Buzzsprout Reviews: Users Comment

Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting platform that allows podcast creators with zero technical knowledge to host, distribute and manage their podcast. We’re reaching out to podcasters who use it and posing the following question:

For podcast hosts who have used Buzzsprout, what was your experience like with it? Would you recommend it to other podcasters? All comments welcome.

So far we’ve had just a few Buzzsprout reviews and comments sent to us from a variety of people. The bottom line so far (and we’re still waiting for more comments to come in) is that Buzzsprout is an excellent service, with all 6 customers who have sent us a comment on it speaking of it very highly. We can conclude it is definitely worth considering for anyone starting a podcast for the first time.

Below are the comments that have been sent to us on Buzzsprout so far. And if you’ve used Buzzsprout yourself, please submit a comment here.

EDITORS NOTE: See also our piece on Podbean reviews (Podbean is the main competitor to Buzzsprout).

I currently run the Neurodiverging podcast on Buzzsprout. It's my first podcast and it started in March, so it is still relatively new.

Buzzsprout is the only podcast hosting service I've ever used, but that said, I have been very happy with them. I pay $12 month for up to 3 hours of uploaded content. Their interface is easy to use - I was able to get listed in all the directories and integrate their podcast player into my website with no trouble. Their stats are helpful, and they have multiple monetization platforms that have helped me secure my first sponsorship. Having used them for 6 months, I would recommend them.

--Danielle Sullivan, Neurodiverging


I have used Buzzsprout to host my podcast since I launched in March. 10 episodes in and I’m thrilled with my decision. After researching the various hosts, I settled on Buzzsprout for their value and intuitive interface. Buzzsprout has made every step incredibly intuitive. It is my first podcast and I had no experience with getting listed in directories such as iTunes and the words “RSS feed” were scary to me as I really didn’t know what I needed to do. Buzzsprout made it simple to help me get my podcast out on all platforms with ease and even has optional audio editing options.

--Tamara Glen Soles, PhD,


Buzzsprout was the first place I found when getting started with my Dream Space podcast, and if their interface wouldn't have been so clean and simple, I may have quit before I ever began! If you're not super tech-savvy, like me - then I'd highly recommend Buzzsprout.

--Denise Walsh,


I have been using Buzzsprout since January. You can find it here at the bottom of my website and you can choose the platform to listen to or see the Buzzsprout player embedded.

My experience with Buzzsprout has been great. I have not used another provider, so I don’t have another to compare it to, but I feel it is very easy to use. Navigating the uploading and posting process is relatively easy and does not require any real deep technical understanding.

Often times people assume something technically powerful has to be complicated, but Buzzsprout breaks that assumption by providing a powerful podcast platform for almost anyone who can get on the internet.

I would recommend it for anyone who is has a podcast and want to get it on numerous channels effortlessly.

--Dr. Brandon Pardekooper, Ministry Hackers


In June of this year I started a podcast called Health Careers with Dr. Marn.

How did I come across Buzzsprout?

I researched a number of podcast hosting services, such as Libsyn, Podbean, Castos, Blubrry, Transistor, and Captivate, and even test-ran a few.

Why I chose Buzzsprout?

I had toyed with this podcast idea in December, but the New York pandemic lockdown accelerated this idea, and eventually launched it in June this year. As a physician anesthesiologist, I knew this wouldn't be my main job, especially once the lockdown was suspended. So I wanted a podcasting host that had the following aspects: cost effective, easy learning curve, visually appealing, and have a simple website navigation. Eventually it came down to Podbean, Libsyn, and Buzzsprout. I chose Buzzsprout b/c it had all the key factors I mentioned above. What put it over the edge was because a well-known podcaster, Pat Flynn, recommended it, and through one Pat Flynn's Podcasting courses I was able to get a bit of a discount.

My experience?

It has been great so far! It was easy to launch, had a welcoming and helpful tone throughout its website, educational videos and blogs, and easy navigation. Could it have more stats info and other bells and whistles? Yes, of course. But as someone who just needed to get the ball rolling and just start, this host allowed me to do so. And it continues to do so easily, week-to-week, with each episode.

Would I recommend it to further podcasters?

Definitely Yes.

--Richard Marn, MD, Health Careers with Dr. Marn


I've used Buzzsprout for a little over a year and I've been really happy with their services. Their website is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Also, I've reached out to their customer support several times with questions and they've responded very quickly each time. I'd definitely recommend them to others.

--Dr. Wyatt Fisher,