ConvertKit Reviews: 4 Users Comment [IN PROGRESS]

ConvertKit is an email autoresponder service for content creators, with a focus towards people just starting an email newsletter for the first time. Notable competitors with a similar focus on helping new people create attractive email newsletters are Flodesk and SendFox. So far, we’ve received just 4 user comments and reviews on ConvertKit, and will add to this page when more come in. If you’ve used ConvertKit at all please add a review here.

Once we have more reviews for ConvertKit, we’ll write up a summary and some helpful information on how it compares to other autoresponders we’ve reviewed.

ConvertKit is the best email marketing platform. If you want to run a targeted-campaign, Convertkit has a flexible segmentation system that allows you to be very specific about your contacts. You can also create email sequences, customizing them as you want, and communicate with your audience. If you are not using ConvertKit, you definitely should give it a try.

--Hugo Guerreiro, BlogBizAudit


We've been using ConvertKit for a few years now, and I'd definitely recommend it. Beyond the basic features you'd expect, there are a few stand-out features that make it especially useful.

For example, we've been using a combination of their sequences and automations features to add new email subscribers to specific sequences of evergreen content and then move them between sequences based on further interaction (e.g. link clicks).

This allows us to introduce a new member to an entire pipeline of tailored content without needing to do as much ongoing manual work.

--Stephen Fiser, Techmaker TV


Convertkit is the BEST email tool ever. It isn't so complicated you can't ever figure it out like Infusionsoft but has the right features like tags and lists and landing pages that a tool like mailchimp doesn't have.

It has easily allowed for me to grow my list from zero to almost 10k and stay connected on a weekly bases with an average 30% open rate. It lets me know who is active and how is not and I can create some crazy awesome landing page so quickly.

--Desiree Martinez,


Having been a Convertkit (Both Free and Paid) user for half a year now, I hope I can give you some valuable comments about the email marketing tool.

Firstly, I would like to say that Convertkit has been an extremely useful and pleasing tool to use. With the easy integrations, automations and setup, Convertkit feels easy to operate, even for a beginner.

Secondly, the customer service at Convertkit is superb and super friendly. Not only do they solve any issue quickly and effectively, but they also reply to you with friendly responses.

Once, I had an issue regarding attaching an attachment in the email. Although the issue was not solved until a few weeks later, the customer service rep stayed with me throughout and came up with different solutions to solve my issue. There was no sign of frustration although I, myself was getting frustrated.

Overall, I love Convertkit for what they are doing and for what the app brings to help my blog grow.

--Clovis Chow, TimeOrganizeStudy