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Best Nicotine Pouches 2020 – Brands (Zyn, Lyft and Velo), Reviews, Tips On How To Use Them + More

Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free pouches that are similar to snus (a moist powder smokeless tobacco product) which are filled with white powder that will have nicotine in it. They can help you to quit smoking, and are easily affordable and readily available.

What are the best nicotine pouches in 2020 (and where can I read reviews of nicotine pouches)?

These are the main nicotine pouches available in 2020:

  • ZYN
  • PAZ
  • Zone X
  • Velo
  • On!
  • Nordic Spirit
  • Lyft
  • Dryft

I have yet to try all of these, but based on the testing I’ve done so far, I like ZYN and On! nicotine pouches the best (these are also the most popular as of now, and are available in the US, unlike many others on that list like Lyft). The best thing about On! is that you can slowly scale down the strength you take (I started at 8mg pouches, and since moved down to 1mg pouches) and this makes it easier to quit. If you try On!, I recommend the mint flavor, though there are plenty others (coffee, cinnamon, original etc). They taste fine and I had no adverse effects taking them.

For reviews on different nicotine pouches, we recommend reading the subreddit /r/snus on reddit (see to see what kinds of experiences other people have had. My opinion is similar to most there, that ZYN and On! are the best ones right now.

Are nicotine pouches safe?

We believe so, but more research needs to be done before we can say that they are definitely safe. As of 2020, a number of large companies have come out with their own nicotine pouches, but not enough people are really using them yet to say whether they are superior to other methods of nicotine delivery. I can at least say that based on the nicotine pouches I’ve used, they taste fine, definitely won’t cause oral cancer or gum disease, and also won’t stain your teeth.

How do you use nicotine pouches?

Simply put the pouch between your lip and gum and chew slowly. You do not need to spit it or store the nicotine pouch in your fridge.

What are the side effects of nicotine pouches?

Nicotine has many minor side effects including headaches, dizziness, constipation, runny nose and more, though most people are able to take it without any issues. You should definitely see your doctor if you have more serious side effects such as allergic reactions, seizures or rashes.

Where can you buy nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are available online (some legitimate sites are, and, as well as at certain stores (see – ZYN is sold in over 4,000 different stores in the US, for example). Many 7-11’s and local minute markets will have at least one brand of nicotine pouch.

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