Bulk Buy Hosting Review – Does It Work For PBN’s?

Bulk Buy Hosting is a hosting provider with a very specialized purpose: to host Private Blog Networks (PBN’s). This is one of the few hosts with this specific purpose, with one other being SeekAHost which I also reviewed (that article also gives a short rundown on what a PBN is). Since early 2020, I’ve been extensively using Bulk Buy Hosting for my own PBN, and have gotten very familiar with how it works. What follows is my Bulk Buy Hosting review based on everything I’ve experienced with it so far.

How does Bulk Buy Hosting work?

Bulk Buy Hosting has hosting accounts with all kinds of popular hosts including (according to their website) A Small Orange, HostGator and Arvixe, and any websites you add with them will be hosted with one of the many big hosting companies they have accounts with. With this service, therefore, you do not need to sign up to dozens of different hosting companies yourself (with PBN’s it’s always recommended to use different hosting companies for your different sites, as otherwise Google will know all your sites are from the same place and discount the value of links from them). Instead, you just add domains to your dashboard at Bulk Buy Hosting, and it will automatically create a cpanel account for your domain at one of its many hosting services that it subscribes to. Once a cpanel account is automatically setup, Bulk Buy Hosting will then list the nameservers to point the domain to.

Bulk Buy Hosting has a beautiful and impressive interface. Not only does it allow you to add and setup domains automatically (SeekAHost, by comparison, requires you to submit a support ticket and then they’ll manually set it up for you), but it also tells you some metrics about each domain including DA (Domain Authority), TF (Trust Flow) and CF (Citation Flow).

Here’s a screenshot from my member area at Bulk Buy Hosting:

(You’ll have to forgive me for blanking out everything, as I prefer not to reveal the sites I’m hosting with Bulk Buy Hosting. You can see that there are columns for domain, DA/TF/CF metrics, nameservers, date added and more.)

From your members area here, you can click the cpanel button for any domain to be taken to the cpanel account for that domain, where you can do whatever you need for it. That is extremely convenient, as you don’t need to keep a spreadsheet or go digging for your login details for each site. Also, you can see that almost all domains here have different nameservers, and are clearly hosted at different hosting companies that Bulk Buy Hosting subscribes to (you may notice just a couple of websites have the same nameservers).

When you add domains to your Bulk Buy Hosting account through this interface, it only takes a couple of minutes for the cpanel account to be created and the nameservers for the domain to be listed – it works perfectly.

What I like about Bulk Buy Hosting

As detailed above, Bulk Buy Hosting has a fantastic interface, and it’s far easier to use than SeekAHost’s member’s area. I have never once had any issue with it, and it was obviously built by a competent developer. It’s a great experience to be able to add new domains and have it done in a couple of minutes. Second, the hosts that Bulk Buy Hosting uses are big, very well established and reliable hosting companies, and the hosting is therefore very stable – I have not yet had an outage on any of my PBN sites I have on Bulk Buy Hosting.

Because Bulk Buy Hosting is so well built, I’ve never had to contact their support about anything, but I expect they provide very good support given how they go out of their way to make everything as clear as possible. When you first sign up, for example, you get a welcome email with a very clear guide on how to use the service:

I found that Bulk Buy Hosting does exactly what it advertises. If you’re looking for a reliable and well-built PBN hoster, you can’t go wrong with them, and I’ll continue to host a reasonable portion of my PBN domains with them.

The 1 drawback of Bulk Buy Hosting

The price. Comparing it to SeekAHost again, Bulk Buy Hosting costs between $2.70/month/domain and $1.83/month/domain, which is far higher than SeekAHost which costs between $1.20/month/domain and $0.85/month/domain. To be clear, it’s not that Bulk Buy Hosting is expensive, per se, rather just that SeekAHost is exceptionally cheap. Bulk Buy Hosting’s prices are similar to the few other PBN hosters such as PBN.HOSTING and Easy Blog Networks.

Overall, it’s fair to say Bulk Buy Hosting is a little better than SeekAHost given its interface is much better. Other than than, both are great services that do what they promise. So can we recommend Bulk Buy Hosting given it costs roughly double what SeekAHost does? In my opinion, yes. As I see it, it’s best to host with both of them just to minimize the risk a little if one of them goes out of business for some reason, or if there’s some other issue with either one of these services. If you’re sensitive about price you can just host a smaller percentage of your PBN domains on Bulk Buy Hosting, and still host the majority of your domains with SeekAHost.

Other services offered by Bulk Buy Hosting (buy PBN domains and order PBN builds)

I found it interesting that beyond just offering PBN hosting services, Bulk Buy Hosting also has services where they buy PBN domains for you, or setup PBN domains with unique content. Here’s a page from their website going over their PBN packages. These are expensive ($750 for 5 sites for their ‘basic’ package, or $2900 for 5 sites for their ‘premium’ package), and I haven’t tried it myself. I would expect that they do a good job with this and know what they’re doing, and there is quite a lot that goes into what makes a good PBN domain – if you’re a newbie your efforts may be in vain, whereas an expert who knows exactly what type of domains to buy and what content to put on them can get very good results. I would presume that Bulk Buy Hosting understands PBN’s very well, especially because they’ve put out a lot of good content on how to run a PBN. If you subscribe to Bulk Buy Hosting, for example, you can get on the newsletter where you’ll get tips and advice from the founder of Bulk Buy Hosting on how you should run a PBN, and it’s clear they know what they’re doing. Here’s an example of the emails I’ve got from Bulk Buy Hosting (click to enlarge):

These are packed with good advice. But again, I have not personally used the non-hosting services offered by Bulk Buy Hosting, so can’t say for 100% sure that you’ll get your money’s worth.

If you have ordered any of these services we would very much like to hear your experience so we can add it here (just comment below).

The bottom line

Bulk Buy Hosting is a great service, albeit pricier than its competitor SeekAHost. We’re giving them 4 stars out of 5 (just one star taking off for the price). We recommend hosting at least some of your PBN domains with them.

Sign up to Bulk Buy Hosting

If this review has been helpful for you and you’d like to try Bulk Buy Hosting, you may do so through our link here. We may receive some compensation from Bulk Buy Hosting if you sign up through that link, so it’s of course very much appreciated if you sign up through our link. Otherwise, you can go directly to bulkbuyhosting.com – it’s up to you. The price and everything else will be the same for you whether you go through our link or not.

Please comment if you have anything to add!

Have you signed up to Bulk Buy Hosting and has it worked for you? Please comment below.

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