Coolmuster Android Assistant Review | A Quick Rundown

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Coolmuster Android Assistant (one of many tools offered by Coolmuster) is a simple tool that allows you to easily backup and view all files on your Android phone. Here I’ll test it and write up a short review.

Using Coolmuster Android Assistant

Coolmuster Android Assistant (download it from the latest Coolmuster website and nowhere else) has a totally normal install process:

Once you install it, open it and go to the main screen for the first time, you’ll then be prompted to connect your phone to your computer via USB:

As soon as you plug your phone into your computer, the software should detect it, and it’ll then prompt you to enable USB debugging:

Once you’ve enabled USB debugging, Coolmuster Android Assistant will try to install itself on your phone:

During this time you’ll have to approve the app on your phone:

And let it read your contacts and everything else:

You’ll then be able to view all files on your phone on your computer, as well as use the phone app:


The phone app here, by the way, is nothing special. “App Management” just shows you a list of installed apps, and “File Management” just shows you your files organized by pictures, videos and so on. I couldn’t see the point of it since these features would surely be on any Android phone by default. I also ran into this bug with the app after exiting and going back in: :/

But anyways, in the desktop software, once you’ve connected your phone and have all your files listed you can click the “Super Toolkit” tab in the top to go to the Backup/Restore functions:

To actually use these you have to pay for the full version. All the other “Advanced” features also only come in other software released by Coolmuster.

Is Coolmuster Android Assistant safe?

Yes — I have not found anything to indicate that Coolmuster Android Assistant would compromise your phone or harm it in any way. Of course, as with all tools that connect to your phone and view your files, you have to give it permission to read your phone’s data, but this is only for the software to work.

Is Coolmuster Android Assistant worth it?

Coolmuster Android Assistant does exactly what it says it does, and it’s a reliable and good backup tool. But it’s debatable whether it’s worth the price. It currently costs $29.95, and there are a plethora of tools that do what it does either more comprehensively (e.g. see my PhoneRescue review where I show how PhoneRescue not only displays current files on your phone, but files you previously deleted) or for less than $29.95. Therefore, you can pay for it if you’ve already tried it and just want a reliable backup tool and don’t want to mess around spending more time looking for alternative software. Otherwise, if you’re willing to look at alternatives, you can probably find something a bit better.

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