pains. High impact sports displease my knees. Cycling gives you all the cardiovascular exercise as running, without the strain on your knees and ankles.

You feel like you’re getting somewhere.

You know that run dads do? The one where it looks like they’re racing somewhere but are going slower than a tortoise with a limp. Well, that’s how a cyclist feels when jogging. There’s no rush like getting your daily workout while appreciating the wind through your hair and exploring a great distance (get yourself an electric-assisted bike and increase that feeling tenfold).

It’s cheap and clean.

You can get a bike for the price of a few month’s gym membership and if you commute by bike you’re saving on fuel and saving the planet. Good on you!

--Alan Mitchell,


Not only is cycling considered a low impact exercise – and therefore beneficial for those who have issues with joint pain and other corresponding ailments – but it’s also easily adaptable to all levels of exercisers, from beginners learning to ride to experienced cycling pros. Cycling can help to boost endurance, strengthen the legs, improve cardiovascular health, and aids in weight loss and/or management, just to name a few positive benefits! It’s a perfect activity to use as active recovery if needed, and can also help to increase coordination (especially if learning to mountain bike). If you’re craving a day of cardio activity in your schedule but don’t want to have a high impact workout like running, then cycling is the next best thing – not only will it get you out into the sunshine, but it will get your heart pumping, while simultaneously taking it easy on your joints and helping to reduce stress…both mentally and physically!

--Hannah Daugherty, Fitter Living


In my opinion, the main benefit of cycling is the fact that it’s so easy to fit into a person’s lifestyle which means people actually do it. For example, a lot of people can use cycling as part of their commute to work, its so accessible. If cycle storage space is an issue, then you could opt for a folding bike. These are a bit more expensive than regular bikes, but the difference isn’t too bad these days and the quality is good. If you have mobility issues, then electric bikes can be really helpful. I know they may sound like a bit of a gimmick but these days the battery packs offer a decent bit of power for a reasonable weight and they really can make a difference to your ability to enjoy outdoor exercise if your mobility is restricted (or even if you’re just at the very beginning of your fitness journey and need some help to get going).

Indoor cycling is also a great exercise for small spaces. You can get basic but decent exercise bikes at a very low cost and they take up very little space in use and when folded away. They’re very effective for people of all levels of fitness and it’s easy to vary your workout to suit your goals. You can work out alone or join an online class.

What’s more indoor cycling is really quiet. Basically your feet never touch the floor so there are no bumping noises to annoy housemates/neighbors and there’s no engine (like there is with treadmills) so there’s no whirring while the bike is in use. In fact, if you choose a bike with a rubber band instead of a chain, it’s practically silent. This can be a major deal in small spaces!

--Carly James, Fitness Authority


Cycling on the other hand is so easy, effortless, and enjoyable to get started with. That's because you can literally be sitting down and cycle lightly at the start.

Additionally, it is easy to make it something you are able to do consistently by using it as a mode of transportation around the neighborhood, to and from work, or the likes.

With cycling being a low-impact activity, as a beginner, you don't have to struggle through issues such as joint pains or shin splints.

When an activity is easy to start, pose fewer difficulties, is enjoyable, and allows you to slowly progress at your own pace, it makes it perfect for a beginner. Which is why cycling alone was the major reason I was able to lose nearly 40 lbs in 2019.

--Nicholas, RunRepeat


Overall improvement of my health - I’ve learned that cycling involves all my body muscles. I get to burn excess body fat that’s why I never need to go to the local gym.

I found a vehicle for trying out new places - With my bicycle, I get to cycle over several miles, especially on weekends to enjoy the scenery and new places at my own pace.

I love the flexibility! Every day, any time is cycling time - What makes cycling more fun is flexibility. I can go on a cycling adventure at any time of day, I don’t have to get into long hours of preparations.

I’m making a difference in environmental conservation - I care for the environment and cycling gives me the opportunity to champion the use of non-motorized transport. More than never before, we need to take care of our planet earth.

With the current need to practice social distance, I find cycling to be a perfect outdoor activity. I hope more people get to cycling more often.

--Paul Dudley, Wholly Outdoor