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Awario, built by the same company behind SEO PowerSuite, is a tool for tracking mentions of your brand name online. It constantly crawls all major social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram etc.) along with millions of blogs, forums and news sites (according to their homepage, “13 billion web pages daily”), and if your brand name comes up anywhere, it’ll let you know about it along with some useful information about who’s talking about you (if available). Development began in 2015 and the service was properly launched in 2018. Since then, it’s enjoyed reasonable success, claiming over 6,000 customers.

In this Awario review, I’ll take a quick look at the service, try it for myself and answer the main questions about it. This is currently in progress, since so far I have only tested the primary features of Awario and not everything it offers in more expensive plans (the highest plan for Awario is $299/month). However, I have used enough of it to get an idea of the value (or lack thereof) of the core service.

Using Awario

After signing up to Awario for the first time (they offer a limited 7 day trial to begin with), you’re asked to create a project:

For the purpose of this review, I’m trying it with brand mentions of this website, though I also later added “wirecutter” for Awario to monitor to see how much it picks up with a big brand (since we are only a small publication).

Mentions in Awario

Upon creating a new project, Awario will start pulling mentions and leads, and this may take a couple of minutes. Here’s an example of what a mention looks like (click to enlarge):

If the mention for your brand name is from a social network like Twitter, Awario will display the page mentioning you along with information from the profile of the user writing about you. But even for websites, Awario displays some stats about them, including (as in the screenshot above) their “influence” score, estimated traffic and “inlink rank” (a metric from SEO PowerSuite). Mentions are handily categorized into different categories (social media, blogs, news etc.), and are sorted by time. You can also easily filter by category.

In my testing, I found a couple of websites that mentioned “OutwitTrade” which I wasn’t aware of, so that’s a thumbs up for me.

You can also use the Mentions feature in Awario to monitor an overall topic, not just a brand name, which is pretty useful for seeing what the whole internet is saying about anything at any given time.

Leads in Awario

This is an interesting feature. If you give Awario a description of your product and a list of competitors, it’ll search for “leads” online that may be searching for a product like yours (see this page on the Awario website for more information). This doesn’t really work for OutwitTrade.com as we’re a broad content site, but as a test, I tried doing it for the topic of “nicotine pouches” (an alternative to smoking) to see if it would bring back people asking about nicotine pouches, whether they should try nicotine pouches and so on. Here’s an example of what Awario found (after several minutes of waiting):

Not too bad — Awario was able to bring back a relevant fairly relevant conversation that may be of interest to you if your job is to reach out to people who may be interested in nicotine pouches.

Reports in Awario

Reports show mentions day-by-day, comparisons with competitors, sentiment analysis (how much coverage your brand has received that Awario considers “good” vs “bad”), countries where you’re mentioned and in what languages. Some examples:

Taken from Awario.com

Emails from Awario

Once you’ve setup leads and mentions to be monitored through Awario, Awario will continue looking for new leads and mentions for you every day, and email them to you. This is very handy — you don’t necessarily want to have to log in and check it every day. Here’s an example of the emails Awario sends:

How is Awario useful?

Awario makes it much easier to stay on track of what people are saying about you (or any given topic, for that matter) all over the internet compared to if you searched your brand name manually. If you search Google for your brand name and filter by results in the last 24 hours, for example, it’ll bring back nowhere near what Awario brings back, nor will it show you helpful insights about who is mentioning you.

The only way to get what Awario finds you automatically would be to manually search each major social network and Google multiple times a day — a highly time consuming and boring task. For social media managers of mid to large sized brands, a tool like Awario would pay for itself multiple times over merely in labor hours saved.

Awario also goes beyond monitoring brand name mentions, since as shown above, it can also potentially be used to find new customers who are looking for a product like yours. The effectiveness of this surely depends on your niche though. I imagine this would be useful for high-ticket software, for example, but for low-priced consumer goods it’d be less effective.

What are the alternatives to Awario?

There are several very strong competitors to Awario, including the following:

Awario vs Brand24: Brand24, founded in 2011, is an excellent tool media monitoring tool that crawls all major social media websites (like Awario) and is very good at finding influencers and doing influencer marketing. It’s also easy to use and has a stellar reputation. Worth looking at.

Awario vs Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a very popular tool, but it’s more focused on social media marketing and helping you post to social media rather than specifically tracking what people are saying about your brand name online.

Awario vs Infegy Atlas: Infegy Atlas is more of an analytics platform for coming up with insights from what’s on social media.

Awario vs Mention: Mention, like Brand24, is an excellent social media monitoring tool and more popular than Awario. Awario may be able to find more mentions and leads, though (depending on the keyword or brand name you’re checking) and allows you to post to social media from the app itself, unlike Mention.

Awario vs Serpwoo Monitoring: Serpwood Monitoring is a relatively new social media monitoring tool, but has the advantage of giving you unlimited results and can also do some SEO analysis.

Is Awario recommended?

So far, I definitely like Awario, and recommend trying their 7-day trial. This will allow you to see how much the app actually picks up for your particular brand and use case, and whether it would be worth upgrading to a paid plan. But as listed above, there are many other good tools that give Awario a run for its money, and so it can’t be said for sure that Awario is the best tool for your needs. If you are willing to spend some time trying Awario’s competitors you’ll be able to see which one is best for your specific use case. Otherwise, if you don’t want to spend hours comparing and just want something good and reliable, Awario should work just fine for you.

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