The Benefits Of Vaping vs Smoking [IN PROGRESS]

We are collecting and compiling reputable comments from experts on the benefits of vaping vs smoking, and have listed what we’ve received so far below. I really recommend having a read through this submission for a great rundown on this topic. Also, if you can comment on how vaping is superior to smoking, please make a submission here.

As an ex cigarette smoker (and an ex vape smoker at this point) I can attest to the benefits of switching to vaping. It is the best alternative to smoking in every aspect. First of all, you can breathe better and exercise better because of it and of course, you don't always smell like stale tobacco.

A little more technical information:

Cancer Research UK revealed vaping to be 83 percent more effective than nicotine replacement products in assisting cigarette smokers to quit.

Also, Public Health England advises that vaping is up to 95 percent safer than cigarette smoking.

In an article in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology from last December by Jacob George, it showed a significant improvement in endothelial function within a month of switching from cigarette smoking to vaping.

--Peter, France Travel Blog

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My recommendations for smokers would be an immediate switch to vaping. Cigarettes are undoubtedly known and proven to cause extreme health issues, including cancer. Afterall, you're directly inhaling smoke filled with an uncountable number of carcinogens. With vaping, you're instead inhaling the vapor of a glycol-based liquid. In essence, it's essentially steam with a few other (non-carcinogenic) chemicals. Doing neither would of course be the healthiest option, but by breaking down exactly what one is inhaling, cigarettes boldly stand out for the high number of carcinogens.

--Christopher Bacho, The Vapor Shoppe

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Royal College of Physicians comprising of 35,000 doctors globally has confirmed that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, because of the absence of any tar, ash, and any combustion associated with vaping. Vaping ensures better skin health, enhanced blood circulation, better oral hygiene, better lung capacity and an enhanced sense of taste and smell. Electronic cigarettes do not produce residue and odour, unlike traditional cigarettes. Thus, the vaping emissions are minimally intrusive and, as a separate point, are not a source of a health threat to the bystanders.

Vaping (e-cigarettes) offers an advantage of giving full control over nicotine dosage. Also, vaping is gentle on the lungs because heat and smoke are not involved in it. Vapours produced in the vaping process are cooler in comparison to smoke produced by traditional cigarette smoking. Vaping is socially acceptable in many places where cigarette smoking is not. A big advantage of vaping over smoking is that one does not have to go out of the office or any other workplace.

To sum up, switching to the e-cigarettes has the following benefits;

· No tar,

· No smoke

· No lingering odour

· No combustion

· No wheezing and tightness in chest

· Better physical stamina and cardio in comparison to traditional smoking

· Saves money

· Satisfies cravings

One very important thing to keep in mind is that vaping is as harmful and addictive as cigarette smoking. E-cigarettes also contain nicotine like regular cigarettes. So, they may be as addictive as cocaine and heroin.

People who vape have the choice of getting more nicotine in comparison to the amount they would get from a tobacco cigarette – they can purchase extra-strength cartridges with greater nicotine concentration. They can even increase the vaping device’s voltage from the standard voltage of 3.7 volts to a higher voltage of 4.2 volts in order to achieve a greater hit of the substance. The healthiest option is neither smoke nor vape. Vaping is just an option over smoking which does not eliminate the negative impacts of nicotine but just minimizes the. Don’t vape if you don’t smoke. Vaping just helps to quit smoking and is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

--Dr Chris Norris, SleepStandards.com

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Outside of the multiple studies comparing smoking to vaping that have been conducted, I can personally say that switching to vaping has shown to offer a better sense of taste and smell, better oral hygiene, and lung capacity. I definitely could not bike 20 miles when I was a smoker!

While I do still vape products that contain nicotine, vaping allows you to control your nicotine dosage so I am able to pick a very low strength. It is mostly the toxicants in tobacco, tar, ash that is harmful and not so much the nicotine itself. Nicotine may not be totally harmless, though it does not cause cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems that are caused by smoke. A study actually found that nicotine can help improve memory and attention!

--C. Innes, Elevated Vaping

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