Bonjoro Review 2020

Founded in 2017 and based in Sydney Australia, Bonjoro (link opens in a new window) is a video messaging service allowing companies to connect with their customers better through video. Here’s a rundown of Bonjoro, a short guide to using it and some facts about the company in case you’ve just learned about it.

How does Bonjoro work?

With Bonjoro, you can send custom, personalized videos to your customers, and track whether they interact with them. Say you’re a course creator, you have a Patreon, you run an email list, you sell some kind of product online or anything else — with Bonjoro, you can get a notification each time a new lead or customer comes in, along with some information about that lead (via Zapier, Bonjoro can integrate with a ton of different tools like Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and so on, so it can monitor when a new lead comes and pull information for them). Then, through Bonjoro, you can immediately record a video for them that Bonjoro will send to them. Bonjoro will also track whether the lead or customer views the video and replies to it, and you can monitor all this in the Bonjoro dashboard.

It’s a very interesting and compelling idea to send a short, personalized video message to each new customer you get, and it’s easy to imagine that building customer loyalty and giving a great impression that you care about the customer right off the bat. Bonjoro makes this very easy to do and manage.

This is a great video about Bonjoro that also interviews the CEO, where he discusses how he came up with it, how the service works and some use cases:

What is Bonjoro’s pricing?

The nice thing about Bonjoro is it’s possible to use for free, though if you’re serious, you will definitely want to pay a modest fee for it as the free version will have Bonjoro branding on it. There are a few different plans available — as of March 2020, here are the different packages available:

You can start with the free plan, otherwise sign up to a paid plan if you’re just starting out as they have a 14-day trial to see if it works for you:

If you end up paying for Bonjoro, I definitely feel like the pricing is very reasonable in any case, and it won’t break your budget by trying it.

Joining Bonjoro

I signed up to Bonjoro through the form above, and then it was a simple process to get started. First, you have to create a campaign:

Then you have to add some test contacts:

Then you can integrate some of your CRM tools:

Then you can add your profile pic and bio that will accompany any videos you send with Bonjorno:

Then you’re taken to the campaign screen. Within the Bonjoro dashboard or app, if you go into a campaign, you’ll see all new customers/prospects who you can connect with and send a custom video to. In this case, I’ve just added a test contact so only have 1 here other than myself:

You can see that you can click the “Record now” button to make a video straight away, which will be sent to them. Note also the “Custom Attributes” section — here, if you’re integrating some CRM like Salesforce, you could see some information about the prospect like (for example) first name, last name, title, location, any notes etc. Then in your video for them, you could mention this information (the more personal you can make it, the better).

Within the Bonjoro dashboard you can also see the results that came from video messages you sent:

As well as customize your messages that send the video. Here’s an example of how you can customize your email messages with the link to a personalized video:

What are the alternatives to Bonjoro?

Bonjoro is not the first or only service for sending personalized videos. If you’re interested, you can also check out the following:

  • BombBomb (
  • Loom (
  • Vidyard GoVideo (

Bonjoro vs BombBomb

BombBomb is built similarly to Bonjoro where its goal is to send personal one-on-one messages, and it can integrate with several tools. BombBomb does appear to be significantly more popular than Bonjoro and is much older, having been founded in 2006.

The disadvantage of BombBomb compared to Bonjoro is that there are many tools it does not integrate with (at the time of writing, that includes MailChimp and ConvertKit). One advantage it has over Bonjoro, however, is that you can use it as a Chrome extension if you prefer that over an app.

Bonjoro vs Loom

Loom is a chrome extension that allows you to easily share your screen and record a video, which you can then easily send via email. The main difference with Bonjoro is that it does not integrate with other tools, and you won’t get any reporting with it. You can also only use it with the Chrome web browser. However, if you’re looking for something very simple it may work for you.

Bonjoro vs Vidyard GoVideo

Vidyard GoVideo is also a Chrome extension like Loom which is often used among salespeople. We see it as quite similar to Loom – alright as a basic alternative to Bonjoro, but if you need something that integrates with many different CRM’s and tells you who’s actually viewed your video messages, you’ll want to get Bonjoro or BombBomb.

Should you sign up to Bonjoro?

Sure – given that they have a free 14-day trial, there’s nothing much to lose by trying it out, other than perhaps some of your time if it doesn’t work for you. I definitely think this is a compelling service that could improve your conversions and customer loyalty a lot depending on your business, and am impressed by what I’ve seen so far.

We are currently still researching and playing around with Bonjoro, so if you’d like to stay updated please bookmark this page and check back later.

If you’ve used Bonjoro:

Please comment below to let us know your experience! We’re very curious, and would like to hear about the results different people have got.

Try out Bonjoro

If you’ve found this Bonjoro review helpful and would like to try it, you can join through this link. If you end up using a paid plan on Bonjoro we may receive some compensation for referring you via that link (the price and everything else from your end will remain the same). It’s very much appreciated if you sign up through our link, but if you prefer, you can go directly to and we will not receive anything. It’s up to you.

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