Cats vs Dogs: What’s The Better Pet?

This is a light-hearted piece where we asked pet owners to comment on the age-old question: what’s the better pet, cats or dogs? If you ask me, dogs are better for their loyalty and companionship, but cats have their advantages too. If you’re thinking about getting a cat or dog and are contemplating which one to get, I recommend having a read-through some of the responses here 🙂

There is no such thing as a better pet - but there are people who are better for certain animals. Just like some people like chocolate or vanilla and heaven help us butterscotch, we all have an attraction to certain things and beings. I am a cat person. I think cats are easy. They don't need to be taken out multiple times a day - yes, they do poop in a box. But I can be away for more than 8 hours and not slip and slide in the front door on dog pee / poop. Cats require a minimum of grooming - no need to bathe and if you bring the fun of the outdoors in, you don't have to entertain them much or worry about fleas.

Dogs on the other hand are great for folks who have more time for them. They can go on walks. They beg for your attention (have to be graced with a cat's company when they aren't sleeping 20 hours a day) and are eager to please their companions with tricks for treats. Yes, they do need bathes and to be taken out to do their business but if you are active and enjoy the walks and effort you have a good time together.

If you are either bi-polar or well-adjusted you get one of each (or more) and can have the best of both worlds. If you happen to be a kind hearted person you get them from a shelter or rescue and save a life and they know it and are grateful to you regardless.

--Yvette Berke, The Little Angels Project


I personally have 3 cats and 2 dogs. Choosing between the two is very tough for me but if I had to, I would pick cats! I would choose this because cats fit my personality more, I am much of a home body (and sometimes pretty lazy) and I always enjoy having my cat around to hangout with me in my bed and do nothing with. I also like the fact that cats are lower maintenance than dogs, you don't have to spend as much time caring for them each day, which works out well for me because I am very busy being a college student.

--Zachary Pencille,


Cats or dogs, the eternal question in the minds of pet owners, and something many people feel very passionately about. As someone with expertise in keeping pet homes clean, my vote goes for the dog, and this is why.

Although our furry friends spread joy around them, there is something else they spread too – pet hair. While shedding is something that may drive you crazy, there are many things you can do to minimize it. Most importantly, regularly grooming your pet will significantly reduce shedding and keep your home cleaner.

There is no difference between cats and dogs in shedding, since how much an animal sheds has more to do with their type of coat than their species. A small cat can shed more than a large dog, and it all comes down to the breed. However, there is something else you need to consider, and that is grooming.

As a pet owner, you can keep the shedding to a minimum by brushing and bathing your pet regularly. Dogs usually love grooming once they get used to it, but cats can be a different story. If you can't brush your cat every day, you just have to deal with all the shedding and cleaning. This is why, from the neat freak perspective, dogs are a better pet.

Other cleanliness factors support this choice, as well. Taking your dog outside for its business means all the stenches stay outside as well. Although cat litter can absorb most of the nasty urine smell, homes with cats may have a slight odor of cat pee to them. Another fact is that both pets may mark their territory, but dogs are easier to train out of this messy habit.

It can be a challenge to keep a pet home clean, but since dogs make cleaning easier for their owners, my vote definitely goes for the canines!

--Matt Clayton, PetHairPatrol


I prefer cats as I don't want to have to worry about walking or timing my life around Rover's bathroom habits.

But it really depends on you and the type of person you are.

Cats are more like roommates then pets and usually require a lot less maintenance than dogs, but my friends that have dogs swear by them.

Dogs are loyal, loving, and affectionate. Cats can be loving, loyal, and affectionate, but they can also be very standoffish at times, and unlike most dogs, they demand to have things the way they want them sometimes.

Most of my friends are married, so the pet dog is like a family member, I am single, and Jack is more buddy then son, although the female cat I had before him treated me like I was her son.

What type of person are you?

Do you leave the house for extended periods of time without being sure when you will be back? If that is you a dog probably isn't a good fit.

On the other hand, are you a single woman that wants protection? The cat will fight for you, but hands down a Dog is a better option. If you want hugs on demand from your pet dogs are a better option then most cats.

It's up to you.

--Ali Rizvi, Dream Superhero


I think the debate of dogs versus cats depends on what you want when you get a pet. If you're looking for unconditional love, devotion, a constant companion, and outdoor activity, a dog is the pet for you.

I personally love both cats and dogs, but I feel much more bonded to my dog than I ever have to cats I've had in the past. Also ,my dog improves my mental and physical health by forcing me to get out of the house and keeping both of us in a routine.

Cats tend to be more self-sufficient, which may be better for you if you're away from home a lot, don't have the time or desire to play with your animal outside, or live in a smaller space.

--Li-ran Bukovza, PuppyTip


I’m sure that dogs are better. They give in to training and that means that each dog can become perfect just if you do some efforts. Cats can also be trained but the process is much harder. Moreover, dogs are better companions and are always happy to spend some time with their owners. In their turn, cats walk on their own and spend time with their humans only if they wish. My personal observation is that cats are more egoistic while the dogs are more dependent on their owners.

Actually, both cats and dogs are good as each pet has its pluses and minuses. It’s always a big pleasure to spend time with them. Moreover, they are definitely better and more intelligent than some other pets like hamsters or parrots.

--Lesly White, The Best Wedding Dresses


Always a topic of hot debate! I've had three cats and a dog over the past eight years. I have to lean a bit further toward cats (Sorry Zeus!). I loved my dog but have to admit that I honestly couldn't keep up with him. Coming home from work and having a huge German Shepherd that's full of energy and wants to play wore me out each day! My cats however were very much the opposite - if I wanted to play with them I could just dangle a piece of string in front of them for a few minutes and they'd be content! As soon as I was tired and wanted to head to bed, the cats would be ready to follow me and take a nice cosy snooze too.

--Brandon Wilkes, The Big Phone Store


I currently have 2 cats and 1 dog, and since the dog likes killing small animals, we've had to add a door that divides our house in two: the cats get the west side, and the dog gets the east side. Making sure that the cats are safe on a daily basis - not to mention when we have visitors who don't appreciate how serious the threat is to the lives of the cats - is incredibly stressful. I was originally a cats-only person. Then my new husband started making noises about how he had a great dog as a child, and another great dog during his first marriage, and I felt sorry enough for him to go looking on our local humane society website.

On the site I found the most adorable dog mug shot ever. The dog was a husky/lab/German Shepherd mix, eighty pounds of irresistible-ness. I met him once myself, to make sure the chemistry was right, then surprised my husband by taking him for a meeting as well. We decided pretty quickly to adopt Munster. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that he's an animal-killer when a stray cat walked into our yard. The cat didn't get a chance to leave. I returned Munster to the shelter, but my heart had already been irretrievably stolen. A week later, he was still at the shelter. We installed the door and brought him back home. That was five-odd years ago, and he's still with us.

Having said all that, when Munster dies, there will be no more dogs. The reason for this is simple: Munster was far easier to train than my husband. While the dog already knew the basic commands, he wasn't good at listening to them.I had to hire a dog trainer, and she skilled me in the use of an e-collar - an electronic collar that one is NEVER supposed to use as punishment. I keep the remote at a very low setting and only use it occasionally to get Munster's attention when he's ignoring my command. My husband thinks I'm torturing the dog and refuses to do the proper training that would lessen the number of times in which the collar's remote control is needed. After working with and training Munster for several years, I rarely need to use the thing at all.

My husband, on the other hand, doesn't see anything wrong with letting Munster chase the small animals - which has resulted in Munster getting skunked 3 times on my husband's watch. If I can't train the husband how to train the dog, then we're not getting any more dogs! After Munster's gone, we're going back to a cats-only household. I love Munster dearly, but I don't want to be the only Alpha dog.

--Kelly Meister-Yetter, Crazy Critter Lady


A dog is a better pet than a cat. Dogs are smarter and can easily be trained. The obedience, intelligence, and bonding level of dogs are higher than that of a cat.

The incredible thing about a dog is that in times of trouble, the cat hides, but a dog does everything to protect his owner. That is why the survival chances of the owner of a dog increase four times in a year.

No matter how old your dog is, he will do everything to alert you, protect you whenever there is any danger near you. Cats usually run away in these kinds of situations, and people are often afraid of dogs more than cats because no one wants to be bitten by a dog. Dogs are more active and help their owners in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Cats prefer to be in their comfort zone and usually prefer to stay at home, but dogs like healthy physical activities. It has seen that dogs are more active and more responsive as compared to cats. Training a cat is more difficult because sometimes cats don't pay attention even to a meal reward. Dogs come running whenever their owners call them, but cats usually avoid the call of their owners.

In case of any danger or the change in the environment, dogs usually show more calmness than cats. Cats take more time to adjust if there is any change in the environment.

--Brandon Foster, my school supply lists


*My favorite pets are cats… who act like dogs. They’re the best of both worlds! Cats have a sometimes well-earned reputation for being aloof and standoffish, but that certainly isn’t true for all of them. I’ve had the honor of living with several cats (and working with many more) who are exceptionally friendly and outgoing, want to spend a lot of time with their people, and even enjoy fun activities like playing fetch, learning tricks, or going for walks (leashed, of course). Add these traits to the fact that cats, in comparison to dogs, are inherently a little easier and cheaper to care for due to their lifestyle and small size and you’ve got a winning combination.*

--Jennifer Coates, Pet Life Today


A lot of it really depends on the kind of person you are. If you want a pet that doesn’t really care about you unless you have forgotten to feed them, a cat is perfect. I have had some really affectionate cats in my life, but most really don’t care.

Dogs, on the other hand, want to be your best friend and bring you an excess of unconditional love and joy. They keep you fit and active, and many will protect you if you’re ever in danger. Plus, they have the greatest personalities that make life so much better. I love all animals, but dogs are certainly the best.

--Jeff Carbridge,


Personally as a cat-specific caregiver, I’m of the opinion that anything dogs can do cats can do better (as pets anyway. cats obviously aren’t security guards and don’t herd wildlife anymore than dogs do pest control.) I have adventure cats that will happily hike and travel with me, a trio that play fetch and learn tricks as well as a dog, snuggly lovebugs, and show cats. They aren’t as loud, demanding or messy as dogs either. Or as expensive to care for.

That makes me sound anti-dog. I’m not. I like dogs. I’ve had dogs in the past. Dogs are fun. But other people’s dogs. A dog wouldn’t fit in my lifestyle and I don’t want to live with a dog again.

I don’t really like the cat vs dog comparison. One isn’t better than the other overall. It’s what is better for any one person at any given time. It is about understanding the care each animal needs and your ability to provide it.

--HollyAnne, Life&Cats Blog


That's a hard question! However, if I had to choose, I think I would go with cats. I love my dogs so much, but there's something about cats. Cats have a bad reputation, but they are actually very sweet and cuddly and very much aware of who their owners are. I also think they are relatively low maintenance pets. They wash themselves, they use a litter box, and they sleep practically all day. I also feel a little more special when I get attention from my cats because they are more independent and they don't care about people all of the time like dogs do. Also, there's nothing better than lying in bed reading or watching something and having a cat rest on your arm. And cats are very entertaining! My cats watch birds and make the weirdest noises.

--Nicole Schaefer, Yellow Dog Legal


Of course I believe that dogs are the better pets 😉

Here are some reasons!

*1. They show their affection*

Cats can be hit-or-miss with whether they want to interact with you at any given time - whereas dogs are ALWAYS happy and thrilled to be petted, play with you, sit on your lap or generally be your friend.

*2. You can take them anywhere and share your fun!*

When was the last time you took your cat to the beach or to a neighbor's bbq? Never, right! Dogs are the perfect companions and they love to go places with you.

*3. They eat dropped food*

No cat would ever pick up a table scrap their owner dropped - whereas dogs are the perfect living vacuums. Have a toddler who's a messy eater? No problem, your dog will take care of it.

*4. You can do sports with them!*

There are dozens of dog sports you can participate in, from dog agility over competition obedience to freestyle frisbee routines and much more. Not a single cat sport out there though, huh!

*5. They will protect their family*

Even the smallest lap dog will become a loud protector of his family when needed. Every dog feels protective when his family is threatened and will do everything he can to make sure they're safe. A cat? Not so much.

--Steffi Trott, SpiritDog Training


We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. In my opinion, dogs are the best! We have always had cats, and despite the fact I grew up with dogs, my husband kept refusing to let us have a dog, ignoring repeated requests to at least talk about it.

After a number of years, last year again he said no and when I asked why, he simply said - 'I just don't want one'. Well I am a woman who likes a good discussion and he would not tow the line and stuck with his stance. So I did it my way - if his @I don't want one was good enough' then so was my 'I want one'. I ran out of patience, and about 2 weeks later I messaged and told him, I was going to see a dog and did he want to come along and see it. He ignored my message and so, a few hours later I arrived at home with an 8-month woolly Malamute - sat on the back seat with his head nearly touching the roof of the car! The shock on my husband's face was worth it and needless to say, he fell in love with the dog and within 3 months we re-homed another.

Why do I think they are better pets? They interact, they understand, they like to play games, they are incredibly intelligent and most importantly, they get us out and about whether we like it or not!

The dogs make us laugh, interact as a family and play games (getting a teenager to do that without a dog would be a definite no go!) - the malamute is a huge bear of a dog but thinks he is as small as a kitten, we have endless fun and he needs a lot of engagement. Our second dog would just like a quiet life (having been used for breeding) and we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching her how to be an actual dog rather than a puppy machine - who would have thought a dog wouldn't know what to do with a ball or stick at 4 yrs old. Anyway, they both keep us active both mentally and physically and we would not have it any other way.

We love our cats and our Bengal is the closest we would expect to a dog (hence why maybe my husband was satisfied!), but let's face it they have a little play, eat, poop and sleep all day. Very little else unless they want something. Oh and I prefer chocolates to the presents our 'wild' cat brings home.

--Tracey Elliot, Fitness Savvy


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