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If you’re spending a lot of time every day staring at an LED screen, you may benefit from blue light blocking glasses. LED’s emit a lot of artificial blue light that may potentially cause eye strain, and if you feel that your eyes are suffering from all your screen time, it’s worth trying out blue light blocking glasses. In addition, you can also take regular screen breaks, blink often, and reduce the brightness on your screens. All these things (in addition to the right glasses) will lessen the load on your eyes.

I recommend trying blue light blocking glasses if you fall into one of the two categories:

  1. You suffer from headaches after staring at an LED screen for a long time
  2. You have noticeable eye strain and/or pain

There are a lot of people who can vouch for the effectiveness of blue light blocking glasses, and we’ve listed some of the good ones below. One of the cool things about these glasses is that they are very inexpensive. The ones we looked at, tested and have listed below all cost between $10-$50 at the time of writing — much cheaper than what you’d normally pay for prescription glasses. Below, we’ve listed what we believe to be the best glasses for different categories.

Best for reading: Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Amber Tint Anti Glare UV Digital Eyestrain

These plastic frames come at a magnification of 0, 1.25x, 1.50x, 1.75x and 2.00x, are untinted (therefore don’t change any colors) and are highly effective. Perfect to try if you’re in a desk job where you’re reading for hours a day and suffer from headaches (just make sure to order them with the right magnification – if you’re using them for looking at a computer monitor, select a magnification half your normal reading power, otherwise if you’re using them for your smartphone get your normal reading power magnification). They’re also comfortable, well made and good value at their current price.

Best for gaming: Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens (S1933X)

These orange lens glasses are comfy, claim to absorb more than 98% of the blue light emitted from LED screens and are very durable for their price. At the time of writing, they’re under $10 (it may change when you read this) which I consider to be an absolute bargain, and well worth trying out. With these, you can game for hours without feeling any eye strain. I am recommending them for gaming as the visibility when wearing them is much better (no frames getting in the way) if you’re gaming on a very wide or tall monitor.

Best for sleeping: BioRhythm Safe(TM) – Nighttime Eye Wear – Special Orange Tinted Glasses

Many people use blue light blocking glasses for sleep, since if you’re having trouble falling asleep it may be due to the blue light around you. These nighttime color glasses are about the best-rated ones for sleeping at the time of writing.

What do others say about blue light blocking glasses?

We put out a request for people who have used blue light blocking glasses (any type or brand — not necessarily the ones we’ve listed above) to write what they thought of them, and got some good responses back. We’ve listed them below.

I have been using a pair of Barner 'Dalston' blue-bight screen glasses for about six months and I have really noticed the difference. Owning online media platforms my screen time can be huge and also varies across a Mac, tablet and my iphone. Last year, I began suffering from mild (but annoying) headaches at the end of the working day and my sleep pattern through the night was terribly broken with me waking up at least half a dozen times in an average night. This was leaving me tired through the day.

I really was scratching my head as to what was causing this but then I saw an advert about blue-light glasses and the possible benefits. If I am absolutely honest I had never heard of these type of glasses before but I took the plunge and purchased a pair of Barner 'Dalston' glasses (on a bit of a whim and a hope).

I didn't really have much faith,as I thought they may be just a gimmick, but within weeks of using them daily my sleep patterns improved - still not perfect but better - and I have not had a single headache since using them. Just to add, I am not a wearer of normal glasses so it did take a while to get used to them plus I often forgot to put them on at first.

I don't know whether it is the glasses or a big case of placebo kicking in but I am very happy I discovered them and tested them out! I wouldn't look back now.

--Dexter Jones, illicitdigital.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/best-blue-light-blocking-glasses#dexter

I have been using blue light blocking glasses for the past one year. Initially, I used to wear glasses during day time, when I had to work in front of my laptop for 7-8 hours, but it did not help much. My eyes were drying up as earlier. So, I thought I had wasted my money on buying those glasses. Later, I studied that sources of blue light keep your brain active, so if you are using mobiles or laptops in the night, this will disturb your sleep patterns. Studies show that blue light coming from phones gives your brain a signal that it is still day time. I started using my glasses at night when I was in front of my mobile or computer. Surprisingly, my eyes won’t feel tired, and I don’t feel like sticking to my phone even when I feel sleepy, which was earlier the case. Using blue light blocking glasses helped me a lot in early sleeping and thus early rising. Hence, I would say, in a way, blue light blocking glasses really work.

--Rajandeep Kaur, TeacherOn.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/best-blue-light-blocking-glasses#rajandeep

In reference to your query on “do blue light blocking glasses really work” I have had mine for around 2 years now.

I am a wedding photographer so a lot of my computer time is spent editing images - this is when I would ideally use them the most, however, I can't use them for editing as they give everything a green tint (I have accidentally worn them a few times and had to re-edit everything when I saw the true colours!). I think thi would actually be an issue for a lot of people, where colour perception is important to their jobs.

That said, I use them for watching TV and other computer use, such as admin, etc. and I do find that I have had fewer headaches since wearing them. But, to be honest, that's not conclusive because my previous prescription was way off...!

--Hannah Attewell, Hannah Mia Coaching

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/best-blue-light-blocking-glasses#hannah

I spend the majority of my time checking articles and managing my website. So I spend more than 8 hours a day looking into a computer screen, and because of this, I experience a lot of headaches and eye strain. I bought a blue light computer glasses to help me with my work.

Now there were no miraculous results that stopped my headaches but I did experience a decrease in my eye strain. Usually, my eyes would hurt so badly that I had to take an hour-long break but with the glasses on, I barely needed to rest my eyes. So in a sense, they do work for people who spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen.

--Anh Trinh, GeekWithLaptop

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/best-blue-light-blocking-glasses#anh

Wearing blue light blocking glasses. It helps a lot.: I'm a computer engineer. I spent six to ten hours a day in front of my screen since college in 2006, and I've been wearing blue light blocking glasses for the last three years. They help a lot. Even if they are not the ultimate remedy, I must recommend it to everyone in my situation.

I also like to set my screen's night-mode every time I work without proper light in the room (primarily when I work from home). That helps a lot too. I'm not an oculist or an expert on the field but, from experience, I can say blue light from the computer is not good for you. You may want to try blue light blocking glasses and stay as far as possible from the computer screen.

--Jose Gomez, Evinex

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/best-blue-light-blocking-glasses#jose

I've been using blue light blocking glasses for a couple of years. As a blogger, I spend most of my day with a screen in front of me. Before using them, my eyes were usually dry, tired and red at the end of the day. I was used to applying artificial tears. But these symptoms were gone from day one when I started wearing the glasses. After a few days, it took less time to fall asleep. But I’m lucky to have good sleep quality and haven’t found any improvement in that area.

I also find the glasses really helpful to control the time I spend looking at screens while I’m not working. After building the habit of wearing glasses every day for around 8 hours, being in front of screens without them felt weird. That helped me to be more aware of how often I was checking my phone while relaxing on the couch after dinner and reduce that unnecessary screen time at night. Probably that has also contributed to fall asleep quicker.

Lastly, as a frequent traveler, I find wearing blue light blocking glasses is a way to improve dry eyes during long haul flights.

To be honest, I was quite skeptical about this type of glasses but they really work for me. Could it be the power of placebo effect? Maybe, cause there’s no consensus in the scientific community about this. But they’re definitely not harmful and have personally helped to improve my vision care..

--Blanca Ojeda, Los Traveleros

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/best-blue-light-blocking-glasses#blanca

My work consists of spending eight or more hours in front of the monitor working on our website and updating the content. As a result, I started getting mild headaches and my eyes started hurting.

I bought a blue light computer glasses to protect my eyes and easy my work.

I almost immediately noticed less pressure on my eyes. Some days my eyes would hurt so much, that in order to do my work I'd have to take longer pauses. With my blue light computer glasses on, I barely needed to shut my eyes. I know that some people are skeptical about such glasses, but for me, they work and they made my job easier and more pleasant.

--Richard Atkins, fundraiserinsight.org

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/best-blue-light-blocking-glasses#richard

I had Lasik done about 14 years ago and had to do PRK just recently to correct my vision again so I’m trying really hard to do all I can to keep my vision healthy.

I tried blue light blocking glasses for when I’m looking at my screens. My eyes are still recovering and I was desperate for something to help with the strain on them. These were a godsend. I have way less eye headaches and while it doesn’t improve the vision, it does make it last a bit longer from the strain.

I notice everyday my eyes burn less. I can tell a huge difference when I’m using these and when I don’t. They put a little tint on the screen which takes a little getting used to. I wear them when I’m watching tv, using my laptop and phone.

They came in a nice box with everything needed to care for them. I’ve noticed a drop in my migraines also.

--Daniel Lewis, corpina.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/best-blue-light-blocking-glasses#daniel

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